Complimentary TapVIDz Upgrade for ALL Vidworkz-Cloud Movie Machine Users

An Open Letter to My Cloud Movie Machine / Vidworkz Customers

This is an open letter to all my Vidworkz and Cloud movie Machine users… welcome to this page! And thank you for reading. You’re going to be glad you checked this out because you are about to receive something very special that I’ve been working on for a very long time.

Vidworkz / Cloud Movie Machine has been decommissioned and replaced by my awesome NEW VIDEO PLATFORM, !

If you are a Vidworkz or Cloud Movie Machine customer and you haven’t unsubscribed from my email list – you will have received, or will be receiving an email from me with a special custom link to generate your new license and access to my awesome new software! Check your inbox & spam folder.

If you think you were supposed to receive this email and you didn’t get it – please contact me here and I’ll get you sorted!

Thank You for Being a Customer!

I want to start out by saying thank you so much for being a Vidworkz or Cloud Movie Machine customer – I appreciate your joining me for this ride… It has definitely been a learning experience since I launched the platform over 3 years ago now and actually started building it way back in 2014.

I want to stress that this software – Cloud Movie Machine a.k.a. Vidworkz, definitely works great to get rankings on videos. The entire concept is a great one. Many software tools being released regularly base themselves on the same principle. That having been said…

There’s no question that my experience with Cloud Movie Machine and Vidworkz has taught me a lot of things about providing an online video service… and in fact, I’ll be honest with you and say that some of the decisions that I made when I first created the platform were probably not the best ones, which I learned over the course of these last several years of supporting customers.

I’ve Learned a Lot These Past Few Years

After running Vidworkz/Cloud Movie Machine for several years, certain ideas just started to reveal themselves to me about how I could put the system together in a much better, more well-organized fashion and serve people in a much better way.

And what that turned out to be is a whole new paradigm for what is essentially a new application put together with much more solid infrastructure and a completely different organization of data. The name I’ve settled with for my new system is TAPVIDZ 🙂

Part of the problem was that I had taken it upon myself to store everyone’s data in our company S3 account which turns out to be actually a very huge responsibility when you consider the fact that I had launched the software with partners, and my profit on the launch actually turned out to be quite small as compared to some launches. Particularly as some of you got away with paying as low as a one-time $27 purchase — the partners were insistent on practically giving away the platform just to get sales, against my resistance.

Then I learned the hard way that I’d perhaps bit off a bit more than I could chew, in terms of some of the other things that I had taken upon our company to provide — included the uploading, or rather the receiving of uploads for a lot of very large files — by customers who wanted to use the system to offload a lot of video work onto the application. And I can’t blame them for that, but we just weren’t set up for that kind of workhorse environment and we certainly weren’t supported by any financial backing to provide that kind of a service.

While I certainly did want to provide all of that — I’m sure it became evident to a lot of the users that our system wasn’t set up to handle that kind of a load, and people were seeing a lot of errors in the tool — 500 internal server errors, and because of the failures people were seeing their projects getting mixed up and seemingly losing files and a lot of work — it wasn’t really optimal for what people were trying to do. In fact, I’m sure it was darn frustating for some folks. And for that, I’m sorry.

I did try to help coach people to have a little bit less ambitious approach to creating short videos — because the system could do some things very efficiently if you didn’t try to put a huge load onto it. But the fact that even just a few people were leaning heavily on the infrastructure — kind of ended up making it almost impossible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of the software.

And this really hurt me a lot because I really want to serve people — that’s really the only thing that I want to do with my software. So…

I Rebuilt From the Ground Up

I wracked my brain for several years, about how I could rebuild the system… and I realized it was not going to be just a minor tweak to the existing Cloud Movie Machine / Vidworkz system — it was going to have to be a complete rebuild and reorganization from the ground up.

One of the major changes I’ve made was to allow each individual user to connect their own data storage via Amazon S3 with their own secure user credential so that I would no longer be burdened by having to store large amounts of data that people want to have in the application for video creation.

You Store Your Own Files Now

So part of my new system is a whole new way to organize your own data on your own S3 account using a tagging system which allows you to tag all of your media objects in your own S3 and call them up quickly and easily for use in the creation of videos. The storage and tagging function has been created system-wide so you can access your own files from any of our cloud based applications now.

So there are no longer any limits to the size of any file you want to upload and use in the system.

We do have a limit though on the size of videos you can render, based on your license level. If you purchase an agency license for TapVIDz I will remove all render limits. Otherwise, you can create and render videos up to 10 minutes in length.

Oh – one other way to get all limits removed is to become a member of my Unlimited Software Membership – USM University – it’s fairly inexpensive if you can catch the special.

