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  1. Hey Hugh,

    Yes, my domain name is WAY too broad but it seemed a good portal-idea at the time; it is still empty because…

    Big obstacle #3:

    WP seems a PIG to set up and manage with too many choices for plugins but no clue as to which ones work best synergistically and which ones kill us, sooner or later. An example of the latter is Better WP Security which looks amazing until you see that only a programmer’s programmer can interpret the advisories, and backing out of it can cripple your site. It did just that. Even though we are given ‘fair’ warning, there is nothing to do. Just one frustration after another; what balance do we maintain for an optimized ecommerce web site? What is enough? Is there a complete free theme that one can totally edit in WP to get the ecomerce-info site I need? If you say the only way is a pro theme, I think I’ll take another look at SiteBuildIt after a 10 years hiatus, even though their manuals overwhelmed me, and they didn’t have a blogging function when that is what I needed for a trading advisory I was setting up. I read a lot but totally lose focus when in a manual, and I am beginning to admit that 68 IS a tough age to try to keep up, let alone get ahead. DIY indeed.

    Big obstacle #2:

    Having to do absolutely everything from the get go and for as long as it takes, from papa to pimp, in order to create a little cash-flow that can be plowed back in for traffic generation and/or outsourcing.

    Bib obstacle #1:

    Breaking old habits, like doing everything willy-nilly and not doing the site building chores first thing ever day, before opening third party emails. Not stepping outside my comfy-habit zone because STRESS LEVELS and DOUBTS would increase; so ‘flight to safety’ always wins over ‘fight the unknown’.

    Knowing that we cannot actually stop reading the damn promos everyday to not miss a G-algo change or a miraculous software solution or whatever that will shoot everyone else ahead of us if we don’t keep up today. Amazingly, more virtual garbage makes the producers richer and keeps the rest of us in the muck of the trenches. So become a producer you say? Maybe so, but the brass ring for me would be automation and residual income; I think that needs a website first.

    Thanks for caring,

    Ed Tario

  2. Really struggling to make any money. The main obstacle is getting traffic as well as managing everything that needs to be done.
    – deciding which of my six or so sites to focus on
    – I seem to have plenty of tools etc but I guess a need someone to provide coaching which is not expensive, having spent too much already.

    Thanks for the ongoing contact and commitment.


    My biggest problem is INFORMATION OVERLOAD !

    Theeare so many system softare,pdf booklets tht my computer as well as e-mail boxes are just choc-a-block with the aforemntioned materials.
    More oftn than not,I just do’t know where to start.In the end,I do’nt make a start.

    As you can now imagine,the back-log just increases and motivation whilst not diminishingjust becomes harder to achieve.



  4. I love Ed’s comment and appreciate your openess and candor with your story. I have great ideas that I know will work for sales funnels, but lack the technical skills to make them happen. Can’t get the 1 hr of actual mentor time that I need to get past each road block encountered. I am muddling through, but it takes so much trial and error and e mails to support desks that go unanswered. Show us what theme to use with which plugins (even if they’re your afflt links), HOW TO INTEGRATE OUR AUTO RESPONDERS through the whole funnel, etc,etc,etc. and I can rule the world, lol.

  5. Hi, I haven’t done a web site yet, but would like start doing Kindle, Dont know how to build a site??
    Would also like to build a music site for my grandson thats really in to music so he make some $ with it.
    dont know to build that ether?

    Thanks Keith

  6. Hi Hugh. First of all thanks for a great program. ICCPro is the easiest program I have found. Finding content is so easy and quick, but I, too, have an issue with Word Press. Most of their tutorials are way over my head technically. Perhaps I am missing something? Thanks for all the on-site training. Keep up the good work and I am hoping to make my first money online in the coming months.

  7. I did a great job of building up my business to have many streams of income. Then this year, for many reasons including Google Penguin, I have seen stream after stream dry up. I have lots of ideas, but not sure which direction to go in, as I have devoted a ton of time and money to some ideas that gained me nothing. I feel that so much of this business is pure luck.

  8. Hugh,

    Getting all the pieces together, at one time, in the same bucket, rolling along to make it. OK there is the problem.

    Let me say that i think that most of my opportunity is in the technology, of putting it all together.

    Got tools, got ICC Pro but a step by step, in as few words as possible, or a mind map way of doing things, check off list.

    The next biggest thing is not knowing what is broken, I have a site: looks good, works good, adsence in place, and nada, nothing.

    About the time I think I understand wordpress i get stuck and nada. The cycle goes round and round.

    I hope this helps you to help US!


  9. I’m in the same boat as Alex. I’m making some money online, but focus is problem for me because of the info overload. Every time I buy a WSO I end up on 3 more email lists that sell me more WSOs that I don’t have time to fully explore or utilize and buying more of them turns into IM crack. I think I need to unsubscribe from most lists and work on content, period. I appreciate your video Hugh and do like the ICC Pro.

  10. Hugh,
    The insights as to what you refer to as… “your new perspective” re: Internet Biz
    would be very valuable, indeed. I believe such an ‘overview’ from above, with the
    discoveries that you’ve apply that have worked for you, would be fabulous!
    … all the best!

  11. For the longest time it was overwhelm, not knowing where to take a hold of the elephant. Not even sure what the elephant looked like.
    WSOs that assume you know the basics before you even know how to get a toehold on where your domain is, what nameservers are, how to change them, difference between domain holders and hosting, problems with simple installs and making the mistake of getting worthless cheap hosting. Baby steps. Finally building a few WP sites. Now the biggest problem is time and learning curves. Only money I have made is building websites for friends. Being seduced by all the nifty WSOs. Distractions. Having to do it all, at least in the beginning, just to understand it all. Google keeps changing their algorithms, before I even understand the version 4 iterations back. I know why people quit, especially those of us who are not technically oriented. Not knowing what really works and what is just fluff thrown at me to make someone else money. There is no one obstacle. If I had to pick 1, initially it was overwhelm, now it is time and not knowing where to focus.

  12. I had a stroke almost 2 years ago. I had to let my outsourcer go. But before she went, she wreaked havoc on my 4 wp blogs.
    I can’t even get into them since she changed the passwords. Even if I could access them, I’m not so good at tech stuff.
    Now that I’m better, I’m starting over and it’s rather daunting. Their are large gaps in my rememberer so I’m laboriously watching
    pile of wp vids to get my brain back on track. So my obstacle isn’t something you can fix…I just need to try not to get frustrated
    while relearning everything.

    I sure hate to lose those domains and all the time/work, though!
    Smiles across the miles,

  13. Hi Hugh,

    Good intention on your part. I buy programs and classically fail to follow thru. It may be a memory thing or it happens that a 1st sale doesn’t occur. So it becomes a why do something that doesn’t work. Then I forget or loose interest altogether.

    I hope you will help those to whom you offer assistance.


  14. Hi Hugh,

    Most important thing to me is getting my website set up with the proper plug-ins and being able to monetize the site correctly. After that I need some help setting up a very good funnel to my auto responder. I haven’t mastered how all this goes together but I am starting to study how its done. I have built several websites but don’t know how the best way to optimize them. I am looking for some help with setting up a squeeze page with a good funnel for getting leads…

    I think the biggest thing holding me back is getting someone to take the time to draw out a step by step blueprint as how to start from scratch building a list and going through the correct ways to incorporate it with a good sales funnel.

