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Get free animation software by signing up for an exclusive member area and I’m going to show you how so you can make Pro videos 1-2-3 🙂

Get Free Animation Software like this

This week I got my hands on a software tool that kind of gave me a whole new “lease” on my marketing life, you could say 🙂 and the price is — nada – if you have decided that you’d like to get free animation software that makes pro-looking videos, then read on!

Because I definitely need tons of video content, but I haven’t got anything like the kind of time (or talent) it takes to create really pro looking videos for marketing purposes (without a template and I’m kinda sick of template style videos)

But all of that has changed as of this week… because I found a great tool that’ll help me make tons of pro-looking video content easily with all my own custom content or using the software’s library. It took me about five minutes to throw this quick video together just as a test drive:

And the cool thing is that I didn’t have to pay one cent for this software. You can also get a fully functional free copy for yourself if you want – go here for more info now –>  OR read on please…

I know there are a lot of video creator tools out there but this is better than many of them in a lot of ways. First of all, you can get your hands on it completely free (for a limited time so don’t dawdle!) Nada, zip, no charge no cost. What’s the catch?

I’ll tell you in a moment. But first let me tell you about the software — it’s caled Easy Sketch Pro and it’s the simplest easy way to make really engaging videos with just a few clicks and preview live.

Easy Sketch Pro — version 3 now, entirely updated and unlocked — yes. it’s a hand-drawing sketching video software, such things have been around for a while, yes. But the fact is, people really get engaged watching hands draw text or cartoons…

I started getting creative with it the other day… I got to thinking… my CD cover of my first album (yeah I’m a musician too, or so I’m told) happens to be a hand drawing —

Hugh Jarvis Hitchcock Funkmeister Album Cover

so I loaded my CD cover art into the software and set it to be hand-drawn and it looks just great… it adds a whole new dimension to my musical identity and something I can use to push out a ton of promo videos (and especially using my TapVIDz system this is great for that!)

I can do the same and create videos for software sales, ecom products, website promotions… literally anything that can be sold with video.

Here is my second effort using ESP, having fun with my CD album cover after I started realizing how I could use this tool for promotional videos:

One of the things I like about the software, is that they didn’t try to re-invent Adobe After Effects or some kind of complicated program when they designed this. It’s an easy-to-learn desktop software, fully updated and unlocked since previous versions and 100% functional, there is nothing locked up.

And since it’s desktop, it doesn’t use server resources so everything is instantaneous and so, really fun.

I’d say in a way it’s kinda made for dummies. Or people like myself who want to make simple and fun videos that get a message across without trying to be pretentious and turn off the viewer.

Get Free Animation Software

Believe me I don't have time to create complicated videos in After Effects or Premiere - but I can easily make cool videos in Easy Sketch Pro in just a few minutes, that get my message across in a fun and professional looking way.

I do have a little experience with Photoshop, so in my next video effort I decided to try chopping the image up and loading different layers in order, to attain a kind of 3d effect as well as getting attention to my offering:

I will admit this last one took a couple of hours to get the images right for the blending. But chances are you'll never need to do anything requiring that amount of work...

Because with Easy Sketch Pro, you can easily create nice looking animations by picking a few images and typing some text, dragging and dropping them where you want them and then clicking Export (to mp4). It's as simple as that.

Get Free Animation Software like this - software buttons

You can create clips to include in other videos or full videos, your choice. I have a video marketing system that I'm going to be using with all of these new clips and videos I'm creating quickly with ESP.

But this tool is not just limited to drawing text and images - objects can be dragged or slide in, or fade in and out -- and you can pick its motion and timing or just take the default action. And there is a large variety of hands to choose from if you choose the hand-drawing option:

Get Free Animation Software like this - hands selection

In addition, this free video animation software comes unlocked with a gi-normous library of stock images and audio, or you can upload your own images, audio or video to be in the movie.

Get Free Animation Software like this - image library

So what's the catch for this awesome free software you may ask? Simple, really. To get the software all you have to do is opt in here and after opting in you'll be redirected to a member area.

In the member area you receive the download for the software and your permanent 100% no-cost license key.

But you'll also see other opportunities being presented to you which you can explore at your leisure, or completely ignore if you wish.

There are some pretty good things in the free membership besides the software you may want to check out including an opportunity for you to make commissions with a number of products including ESP.

Lucky for you, I've got this special setup where I can ethically "bribe" you to join by giving you this wonderful software tool in perpetuity, 100% free so that you, too can get free animation software 🙂

You can check all of that out for yourself once you get in. The main thing is just get in and download Easy Sketch Pro and copy your license key.

Go here to collect your copy now -->

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