One of the other things that I’ve done to make the system a lot better is that I fixed all the Glitchy editing code and I made it so that mp4 video can be glued together in the assembler part of the new software — it’s really very cool.

I’ve Continued to Build In a Gigantic Library of Source Media

I’ve been continuing to collect and curate tons and tons of royalty-free media that you can use inside the software. I’ve literally added thousands of Gigabytes of media for you to browse and use in your projects.

If you purchase the Agency license you get access to all of it as a direct download as well!

I Took Out Some of the Clunky Stuff

What I have removed from the system is the requirement to generate a preview before moving on to the rendering stage — and in its place, I’ve created a JavaScript playback tool that previews your video sources for you by reading all the media that you have in the timeline in the assembler and including the audio and any images or video that you have. This eliminates a lot of lengthy waiting time so that means you can pretty much in real-time see a basic mock-up of what your video will look like. And then when you want to, just go ahead and queue it.

Once your video is rendered, if you like it then you can keep the project as-is, or you can download that rendered version and then return to the editor make some tweaks and render it again, then download it again or just do whatever you want with these videos. And you can tag them all they’re all stored in your own S3. It’s really a very good system.

TapVIDz is a Video Engineering & Distribution System

I still recommend that you start small, get to know the system and then build your projects up. You can remix existing videos – all your media is available in all the editors. You can create new clips and then glue them together. You can create professional text-to-speech or record your own audio. There are so many functions – the system is incredibly versatile because it was built in order to facilitate the things I want to do with my videos. What I’m saying is that the system was not built cheaply, in a limited fashion with a particular “money” goal in mind as so many of the video creators are these days.

“Leverage” Your Video Marketing

That being said, I’m 100% honest in telling you that I do make money regularly just by pushing out videos through the system with links to various offers. It works! I use TapVIDz to LEVERAGE my video marketing. I don’t think I’d really want to do video marketing without it at this point.

One of the great things about TapVIDz is that you can upload videos that you’ve already created with any other kind of software and then you’ll have them available to do remixes and you can do things like tag an image onto the beginning and the end for a little intro/outro sandwich with your main video and you can do that again and again with video clips, or motion backgrounds, or Clips you create in the Clip Generator. If you have the Agency license, you can even set up a “ReLOADz” which will remix and post your videos on a loose schedule, hands-free.

The system is really very versatile and I think you’re going to like it a lot.

Implementing Soon: Render-On-Demand System

The system is currently on a 1 threaded queue, which means you may have a small wait before your video is processed, depending upon how many people are queueing videos at the same time. You never have to wait to do any other operation though. You can continue creating other videos while your render is being processed.

The Good News is that (when I get enough users) I will be implementing a render-on-demand system — which will mean that you’ll be able to queue any video project for rendering, and the system will scale itself up to render your video right when you queue it.

Your priority in the queue will be based on people who have purchased the Agency license versus those who receiving a complimentary upgrade. You may find it worth your while to purchase a full Agency license. If so just go to whenever you’re ready.

In any case I will be implementing the render-on-demand system soon! I already have the code, so you can look forward to that. It’s going to be pretty spectacular, coming soon.

TapVIDz UpLINK: Distribution & Syndication Network

One of the other nice differences between TapVIDz and Vidworkz/Cloud Movie Machine is that the creation of your video is not dependent on the business entity or the niche. You can create all kinds of videos without worrying about any kind of text data or profile.

The profiles are all located in TheWorkz Foundation System — so if you’re interested in uploading and sharing your videos to a syndication Network, quickly you can use this foundation system for that – just add your connections (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook Fan Pages, etc) to your profiles for your tier 1 syndication. Then you can also add Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblrs, WordPress blogs and other social networks for your tier 2 syndication of the tier 1 links.

TapVIDz UpLINK Video Distribution System

If you have the add-on tool that I call BlogWORKz, then the TapVIDz System will create embeds on your blogs automatically each time a video is posted. You can add as many blogs as you want to the profile.

Since each profile represents a different business or niche, that means that you have different Youtube, Vimeo etc. accounts for each separate profile – so you can push niche-specific videos out through a specific profile to send content just to that business’s pages. And then you can do that for multiple profiles.

For complimentary upgrade customers, you will be able to manage up to three profiles. If you need more profiles, I ask that you purchase an agency license at

And again I have completely reimagined the architecture of the system so that it works so seamlessly well. I’m very proud of the whole architecture that I’ve been able to put into place — and I know if you come to understand how this works — and it does take just a little bit of watching my training videos to get that — then I know you’re going to see how incredibly powerful this entire system can be for you.

Thanks for reading this, and enjoy TapVIDz!

Hugh CEO Web Dimensions, Inc.

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