From a “Ghost Town” to “Traffic City”

From a “Ghost Town” to “Traffic City”
Turn Your Ghost-Town Websites into Traffic Cities

Here’s a website I’ve had for some time, like a couple of years… I’d wondered why in the heck I wasn’t getting any traffic at all to this site. Then I did what I call a “keyword overhaul” – that is I set up the titles with keyword phrases I knew people were searching for – and then I set up a campaign with my new (secret) system that automatically markets to my keyword list and puts videos out for me. A couple of dashes of my “secret sauce” and the traffic started pouring in… I almost couldn’t believe it.

I immediately started getting opt-ins right away – in a way I was kind of flabbergasted since the website had seemed so dead for the last two years. What I did to make that change was surprisingly easy, anyone can do it.

Here’s a second website where I pulled off the same magic using the same technique —

from zero traffic to vibrant website

It seems to work on whatever I want to bring traffic to. I will be happy to share the technique with you, I just don’t want to do it publicly.

So I’ve decided to tell all on a live webinar – I realise it’s a holiday week and all, I didn’t want to take your “Black Friday” and ask you to sit at your computer so I’m going to hold this webinar on Saturday at 1pm – I hope you can make it.

Click here to register

If you can’t make it, I will try to do a second presentation or set up an auto-replay for you. But I hope you can be there live.

Ranking Factory Best Offer FREE Bonus Software & Training

Ranking Factory – Best Offer PLUS Bonus Software & Training (FREE just for looking!)

Here’s how to get involved with Ranking Factory so you can start building amazing Google rankings for yourself or for your clients – yes, you can build a business with this really easily as you take over the top rankings for virtually any keyword you choose. Google likes Google more than any other property on the web so if you build your links, sites and silos WITHIN GOOGLE ITSELF the payoff is HUGE. Here’s how to get on board with Ranking Factory for the lowest possible price and the best bonuses!

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Ranking Factory Software in Action: Create Google Properties with One Click!

Watch Ranking Factory Software in Action Creating Google Properties with One Click!

Find out how easy it is to create SEO optimized Google Sites and Google slides and how to link them together to make Google just fall in love with your business and your content! Collect a few images and an article and click the button to create your rankings surge on Google – do it over and over again with every type of Google property to drive Google love and rankings in a heartbeat! Build your SEO Power on something that’s not going away – Google properties. Believe me Google LOVES you when you build your business this way! (Actionable Content)

Part 2 (part 1 | part 3)

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Learn to Use Google Properties for INSANE Rankings! (100% White Hat)

Let’s face it – if you can make Google happy – then your business is happy!

Because if Google likes what you’re doing online then the only thing Google is going to do is to boost up your websites and properties to the top of page one. A lot of people have tried to make this happen with software, backlinks, press releases and a bunch of other stuff, with mixed results. Usually what happens is that people find some loophole that works and they exploit it until Google figures out what they’re doing and they close the loophole. These “tricks” always involve some kind of backlinking or property that supposedly “Google Loves”. But one thing we all know – and can be sure of – is that Google LOVES its OWN properties. Like Google Pages, Google Plus, Google Docs, Google URL Shortener, and so on. There are tons more apps that Google lets you use for FREE. If you just figure out how to use them and link them together, Google will REWARD you BIG TIME for using their own tools. That’s what Ranking Factory is all about – Learn how to use Google itself to get GREAT rankings in Google. This is not a loophole, a trick or a gimmick that’s going to go away – this is just about learning the ins and outs of Google itself! And Google LOVES it when you do this. For example, if you learn how to use Youtube and “Silo” your video channels you drive more and more “Google Juice” to your channel. Learn all about it in this video (Actionable Content)

Part 1 (part 2 | part 3)

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Build Monetized Curated Video Blogs in a Few Clicks SociVideoXpress

Now, you can build monetized curated video blogs in just a few clicks with this new tool SociVideoXpress. Han Fan is known as a successful internet marketer who in the past has focused on affiliate marketing. Han has recently been stepping up his software game and launching software products in the internet marketing genre.

Today I had a chance to sit down with Han and talk about his latest product, SociVideoXpress. If you’ve followed me and my products then you know I’m big on video curation as well as website siloing (and making money with websites!) Here’s a product that works in the cloud and can help you do all three!

In fact, I’ve had a chance to test out SociVideoXpress and I think it’s a great tool. If you like Viral Video Curator Pro  then you will really like SociVideoXpress. Because with SociVideoX you can search for videos on Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and create blog posts around the videos with just one click. This means you can create tens or hundreds of niche related blog posts with just a couple of clicks.

SociVideoXpress also has a section where you can add products. They've included API integrations with both Amazon and Ebay. It's very easy to get products for any niche from your Amazon Associates account. You can also set up an app on Ebay to integrate as an affiliate. (If you need assistance with that, just ask me.) So you can set up an e-commerce store very quickly and easily.

As well as videos it also has a section where you can curate content from trending news like ViralNova and other sites - just type in a keyword and search for articles. SociVideoXpress curates those articles for you and posts them to your blog.

SociVideoXpress also hosts your multiple curated monetized blogs for you. Or you can execute its functions on your own blogs anywhere on the internet by saving your login for xmlrpc access.

If you enjoyed my software ICC Keyworkz or VVC Pro you will undoubtedly enjoy using SociVideoXpress very much!

BuilderAll Best Marketing Suite Interview with Erick Salgado

As an internet marketer, we're told we need many things. Like...

we need to build an email list - which means landing pages and autoresponders.

we need a blog for publishing content and SEO.