    Other than that I thing I can do it…LOL!!

    Many thanks for helping me out the other week. I do appreciate you and your time.

    Many blessings,


  15. Hi Hugh,
    Thank you for a very inspiring approach by you.

    I have also been to your webinars, and they are awesome.

    Well, what is my problem?

    I guess like many other marketers I suffer from being an information junkie 🙂

    This often leads into tapping into various new systems and approaches, and sometimes I just pick the surface without really digging
    into the things and commit myself 100%.

    I have asked myself why I do this, and the answer I came up with is because I often not believe a vendor even I purchased a product.

    There are so many false claims, fake reviews and bogus about making money just by pushing a magic button.

    So if I have a feeling that “this might not be working,” I move forward to something else – simply because I don’t want to waste my time for several months without any results.

    Yes, I have been making money – I used to start some years ago, and pulled about $500 a month, but these days I make about $200-400 a month.

    I guess I feel that I need a solid blueprint I can stick to, and don’t try to focus on a lot of different strategies.

    Some of the thing I hate about many of those shiny IM products is that you never know if a review is genuine. A lot of people on Warrior forum are ready to state everything for a review copy – or else the vendor has just bought some video reviews on Fiverr.

    I know a lot of people would love to have a mentor, and in fact, I also have an idea for you how to do it.

    Think about this…

    If you mentor some people as you stated you would, but in return would be able to use those people as real human testimonials.

    So others could verify that they are actual people and real customers with genuine results.

    I have seen a lot of coaching programs being offered for several thousand dollars, and honestly. I would never spend that kind of money on a product from a guy I not trust.

    Imagine this, if you teach people how to get real results, then after it might be the web’s most powerful testimonials.

    Then, launch a paid master class – I think a lot of people would love to pay a small monthly fee if they could cancel any time. Why should they not stick as long as they get results and new ideas? A member site where people could share their progress.

    Looking forward to hear more!



  16. Not able to turn these sites around to make them profitable. Looking for the answers and getting caught with another WSO that takes me in another direction. Now I have 5-6 sites and no ROI.

  17. I paid good money to have a drop shipping site but it has not worked properly from day one. I cannot get any help from the supplier and it is always some one else’s fault. I use ICC as a article supply to a blog and enjoy it very much.

  18. I recognize some of my trouble in Ed Tario’s comment.

    I have five blog websites that I set up about three years ago that are automated via WP Mage – even though I was employed then, the $1,000 or so that I paid for WP Mage seemed ridiculously high.

    However, I was new to owning and working on websites back then, and I got caught up in trying to re-work the various automated posts because they almost all needed it. Sometimes, all I had was a post title – WP Mage could could find no content whatsoever to put into it.

    My favourite website relates to the Isaan area of Thailand – weeks can go by before something shows up as content that is more than a post title and a YouTube video. I struggle constantly to fill those empty posts with content.

    So I spend hours each day just editing one post on that website, plus one post that is chosen by alternation on the other four websites. It is impossible to amend a post on each of them daily – I am physically unable to supply the endurance to sit and put in the hours that it would require.

    To make money with WP Mage, it is necessary to have scores and scores – even hundreds, if possible – of these automated blogs. This little nugget was not clearly explained in any of the hype that led me into buying in. I was in no financial position to be doing that – buying all those various Domain names and paying the fees to keep them active.

    I will turn 63 next month. Just as Ed Tario said, I seem inflexibly devoted to working on my five websites, and I cannot seem to divorce myself from my routine and commitment to them – I have tried so diligently to make a success of at least one of them. If I added any more, the compunction to oversee the new ones would kill me. Or render me blind. Spending the hours a day at my computer that I already do is ravaging my weak eyes.

    I have essentially turned my back on the Warrior Forum, for I am at a place financially where I can no longer afford to venture on tutorials that I will only set aside for some indeterminable “later” when I have the time to apply myself to them – a time that is probably never going to come. I also have software like yours and some of their related website memberships that I know I have forgotten – I see various folders on my cluttered desktop that are no longer even remotely familiar to me.

    There are even one or two reportedly good products that I know I have bought, but I am unsure just where on my desktop they might be. I don’t bother taking the time to look for them because I don’t have the time to spend on them.

    I am not prepared to abandon my efforts because I still cling to the desperate hope that success will come. And why would I embark upon some new endeavour that I have no experience with – perhaps with nothing more than the assurance of some ‘guru’ who may or may not have been freakishly lucky to be where he or she is today? I have become too disbelieving and skeptical.

    I know I have attended my last webinar. I think I have only endured a little more than a half-dozen of them in the past couple of years, but they all seem to run well beyond the hour that they are projected to be. And every one of them proves ultimately to be nothing more than a bloody commercial for something I cannot possibly afford any longer. It is so crushing to find that I was suckered yet again into yielding up a valuable hour or hour-and-a-half of my limited time to being presented with some huckster’s next big money-making venture.

    My obstacles:

    No time and a pronounced inflexibility where my time, attention, and credulity are concerned.

    A starkly limited income.

    No ideas nor imagination. This part of my mind seems to have entirely petrified over the years.

  19. I’ve been trying to make money online for several years, I’ve come close a few times, but have never really cracked it. My two biggest problems seem to be:

    1. Finding the right product/opportunity/offer.

    2. Getting responsive traffic to whichever of the above I am currently promoting.

    There are obviously numerous other shortcomings in my knowledge/skills/methods, but the above two are probably the most serious.
    Your input and guidance would therefore be invaluable and appreciated.

    Oh, yes there is one other problem, I have difficulty understanding most of the “Back Offices” I join, ICC included, to the point where I have been in since day one, and still can’t work out what it is all about.

  20. Money!!! And believe me I’ve wasted plenty of it trying to learn this Internet Marketing thing. I know the saying goes: “A prophet is worthy of his hire.” But do they all have to be False Prophets. I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it

  21. Where am I? My business sucks.

    I’ve been messing with this blogging thing for almost 4 years now, and have 4 blogs and 20 more blog auto blogs. The first two years, with the first two blogs, I didn’t give a damn about making money, I was just sharing my opinion with the world…LOL.

    For the last two years I’ve been trying to make money online, and after making some good decisions and some bad ones, I now have all the necessary tools (too many probably, with a lot of it wasted money) and now I come to what I should have known would be my biggest obstacle:

    Organization. Organizing all of this “stuff” into a workflow that makes a one man show be manageable and productive. At any given time I have 10 things that are my absolutely MUST be next on my to-do list.

    So…how do you organize all this stuff?

