How to Get on Page One of Google Easily

1) Learn to Use Google Properties for INSANE Rankings! (100% White Hat)

Let’s admit it – if you can make Google pleased with your content then your business gets more traffic.┬áBecause if Google likes your web properties then the only thing Google is going to do is to boost up your websiteto the top of page 1 so you can get tons of traffic. Many have created software to do backlinks, press releases and other things with varied results. Usually what happens is that people find a loophole that works and exploit it until Google figures out what they’re doing and closes the loophole. These ‘black hat’ tricks frequently involve some kind of backlinking or property that supposedly “Google Loves”. But one thing is clear – Google LOVES its OWN properties. Like Google Pages, Google Plus, Google Docs, Google URL Shortener, and others. There are lots and lots apps that Google lets you use for FREE that can help your rankings. If you just figure out how to use them and link them together, Google will REWARD you BIG TIME for using their own tools. That’s what Ranking Factory is all about – Learn how to use Google itself to get GREAT rankings in Google. This is not a loophole, a trick or a gimmick that’s going to go away – this is just about learning the ins and outs of Google itself! And Google LOVES it when you do this. For example, if you learn how to use Youtube and “Silo” your video channels you drive more and more “Google Juice” to your channel. Learn all about it in this video (Actionable Content)

2) Watch Ranking Factory Software in Action Creating Google Properties with One Click!

In this video, John shows us how easy it is to create SEO optimized Google Sites and Google slides and how to link them together to make Google just fall in love with your business and your content! Collect a few images and an article and click the button to create your rankings surge on Google – do it over and over again with every type of Google property to drive Google love and rankings in a heartbeat! Build your SEO Power on something that’s not going away – Google properties. Believe me Google LOVES you when you build your business this way! (Actionable Content)

3) Ranking Factory – Best Offer PLUS Bonus Software & Training (FREE just for looking!)

Here’s how to get involved with Ranking Factory so you can start building amazing Google rankings for yourself or for your clients – yes, you can build a business with this really easily as you take over the top rankings for virtually any keyword you choose. Google likes Google more than any other property on the web so if you build your links, sites and silos WITHIN GOOGLE ITSELF the payoff is HUGE. Here’s how to get on board with Ranking Factory for the lowest possible price and the best bonuses!

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