We need Push Notifications so we can get around the limitations of the browser and email.

We need photos and graphics that look GREAT but won't get us sued.

We need to be able to create mobile apps to reach a huge audience.

We need to create impressive videos to get our brand's message out for thousands of views.

We need review sites for ecommerce, and we need our own products to get good reviews so we can sell more.

We need to use Facebook with share gates, message bots and instant notifications to build our lists.

We need a Member site platform to sell subscriptions.

And it doesn't stop there -

Whatever the latest thing is, we need it -- and we have to buy a new plugin or software for each function. Right?

Wrong! not anymore... you aren't going to believe this sick deal I've uncovered

because you get literally EVERYTHING on the list above (and then some) for one silly low cost

And this is not some fly-by-night pump-and-dump software.

They've got 70 servers for their email infrastructure alone!

You can literally replace 4 or 5 expensive tools with this one platform.

If you'd like to get a more personal feel for what this is all about, I managed to get an interview with the man behind BuilderAll --

His name is Erick Salgado and he's built up this software for his native Brazilian market and now he's bringing it to the rest of the world via a wider launch which starts tomorrow.

In this video interview, we give you a full walkthrough of BuilderAll and what it can do for your business -

But what's even more important, why you should trust this product which has been ten years in the making (and will be around for many years to come).

If you decide to pick up BuilderAll through my link tomorrow, you'll be "grandfathered in" at the lowest offer you will ever get for this full featured marketing platform.

And - you'll receive some great bonuses from me. More on this later but check out the interview to get some real insight into BuilderAll that you won't find anywhere else but from Hugh and Web Dimensions!

Definitely watch the vid - you won't believe some of the features they have inside BuilderAll!

I'll be in touch tomorrow with my link and bonuses - if you can reserve my spot I'd appreciate it!

Talk soon,

Web Dimensions, Inc.

Affiliate Marketing Tool Gets More Sales – Super Affiliate Han Fan

Are you looking for an affiliate marketing tool that can help you get more sales? I may just have the solution in this post.

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Han Fan. Han is an old friend of mine and an experienced internet marketer. Han has just released a new cloud-based software that delivers vital data about your affiliate promotions. This tool is called called Zoo Warrior and helps you pinpoint the best products to sell, the best time of day to mail your products. Additionally, you can easily see who’s refunding the most and which of your customers are buying the most. Pretty important data, if you rely on affiliate promotions! And it’s not the kind of data you can easily get from the affiliate platform. So Zoo Warrior is a great way to get valuable data.

See who all your top buyers are! See who all your top refunders are! See the best time of the day to send your mails to your list! All the information is broken down for you inside of ZooWarrior. Plus – Zoo Warrior has a way to automate the collection of all your affiliate buyers’ email addresses, adding them to your ESP of choice, automatically when the customer makes their purchase.

This system really helps you to streamline your affiliate promotions so you know exactly the best steps to take when designing and executing an affiliate promotion. The result: a bigger bottom line! If you’re doing anything with JVZoo promotions, ZooWarrior is definitely for you. ZooWarrior on sale now!

Discount Coupon Code: hughzoo (developer edition only)

affiliate marketing tool Zoo Warrior by Han Fan

MY BONUS: Buy ZooWarrior through me, and you’ll receive access to a comprehensive video course that trains you how to launch your own products on JVZoo from A to Z (it’s a great course and it’s worth at least $97!)

Thanks for viewing, talk soon. -Hugh


Monetize Facebook Easily with LetClicks!

Now you can easily monetize Facebook with a new powerful platform that makes any shared image into a marketing powerhouse. LetClicks is a great new piece of cloud-based software that allows you to turn any image into a viral attention center. I had a chance to talk to the product creators Kimberly and Danny DeVries and we went over all the fascinating properties of this potent new marketing tool

LetClicks utilizes a new parameter recently added by Facebook to image posts which allows a developer to associate a link directly with an image posted on Facebook so that you don't have to actually type the link in the text. This means viewers on Facebook can click the image to go directly to the link you want them to go to. Additionally, you can pixel your viewers whenever they click on the image, with your retargeting code from any platform. LetClicks also comes with some really nice tools for manipulating your images to really tempt users to click on them such as 'faux' play buttons and even animated giphy type images.

monetize facebook with LetClicks

Mobile App Opportunity Interview with Dr. Ope Banwo

Today I learned about a mobile app opportunity. I had the good fortune to interview Dr. Ope Banyo, a semi-retired US-based attorney who has done business internationally but now runs a thriving software enterprise and is having “too much fun” doing it! Ope is the mind behind MobiMatic, a ground-breaking new platform for creating mobile apps. This cloud-based, drag-and-drop software makes it easy for anyone to put together a good looking functional mobile app with just a few clicks or a few taps. Ope and I discussed the software and his journey that brought him to MobiMatic. I’m sure you will enjoy the interview, and you’ll also enjoy using MobiMatic (link below the video)

mobile app opportunity go mobimatic

This interview is about an hour in length but it really goes by quickly because the subject matter is so interesting, and inspiring, especially if you're an online marketer or someone who is looking to drive more traffic and more revenue to their business. Even if you just make these apps for your own business, you're way ahead. But if you look at the overwhelming number of real success stories that are coming behind this software, it's truly inspirational. Just sit back and have a view and a listen to Dr. Ope while he reveals the power of MobiMatic.