  22. Hi Hugh, i have 5 live sites currently but can seemed to get them ranked to get traffic, I seem to hanging around 2nd and 3rd pages for everything. I had one cigar site ranked on 2nd position before and I was making around 100 dollars a month on a CPA offer which wasn’t much. My average spending a month is well over that amount on software and proxies. I find it so hard to keep organised just completing one thing as I feel there so much to do everyday on the sites and also I, constantly monitoring rankings reading mails and buying the next amazing wso which is never amazing- that’s directed at u Craig mako. Money grabber. What I need Hugh is direction and a list might help. I have being IM for a few years now and have spent an absolute fortune on products I actually feel I know so much now but still can’t manage to make a decent income. But I’ll never give up until I succeed because I love doing it. Any help would be really appreciated. C’mon people keep the comments coming in.



  23. 1. I need my own product. Something that people want with a high profit ratio. The best way to learn out to outsource plugin creation, etc.
    2. I need to know the best way to sell domains and websites. I need to focus on just the websites making money.
    3. I need to know step by step method using WordPress to create a payment gateway with funnel using Paypal and best plugins and themes, etc.
    4. A complete and comprehensive outline that is completely linear with step by step instructions from start to finish. ;- )

  24. Hi,

    Thanks for the video.

    I have a ton of PLR stuff on my computer, on various subjects. I woeld like to take it and maybe put together an ebook, for say Kindle.
    A big problem is how to organize it. What goes where, etc.

    Of course some rewritig, etc. always needs doing on 99% of PLR,

  25. Amazing story Hugh. You are clearly a VERY genuine person. thank you.
    I am putting up sites in the affiliate marketing sphere. Yup – I am often tempted to look at other areas like CPA and Facebook and am excited to have a go at kindle as well but want/need to focus on one thing at a time.
    I have seen some results, nothing amazing but results nevetherless.

    I do seem to make heavy work of getting the sites up. I have the ideas but turning them, into WordPress sites is another thing!
    Which theme should I choose ? Should I be using pages or categories or posts? How do I drive this thing through the Admin area? What should I stick up in the navigation menu?
    All that before even getting content sorted. I’m sure I’m overcomplicating everything. The typical perfectionist.

    Looking at some of the comments before me it seems others are having similar issues with finding their way around WordPress backend too.

    I need to get to point of just being able to come up with the ideas and throw up a site.

    I am managing to avoid buying into 99% of the stuff that’s being peddled online realising that in the majority of cases it’s purely clever copywriting designed to seduce people into following their agenda. I need to focus on mine thank you very much. Can’t help reading the emails sometimes though just in case, just maybe, it might contain a silver bullet

    I will be very interested to hear what you come up with Hugh. Star man – thanks.

  26. That’s a great life story you have and quite a journey. You said leave a detailed comment so I will. I worked hard all my life, done everything from fight forest fires, to logging to farming. Along the way I also did some marketing. Did direct mail, sold insurance, real estate, did some mlm and worked as a telemarketer. I was all over the board. But never thought about making money online and kick myself for not starting sooner.

    But in 2009 I was hospitalized and almost died. When I finally got out my job was gone and to top things off they told me I was disabled and couldn’t work. After over 30 years of working for others I had nothing to show for it. OK I did have a pot to piss in but that was about it. I decided no matter what I wasn’t going to work for anyone else ever again. I didn’t know Mr Egghead but started thinking how I was going to get out of this mess and came to the conclusion I needed an online business where I could work for myself from anywhere in the world. So I dug in in late 2009 and have been at it ever since. The first year was mostly learning curve because I knew little about computers and nothing about building a website or anything else.

    Eventually I had about 32 websites and was starting to make money promoting clickbank products. Then Google launched Panda and 30 were deindexed. Back to ground zero. I started looking for a new business model and started building Amazon affiliate sites. They were doing ok and then came Penguin. My sites were not hit directly by Penguin but as Google shuffled all the big stores and big advertisers to the top my traffic started to dry up. Today you pretty much need to go to the second page and beyond to find a site written by a real person instead of a big corporation.

    I do make money every month which puts me ahead of 95% of people online. But I don’t earn a decent living at it. I am frustrated. I don’t want to blame Google entirely, and I don’t want to blame lack of traffic entirely either. Some niches I chose were duds, others lots of traffic but all tire kickers. I don’t feel I am getting anywhere near the return I should for the amount of effort I have put in. I see others succeeding and sometimes it makes me feel really dumb. Like I am missing something. I think more than anything I wish someone knowledgeable could look over my business and my sites and tell me if I need to keep going or change directions. I wont quit but I feel like maybe I am missing the forest because I am tangled up in all the trees. Sorry for such a long post but your video really struck a chord.


  27. Biggest issues: Finding the right niche that keeps my interest and gets the traffic. Learning how to convert the traffic to cash without taking advantage of people, i.e. by giving them something that they really want/need and at a great price.

  28. My pauses:
    1 – Google – I don’t trust
    2 – I don’t embrace WordPress
    3 – Lots of time spent . . no money made

    Do Pinterest . . . Do Facebook . . . Do Backlinks . . . Do Twitter . . . Do the latest fad . . . Be Social . . .

    Google won’t let me spend my money to advertise with Adwords and their help it the pits

  29. Hello Hugh,

    thank you very much for your video, great customer support and your intention to help those who really need it.

    As many others, I can’t manage to make any money with my online business. The niche is very specific, but I’m sure it can be profitable, as I’ve personally worked for a company making millions in this very niche. The problem is that I’ve always worked for market leaders managing multi-million Internet marketing budgets and never bothering about getting traffic (money attracts money – that’s for sure, and it’s amazing what you can buy for it).

    But now here I am – working for myself and failing to get any targeted visitors to my website.

    My project has a history: I started last year and launched a project for UK market. I even invested $15K of my savings in advertising campaign (lead generating and PPC). The agency was shocked – my subscription rate was very high (I had a strong and a very high-quality free offer), but I failed to convert any subscribers into customers. I collected 10 orders within 3 months in general:-). After paying some more money to the agency for their research on “what I’ve done wrong” I decided to drop UK market and my old website (CMS was frustrating), but not my optimism and faith in my prosperous future.

    So I completely rebuilt the website on WordPress for US market and decided to focus on SEO. I bought Ultimate Demon for link building, testing Magic Submitter for the same purpose; bought tens of WSOs (don’t use 90% of them); writing good content with ICC and by myself with SEO in mind, but interesting and useful for my visitors in the first place. I try to use UD and MS smartly (I don’t want to be a spammer and care about my content quality), work 10-16 hours per day, post new content and update my website on daily basis, support activity in social media, read and learn about new IM approaches, etc…And nothing happens. My link building endeavors resulted in hundreds of spammy comments and approx.70 visitors per day. Rankings don’t improve (I’m still nowhere), Google blocked my Adsense account for whatever reason (I don’t care too much, because I have a shop with my own products + Clickbank for monetization, but still it is very discouraging), sales = 0.

    Apparently, I’m doing something wrong and I don’t know what. As I’ve already mentioned, my whole business idea should work (there are some successful competitors out there), I think my website is not bad (there are really low-quality website in my niche, so I have a comparison), I’m sure my products are good (they are from top suppliers in the niche, the quality is great).

