Build Monetized Curated Video Blogs in a Few Clicks SociVideoXpress

Now, you can build monetized curated video blogs in just a few clicks with this new tool SociVideoXpress. Han Fan is known as a successful internet marketer who in the past has focused on affiliate marketing. Han has recently been stepping up his software game and launching software products in the internet marketing genre.

Today I had a chance to sit down with Han and talk about his latest product, SociVideoXpress. If you’ve followed me and my products then you know I’m big on video curation as well as website siloing (and making money with websites!) Here’s a product that works in the cloud and can help you do all three!

In fact, I’ve had a chance to test out SociVideoXpress and I think it’s a great tool. If you like Viral Video Curator Pro ┬áthen you will really like SociVideoXpress. Because with SociVideoX you can search for videos on Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion and create blog posts around the videos with just one click. This means you can create tens or hundreds of niche related blog posts with just a couple of clicks.

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SociVideoXpress also has a section where you can add products. They've included API integrations with both Amazon and Ebay. It's very easy to get products for any niche from your Amazon Associates account. You can also set up an app on Ebay to integrate as an affiliate. (If you need assistance with that, just ask me.) So you can set up an e-commerce store very quickly and easily.

As well as videos it also has a section where you can curate content from trending news like ViralNova and other sites - just type in a keyword and search for articles. SociVideoXpress curates those articles for you and posts them to your blog.

SociVideoXpress also hosts your multiple curated monetized blogs for you. Or you can execute its functions on your own blogs anywhere on the internet by saving your login for xmlrpc access.

If you enjoyed my software ICC Keyworkz or VVC Pro you will undoubtedly enjoy using SociVideoXpress very much!

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