    So I have 3 main obstacles:
    1) I can’t manage to generate traffic to my website (not to mention converting traffic);
    2) I would like to know what I should and shouldn’t do to make the whole Google Zoo happy;
    3) Some case studies and best practices including step-by-step guidelines starting from the website launch to generating the first $$ (for non-Adsense websites) are what I can’t find or get from those who promise it. These how-to’s would be really helpful in not losing the optimism…
    4) No idea what to do if Google doesn’t like my website and I have no intention to invest in PPC – basically, how to generate traffic via alternative channels and if there are any to get free traffic from.

    Thank you again for everything you do.


  30. Hi Hugh, thanks for the video.
    There’s something in the video I cannot define, something good, perhaps your voice, the way it flows or just my imagination, perhaps your martial arts pictures. As a retired electronics technician, I enjoy the mental stimulation the Internet provides and consequently have built a few websites for businesses using Site Build It. Then the local Rotary Club asked me to build an online money making website. So I read some books and purchased several WSO’s only to be overwhelmed by it all and now suffering mental overload. Yes we made some money with eBay, some with commission sales and a trickle with Facebook but nothing to crow about. My next venture is a public relations WP site about/for this Club using the ICC Pro I purchased from you. Yes, there’s a need for a tutorial/guide for making money online, because when first contemplated it looks so easy but when you get into it, it becomes a time and resources sucking monster.
    Thank you from Australia,

  31. Long story short,
    My number 1 obstacle is I have not seen a single developer help affiliate to make some good money.
    When I said help us to make some good money, I meant a system scheme of which:-
    -Start from low entry. E.g $9.00 per month recurring fee.
    -Affiliates earn 20-60% from the monthly recurring fee.

    Scaling up:-
    Bundle with a complete system include at least:-
    (1) Keyword Research Plus Niches
    (2) Choosing A Domain Keyword
    (3) Content Creation
    (4) Install Theme, Configure Plus WP Plugins
    (5) Content Posting
    (6) Quick Indexing

    Lastly, list out how to generate traffic steps by steps.

    IMO, only a great developer like you might be able to come out such a system

  32. Hi Hugh and………
    Thanks for all that you do and have done for us. Especially this opportunity to comment.

    Firstly, I got here when there were only a few comments. I have waited to respond so that I could read through what others are saying.
    ……….Ed Tario – ditto
    Len -ditto
    Alex and Murray -ditto
    Felicite -ditto
    And on and on and on……..

    Information overload, fear, time, shiny IM objects, technology. Wasted money. Poor niche choices, Concentration, Focus.

    I have been at this for 5 years and today I made .13 in adsense. I used to get up at 4 a.m. and work until time to go to my job but I have retired now and can work all day. And many days I do.

    I can’t write. That’s strange because my entire professional life was spend writing grant applications, grant administration manuals, and all types of reports. And now I can’t write. I just cannot write a product review. It bores me.

    It seems as if many of your first commenters may be older or even seniors. Could it be that we continue because we need it to work for us just to survive?

    And lastly, do we have to be “social”?

    Thank you again for asking.

  33. Hello Hugh,

    I’ve been in I.M. for almost 4 years now and in that time I
    have made exactly “2” sales.

    Al the rest f my time and money have gone into buying
    new “shiny objects”, listening to mountains of hype
    and, to be blunt, pure bullshit.

    Briefly, I’m 61 years old, living, (just barely), on Soc. Sec.

    I am a retired, full time musician, (lead guitar & vocals), and worked
    out of Nashville, probably with a lot of names you’ve heard before.
    I also worked at WSMV TV, the NBC affiliate station in Nashville,
    on live TV for about 2 1/2 years.

    My biggest obstacle since day-one in I.M. has been traffic.Where and
    how to get it, (on a shoestring budget), and how to convert that traffic
    into sales.

    I’m just now starting to work on my website, (which I have because I’ve been
    told thousands of times by “Experts”, “Gurus”, etc. that you have to have a list,
    and I’ve tried at least a dozen and maybe many more methods of getting a
    list, all of which have done nothing but cost me time, money and disappointment,
    time after time after time.

    I guess if I had any sense i’d have quit long ago but I can’t stop believing that
    of the thousands of “gurus”, there’s got to be just one person who
    genuinely cares and really does want to help other people to succeed.

    That’s what I wish I was doing right now. Yes, I definitely need the money but
    for all the times I’ve been conned and lied to, there have to be hundreds of
    thousands more, like me, who have fallen for the hype but still hang
    in there, hoping and praying that I will come across an honest,decent
    company or person who knows I can not afford $2,000.00, $1,000.00,
    or even $500.00 out of the little bit of money I’ve got at the end of the month.

    I watched the webinars on content curation with the doctor you had on. He was
    fantastic but how can anyone say that they truly want to help the “little guy”,
    when they’ve Got to know that most of the people, like myself, would give anything to
    have an opportunity like what he was talking about.

    In closing, Am I looking for a free-ride or a hand-out?

    Hell No!

    But I’ve thought right from the start that if your program is so great and
    guaranteed, why wouldn’t they give the person a chance and then as the money
    comes rolling in, (Guaranteed), let them pay their way and not have to go without
    food or medication just to get into “The Secret Private Club”?

    Thank You for your time Hugh.

    Hope I haven’t bored you to tears.


    God Bless,


    P.S. I bought I.C.C. but have never really been able to grasp exactly
    what it does or how to use it.

    Maybe sometime in the future I’ll catch on.

  34. I’m getting lots of visits, but not making money.
    Most of my sites I have bought. Most of them are done with the AOM system from Amazon. Can’t find any way to SEO it.
    I also find it confusing with so many things being offered as the very best method to get traffic & make money.

  35. Like many other folks here, I do suffer from Information Overload, staying clear of the next shinny objects, not knowing what still work in 2012, not being a techie, and too much money spent on WSOs.
    Since I’m still working 4 part time jobs, I would like a blue print to start working on something small –
    Small steps, small results but doing something to be moving forward. I’ve been reading and studying IM for the last 2 years. It’s like I’m waiting until I get a PhD in IM (and I’m not young) before I can get started. I do not lack motivation just directions.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  36. Pick one method maximum 2 and create step by step method.
    I request plugin creation.

    I really dont believe that you can give people success( they have to move through their own stuff)
    But sharing is good.

  37. I echo the sentiment of many here. I have made a few bucks here and there.

    Niche websites, Adsense and my eCommerce dropship website.

    Nothing consistent that ever amounted to more than $500 a month for a total of 3 months combined. Overloaded with info and little time.

  38. Hi Hugh,
    I think it is self discipline and that is pretty much something you have to take responsibilty for yourself.

    Great video btw and apreciate you honesty and sincerity,
    Best wishes,

  39. I enjoyed your video Hugh! You have an interesting life!

    I am mostly interested in the ICC although I haven’t done anything with it yet.
    I need to concentrate on setting everything up and making the most out of the information I have.

    I’ll probably have more questions when I start doing that.

    Thank you for making your self available, I really appreciate your sincerity.


  40. Hi Hugh

    I’ve been chasing the IM dream for about 18 months now. Ihave 5 sites – 1 Amazon and 4 Adsense.
    My first was the Amazon site – using a mentor. I ranked about 5 keywords in the top 10 at one time but was slapped by Penguin and only ever managed to total about $150 in sales after about a year. ( The mentor sold the course as being able to hit $1000 a month within 6 weeks! )
    My next site was Adsense which I got the main keyword to #1 and was achieving $45 a month – after 2 months it got hit by Panda/Penquin – I still get a little money from it ( approx 100 views per day.)
    My 3rd site was another Adsense – I was ranking #3 for a strong keyword I wasn’t targeting – this lasted for 3 months before it got the Panda/Penquin slap. The best month earnings were $90 and now it is about $25.
    I built 2 other Adsense sites that I just could not rank at all ( 1 of which has never even indexed )
    Almost certainly the 3 sites that have been hit by Panda/Penquin were due to over-optimised Anchor text ( which is what I was taught to do )
    So, my main problems are 1 – selecting the correct Niche & keyword 2 – What backlinking to carry out with the latest Google algorithm changes. 3 – How to carry out backlinking without spending half your lifetime doing it !!



  41. Hugh, thanks for all of your musical work with Corneliusmd.com
    I am looking to promote a new approach to fundraising for schools, organizations and churches. I have several sports sites and a nonprofit organization that link together youth sports, raising money, athletic scholarships, men and women’s sports. I feel that marketing and exposure are obstacles I am facing. I have many years of expertise in this area and have worked with national champions and professional athletes.

  42. My first 6 months I bought Clickbank products for making money, after watching 20+ min videos – of course I had to buy the OTO to get all of the benifits… well a couple of those might have been good but I really didn’t know what they were talking about, and actually each just offered a special way to do a small part of the big picture (so I was not ready for that). Others were mostly crap.
    My next 10 months were spent on the Warriors forum and I discovered I could get WSO products for $7 or $27 (and more with the OTO if I got that), so this was exciting. Yet again these were mostly all little pieces of the puzzle…. and like also offered many ways with many paths. And I do want to do many of these!! (someday?)
    That got me to where I had to swim in 30 to 60 emails a day…. and read new WSO offerings, which left no time to read the stuff I had purchased…. (so sad and stupid and sick and true). Like I have several “Curation” products, even more than one software. Well I have dozens of Amazon pdf and video courses and dozens of SEO and a few Panda and Penguin… only a few Adsense, and a few Clickbank. This in cludes many WP plugins and free themes (one package was 56 themes, some are just 3 or 5 themes…).
    So number 1 problem is how to stop reading email and start doing. Number 2 is what to do, I want to do Amazon Associate sites but does that make me any money in undr 4 months? And how many “blender” or “BBQ Grill” websites does the universe need? That is problem 3, what is going to work, do I really have a change with Weight Loss CB products if everyone else does those?

    Hugh, I am not certain what you do that you can help us with? we are not going to do music sites like you, so what are you offering us = Hobby Niche Sites based on what we like to do and know??

    wondering with hope

  43. Hugh, Thanks for the opportunity. #1 Can’t seem to master the flexsqueeze theme to get the articles up over the top of the header. Went to the site,got their explanation, may as well be greek to me…

    #2 What are proxies? How do we use them?
    #3. Is SEO as important as it used to be?
    What; besides killer content- will get you ranking and traffic to make money online? Is it a big secret that the gurus protect for their own gain?
    I have bought so much that is just pure shit; I am really discouraged. (Not Yours-it’s Great) just have a few hurdles to learn.
    Thanks for listening. I hope others will come on and comment. Thanks for your help. Deb

  44. Hey Hugh,

    I am really delighted with your video and what your are willing to do for all of us that respond to your simple request. I am hoping that you will get the number of comments that your are looking for.

    I would say that my biggest obstacle for success for me is developing good unique content which will lead to better SEO and better rankings for my sites that I am working on. An other area that needs work is building a responsive list. I must add that I had purchased Peter Garety’s WP RSS curator. I feel that this is the perfect compliment to your ICC Pro software.


    Gary Wittmuss

  45. Hugh,

    First of all that I love ICC, it is great for finding content and putting it up easily, as I have a very limited amount of time to dedicate to my sites. I use iThemes and it integrates well with it. I have had sites for years and have made very little money. My biggest obstacle is the list. For someone who is getting started and building a list, the cost is prohibitive, it seems like I’m just supporting the list hosting company.

    Second would be traffic, believe it or not I used to get loads of traffic (and pretty targeted) from articles and now that is not providing much traffic. So something on traffic would be great.


  46. Hugh,
    Enjoyed the video and learning a little of your experiences. I think we all have gone through some of those same things just with a different twist.

    Probably, the biggest obstacle I have experienced is information overload. I see several others have the same problems. Trying to find that shiny new tool or system that will be the break through. Also, it seems like every ‘new’ approach is nothing more than left overs of a worn out system that is released to cash in on what might be out there. A little cynical I know.

    It would be great just for once to receive some coaching and help from someone really interested in helping and not just cashing in on someone’s desperation. Maybe you can be that person. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks for caring,

  47. High Hugh

    First off, thanks for all the help and advice you are prepared to pass on to us poor folk! It seems that there are a few old farts here, me included. I too have been trying to make money online for at least 5 years, and I think my biggest problem, like Alex, is information overload.

    There are so many different opinions out there depending on who you follow/listen to. One person will tell you to have a whole army of sites and try and make a bit of money off each one, while someone else says to concentrate on one site and make it an authority site. One person says affiliate marketing is easy (NOT) while someone else says you MUST have your own product. It seems to me that info products are in decline – maybe I’m wrong.

    Personally I am trying the authority approach, and to answer Ed, I have gone back to SBI and am gradually building a site there. In just a couple of months I have seen this go from no rank to 730,000 in Alexa. Incidentally, Ed, you can use WordPress with SBI. You just have to have it hosted with a different company and redirect it to your SBI site blog.

    I also have a couple of other WordPress sites which I am concentrating on using ICC Pro for content. They are also in the 700 to 800,000 Alexa range.

    Another problem I have is building backlinks. First off it’s a boring job but one I know has to be done. And also we just can’t go building links willy nilly anymore thanks to Google.

    And don’t get me started on list building!! I have had an on again off again relationship with Get Response as I keep thinking I’ll give it just ‘one more try’. I’m trying to build a list on my new SBI site (again) but that is a big fat zero as yet. I’ve taken the sign up forms off my other sites in exasperation.

    I’m also lured by shiny WSO’s until I end up going round in circles until I look back on the day and realize that I accomplished absolutely nothing. I’ve been retired for a year now so I have plenty of time to spend on my business, but many a day it’s not time well spent. Plus making money online would come in REALLY handy right now!

    So yes, I empathize with a lot of the folks who have added their comments here and will still keep pushing ahead.


  48. Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for the transparency of your video.

    I’ve been in IM since 2009 have spent over 10,000 on products and courses and have made no money. I think I’m in your target audience.

    Here is what would be helpful to me.

    1. I need to connect the dots between attracting traffic to a niche blog and then to the niche money sites I own. This is a formula that seems mysterious and has eluded me.
    2. I need a point by point process that I can apply for 1-4 hours/day to make $1000/month in a timely manner. This would allow me to keep my present job while I build a business and then eventually transition to full time IM as I make more money.
    3. The whole keyword in content process is a problem for me. Simply put how do I find effective keywords in my niche then what do I do with them once I find them?
    4. How can I get my web sites optimized so they don’t look so lame and become effective in having authority? ie. what plugins and themes do I really need to negotiate the wordpress jungle.

    I can summarize all this in this statement. I need a simple system to apply today that can make money tomorrow.


    Robert Miller

  49. Hey Hugh,
    Thanks for your detailed info about yourself and how you have overcome life with many obstacles along the way. I am in that situation as well now and I am still struggling to make a breakthrough. Hope your training will really help us get back to the right path. My biggest obstacles is traffic generation and information overload until a point where I don’t know what I am selling and earn a living via the internet. So many of the courses, software, gurus but I find that none of them really into helping people. They just want to sell their stuff. Eagerly waiting for your mentorship soon. Thanks.

  50. Choosing the right business model tops the list.
    Not having a product means affiliated promotion for online
    but choosing the right niche and using the best traffic model is daunting

    I do make some cash consulting local businesses and building websites
    but this is just part of the learning process and not the goal of having an on line biz

  51. Doing well before Google Panda and Penquin. income between $1500 and $3600 a month.. Now down to $500-$700 a month. Need to regrow the business with new tools. It take a lot of time to make use of tools on larger sites and most tools do not work. Lots of effort with not much of a return.

  52. Hello Hugh,

    As a former working musician, I really enjoyed your video about your background. Thank you for ICC Pro and your desire to help others.

    After purchasing ICC Pro, my goal is to build a number of authority sites that will replace my income as an over the road driver.

    My obstacle is first, a lack of time (which I know is not really something you can help with). With that being said, my obstacle that I would like help with is finding a niche that can rank quickly and begin bringing in a little income to get the ball rolling. Just getting to a consistent $100 to $200 a day would change my world to be able to do less driving and more time building my business.

    In particular, finding a profitable niche, direction in a good premium theme for a magazine curation site (I started with the free Magazine Basic and I’m not really happy with it), some guidance on how to target profitable keywords when also using the curation model with ICC Pro, and direction on profitable ways to monetize in the beginning so as to “get over the hump” to begin to produce income and allow more time for my business and less time driving.

    When I had a little glitch with the last ICC Pro update and contacted you for support, your fast and friendly response was amazing, even though you were facing a possible brush with a hurricane. Thanks for all you do.


  53. First of all, thank you for ICC Pro. Just like most others, I’m also suffering from information overload and several $$$ later, still can’t find the key to generate effective and converting traffic.Thanks

  54. Biggest obstacle is just getting the traffic. I’ve done backlinks, wrote articles, did blastes, but only
    a trickle of traffic and very few sales. I am using ICC Pro for curation, but traffic seems minmal as
    do sales. I was number one for cat product reviews keyword and now that has even vanished.
    So I guess a lot of us in same boat; need traffic.

  55. Greetings Mr. Hitchcock,

    Information overload, buying damn near every WSO that looks good and is referred by someone such as yourself who has credibility. Then starting to learn about said programs and not sticking with them long enough to get all that I can from them. Then moving on to the next program so that i can see if i should invest the hours and hours to master( get to know) etc., etc.

    Also time constraints of working the swing shift and 50+ hours a week to pay the bills.

    To much info, too many programs and I do not have the knowledge base to know how to put it all together.

    Thank you for the offer of help. I accept that you are a sincere man with not only the willingness to provide the help but the knowledge to ferret through the maze that is IM and provide good direction.

    Robert Gage

  56. A True IM Coach. My biggest obstacle to overcome is to find an internet marketing coach with abundance mind (IM coaches with scarcity minds are everywhere). I have wasted 1 year on studying and buying $thousands of IM products & services (with missing links, saturated or phasing out strategies). Unaware of ‘shiny object syndrome’, I was addicted to buy WSOs. Every offer sounds very important to my success. A lot of my time and money were invested to get me more confused. Unfortunately, I understand one thing now – IM newbies are goldmines for experienced IM Marketers. Don’t worry if they got confused, because they can become better goldmines! I have become very choosy to read emails now because of this and already unsubscribed many. I really need a coach to guide me. Having tried some of them, I understand another thing – cheap coaching program is an excellent IM strategies to sell hot ticket products/services to newbies. I hope I can find my dream coach soon before depleting all my resources. I am almost broke and exhausted 🙁

  57. Hi Hugh

    Thanks so much for your ‘background’ video. You worked for Royal Caribbean I sell them and other travel, so I have the product. My main problem I guess is keywords so that I can rank high enough for people to find me organically and then to stay there. Then, should I use social media and if so which ones as there are so many?

    I think once you can get the ball rolling traffic wise it then doesn’t take much to keep it rolling along.


  58. Hello Hugh

    Thank you for reaching out to us. I believe am different than most of your followers in that I am a health care provider primarily looking to expand my reach to my local sphere of influence. However, a secondary source of income via IM would be helpful in these difficult economic times. I believe I suffer from the “shiny object” syndrome and need to focus on learning and using the tools I already have obtained over the past four months via WSO’s. Your ICCPro tools is a good example of an excellent product simply gathering “electron dust” on my computer, since I have been getting distracted by the latest and greatest next WSO being offered, and fail to utilize what I already have. Looking forward to your insight.

  59. Hi Hugh
    Where to start….
    Been self employed one way and another for about 40 years… having started many different small offline (Green field) businesses or bought a few along the way. Most of them eventually made a profit or I was able to improve the ones that where purchased. Got to a point where things where going well enough to be able (I thought) to pay for knowledge rather than slog it out each time you start a new business where you go backwards for a few years ($ Cost & cashflow wise) before getting your capital back and making good $ money
    Unfortunately invested many,many thousands $ with the wrong people and organisations in the Internet marketing field (Which by the way from my experiences so far is a very complex business/industry to get into) …Not even remotely simple like the GURU’s try and make out you only have to look at the fact that so many of us fail at it for so long (Compared to a basic offline business to see that must be the case)

    So for me it is going back to basics / simplify the complex (Which IM is) and trying to avoid all the B’s that IM is saturated with
    then concentrating on 2 or 3 sites max at any one time (At one stage I owned 300 domains) but my IM business concept was clearly flawed and now only have 20

    If I had the right mentor (that was the RIGHT fit for me) that I could TALK to when I needed to (within reason when I NEEDED to) ….not by email a day later if youre lucky etc ….But ?? who would that Mentor be ?? The right one for me may not work so good for the next guy

    Having said all that I hold MY hand up and take responsibility for where I’m at…..And I will perserver and become successful at this IM gig as I have always managed to eventualy do with my other businesses

    Ps…… yes I have made a couple of thousand $ in sales so far but that’s a joke compared with my investments in time & money$


  60. Enjoyed the video – hope you’re able to create more products comparable to the ICC Pro. I honestly believe ICC has helped my website’s rankings. I’d like to see more traffic to my website and less traffic to my inbox – :> Although I’m learning to weed out those “latest and greatest” get rich quick schemes. I have no desire to market “how to” internet marketing products because I’ve found that so many of them (99.9%) are scams. (How can they possibly think people believe they’ve made “millions as an online marketer”, yet their still trying to sell me a PLR product????? Additionally, I don’t have time to learn 16 modules of “training”. I need software that is reliable and effective for the purpose intended.

  61. thank you for your offer of assistance. The technical stuff is the biggest obstacle holding me back. I would like to be able to deploy quality sites with relevant content that is up to date/updatable. I believe I can find quality niches in the health/wellness market place. I then hope to be able monetize these sites. I’m not asking to be a millionaire, but I would like to be thousandaire. I would also like to build an e-mail list without spending an arm and a leg.

    With your background as a software developer/programmer, your strengths are my weaknesses. I’m starting to slog my way through WordPress and all the various options which can be a bit confusing. I purchased the ICC Pro software as well as the WP RSS curator through your link. I hope this helps automate the process, and I am looking to concentrate on marketing, and would like to do more of a fill in the blanks approach to site building.

    Best wishes for your endeavors and hope to hear from you soon.

  62. Thanks for you story, very interesting.
    Quick my issues are, getting SEO right even tho I work with an SEO expert, and that is a long story.
    The mechanics of setting up the shopping cart and last damn aweber is such a pain in the Axe I can’t even tell you. I really dislike them, as I have even told them that I find it complicated & not as easy as they tell you, and they just don’t even respond.
    If I seem a little angry, your right and that is not meant to you or any one of your readers, just major frustration.
    I am in the process of setting up ICC Pro on about 3 different sites and am loving each step as it looks better each time I work on it.
    Thanks for such a great program.

  63. I have been online for 5 years and during this time had gone through many courses, themes plugins etc.

    The key area I continue to generate consistent income is on our 4 E commerce websites, with one of the sites selling $1000 – 1500 every week in the skincare category with only120-150 visitors per day.

    We get the order, pack it and post it, its as simple as it gets. And you have a real business to sell if you choose to

    Now this is different to earning passive income via affiliate sites and that’s the rub, and there are still many people claiming to making large amounts of money this way which is well in good, but I don’t know many people who have created wealth that way. And for the same amount of work you can rank a site and sell real products.

    Yes you have to find money to get the stock etc as per any normal business but for every dollar in stock you will always double your money.

    For those few who live the passive life style good on them and that would be the ultimate, I just think the affiliate model is way to speculative and time consuming with poor results.

    I just think selling real products is far easier and you get a huge buzz every time some one orders from you.

    The other option I have had success in is building business specific directory sites and selling advertising, plus website design and SEO stuff.

    That’s my 10 cents worth, from a traffic point of view SEO and Paid banner advertising or guest blogging. if you have the time and skill to learn Google adwords etc that would exceptionally beneficial as you will need to learn copy writing a key skill you need for conversions.

    So for me, find a product or service and market it…….no more amazon affiliates sites or click bank sites etc

  64. Hi Hugh,

    Really enjoyed your video and hearing your life story. As an amateur rock guitarist I have used music as an emotional release in my life but did not have to earn my living from it. I actually went to medical school and spent 20 years working as a doctor and then kinda reached a dead end in my life. So 3 years ago I decided to re-invent myself and go to “internet marketing school”. My experiences were very similar to many folks who have commented here already – spent a lot of money buying crappy products, listened to many marketing “gurus” and tried to use their outdated methods, got information overload and periods of analysis paralysis, eventually found those 10% of good teachers online and started learning the nitty gritty of IM.

    So where am I at right now? I have 5 websites (3 affiliate sites and 2 e-commerce stores), I have some page 1 Google rankings (some are steady but some vanished with Panda & Penguin), I make a small amount of money online ($500 – $1,000 per month) but I have experienced the thrill of seeing my sites on page 1 and making some sales and that’s what’s kept me going. But I am nowhere near making a living online – my experience so far has taught me though that it can be done. But forget the “quick money online” dream – building an online business takes dedication and focus and can be just as tough as building a brick and mortar offline business.

    So where to from here and what obstacles do I need to overcome? What have I learned and what’s holding me back?
    – problem #1 has to be getting enough traffic to my sites and converting that traffic into sales
    – problem #2 is lack of focus, but I’m getting better at ignoring all the hype & BS and picking out the good stuff
    – problem #3 is deciding on the best way to get traffic: Google (organic search/SEO), Amazon, Clickbank?
    – problem #4 is getting a handle on what IM methods are working NOW, because Google 2012 is a completely different animal to Google 2009. I realize now that I got into IM at a very difficult time when the goal posts were constantly shifting in terms of methodology.
    – problem #5: how to give Google what Google wants? I suspect that Google has been telling us all along what they want but we have not been listening? But I think I’m getting close and your ICC software and content curation methods are helping a huge amount. Thanks Hugh!

    Am I discouraged?- No. Am I ready to quit? – Never. Look at it this way – the internet is massive and it’s not going away. It’s the biggest market by far in our lifetimes and as intelligent human beings surely it’s possible to make a living from it? What we all need is to find good, genuine teachers to show us the way. Thanks Hugh for sharing your story and triggering my own thought processes. I’m excited, I’m not going anywhere and I look forward to the challenges ahead!

    Thanks & good luck to all,
    Bert – Cape Town, South Africa.

  65. Hi Hugh, thanks for the video “an interesting history.”

    It looks like all of us below are senior, all trying to get a grip on IM and the so called possibility of making money online with a basic residual income. I have purchased just about every WSO, JVzoo out there. Been at this for around 10 years or so …. and guess what ….. still not making money. Used to have static sites but moved over to WP. I find your software easy to use. Purchased Peter Garety WP RSS Curator through your link but have not set-it up yet as I am waiting for your and Johns RSS feeds listing and training.

    My wife has now banned me from purchasing any more dreams as she calls it. (6000 bucks over the last 2 months). If only some one says first do this. Then do this. and so on. The so called Gurus showing us how much money they make with proof on income, and saying they want to give back and so on is all a lot of bull …… but I keep falling for it. We all require a set out plan, that’s easy to use and follow. BUT it must work.

  66. Hey there Hugh,
    Congratulations,your one of the FEW IM authors that comes across as genuine,compassionate and trustworthy!
    And from what you’ve described your also capable and while it’s unfortunate that I live in Australia; I sure wish this 81 year old pensioner,trying to make a few hundred a month(to pay the utility bills ontime) could hop across town and share a beer with you,mate.
    Now to business – Been at it,namely purchasing(what I could afford) a wide range of products(like everyone else) to the point where I’m in INFORMATION overload – oh,I know its my fault,I should have stopped a year or two ago and focused on something – the problem is that all the sales pages are that good(at selling) that one keeps thinking that this new thing will surely work;and so before one has time to put it into ACTION or realise that it just does’nt work;the next new thing arrives. Part of my problem is I’m totally non-techie and often cant connect the dots;if’n you know what I mean?
    So I guess in the words above we can say that they also represent the OBSTACLES to any success,right?
    I mean on top of the recent CURATION concept(to get indexed by Google,I guess) there’s been a spate of the MOBILE thing and while I worked as an mechanical engineer in marketing all my working life;I can appreciate that local businesses need a mobile website and more recently a mobile App,in order to get buyers pouring into their store or too buy online?
    Right at the minute Hugh I need to generate an income of around 6-7000 dollars a month,because I want to help my eldest daughter(who made a bad decision with the man she’s just thrown out of her life) because she needs around $4500 a month to support herself and two teeenage children;so that she can leave her Supermarket checkout chick job and return to University to complete her Teaching Degree and do what she was born to do. As for me I’d like to own a modest car and own my own house.
    I trust my response and that of others will allow you to proceed with your aims.
    Laurence Chilcott

  67. Hi Hugh, I really don’t know where to start. I’m 58 years old and got hurt on my job in October 2010. Due to that injury I lost my job and have been living on our savings ever since. In April of this year I bought a video course online and started trying to get a web site together. After google took down my adsense ads because part of my site wasn’t working properly I found out that the study course that I bought was 2 years old. I am still trying to get my site up and running and still have not made any money. Part of the site was based on auto posting content , which the course taught and our friend google hates, I didn’t know about until it was to late. I am working on replacing the auto content a little at a time with curated content. It is still an up hill battle because of my overall knowledge when comes to building websites. I have spent a ton of money on different things trying to get this started. I am not going to give up. I want to thank you for your honest and sincere concern. It would be hard for me to pinpoint any one area that I need help but if I had to name any one are it would be the correct way to put links on your pages and help with back linking to drive more traffic to my site, Thank You, Mike

  68. Hey,

    I make some money on the internet, but indeed …i think the most struggeling is Comssion Overload!

    One say, DO THIS , then you do that….

    Then the other say, NO, DO THIS……after hearing that a few times , We Don’t Know What To Do Anymore…

    And the Importenst Off all , THE TRUST IS GONE!

    Because Those D*MM NON marketers (Acting like gurus) Are trying to learn US things that AREN’T TRUE….THEY make money from that BS WSO’S….BUT We Sink DEEPER And DEEPER Losing Money time after time!

    I wan’t a BLUEPRINT , telling me step by step what to do…that is allready proven to work! No BS, For residual income, and a few “Make Quick $$$” ….that would be nice 😉

    Thank You

  69. Thanks for what I consider to be a very personal video,
    My main problem is me,,,,I do not know what to do next,,,how to monetise my site, and as I am 61 years old I struggle with the technical stuff,
    Do I open a normal website and then start blogs to support my site,,,or do I just start with a wordpress site,,,,I urgently need to make money now as I have been signed off long term by my GP and do not think I will work again..

    So any training would be very very helpful Many thanks Hugh Kind regards John Nephin (J No F)

  70. Hi Hugh,

    All I can say is that I echo what others are going through.

    * WordPress with all its intricacies
    * WSOs coming out of the wooodwork left right and centre
    * Information overload
    * Crap products (Not yours)
    * Hard drive full of useless software
    * Hard drive full of Private label products

    Thank you for your incredible offer… I for one will be overjoyed if there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us wannabes.

    Thanks again for your genuine concern over folks that are just not getting it.


  71. Hello Hugh,
    Thanks for sharing your life experiences, after reading other comments I can see why 95% of us fail in this business.
    I also come to realize from these comments that I have the same issues.
    Buying to many offers, not following through with those offers, lack of focus or procrastination, and way to many emails in my in box
    that eat up my time, even when I unsubscribe new ones flood in.
    I am ready for some guidance on how to put it all together for success, rescue me!

  72. Hey Hugh,

    Very interesting and inspiring post!

    Like many people trying to establish themselves on-line, I am making pennies but spending my hard earned capital to find all the pieces of the jigsaw to achieve a living income on-line.

    My obstacles are:

    1. Incomplete systems (i.e. vital details are omitted so that you need to buy additional resources like a WP theme, xyz plugin, OTOs, traffic etc. etc.)
    2. Systems lack completeness (i.e. exact step by step instructions through “over the shoulder” training) or are too fluffy (pdfs or videos are stuffed with general filler content).
    3. Lack of a mentor who can genuinely empathize with you AND guide you to realize your on-line goal.

    Hoping that, finally, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.


  73. Some of the comments here are really pertinent – and I like William’s clear solution, though I think many would be wary like me of spending money on stock and then trying to shift it, however profitable it MIGHT end up being. Problems of sourcing, delivery, pricing, packaging…

    But Ed’s comments are best suited to my situation. I have websites, freshly rejuvenated thanks to ICCPro, which rarely get visitors/sales; and tho’ they were all page 1 for a good while initially, they are now lost somewhere in cyberspace for the keywords they used to rank for. All content on them is original and painstakingly created by me, so it’s not a matter of duplicate or garbage content – perhaps I just haven’t built them up enough? I’m not sure whether to simply dump them and start over.

    Robert Miller has best summed it up, I think: I need a system today that can make money tomorrow. Or at least a precise path I can follow which offers the genuine possibility of reward at the end. If I can find a way to make a consistent $10 a day, then I will be able to make $100.

    Thanks for what you (and John, who doesn’t live too far from me) have been offering. I’m sure I’ll be able to take a lot from your training.

    Best wishes,

  74. Hi everyone..
    I have recently, finally, drawn some conclusions on the IM game. First, almost all of the so-called Gurus give you just enough information to hook you into buying the next product, or next WSO (that I figured out a while ago) I feel I have a PHD in the IM industry with all that I have purchased and learned. However, knowledge only goes so far…implementation is only one of the keys.

    Another lesson: setup your website, and BUY traffic!..I’m finally getting this through my thick head…I always thought..it’s too expensive, or I can’t afford it..If I ddn’t spend the thousands on all of these courses, focused on only 1-2 sites and drove traffic using PPV or JV partners, I would be well on my way to making money.

    Another lesson: Stick to only 1 website until you make money with it, using the strategy above. After testing, and tweaking, getting your list together, and autoresponder series set to sell more products, then and only then move on to another website…

    Another lesson: Offline marketing is NOT as easy as they say…many businesses don’t have money, are pounded with offers from the US and abroad…unless you setup a system where you are giving away a service to develop a relationship..you are pretty much wasting your time…or develop a system to sell leads…again lots of work involved and a system is required.

    Select a business model, Focus on that model, implement and engage your customers…that is what I have finally learned over the past 3 years of not making money.

    I hope this helps some of you here..


  75. We have finished building a website that instills trust. Now we need traffic. Am trying to generate traffic. Traffic is the main problem. Am using ICCPro and will continue.

  76. Traffic traffic traffic and then more traffic.
    I cannot seem to generate any worthy amounts of trafic to any of my sites. I have no problem with setting up and monetizing my sites, since I am a qualified web developer, but using social marketing, back linking, free/paid advertising, safelists, pinterest, mailing lists, SEO and what have you, I cannot seem to generate converting traffic at all!!!

    I have spent so much money on products and plug-ins and advertising and domain names and hosting and and and, but I haven`t given up hope. I only made $150 the past 2 years.

  77. That’s a cool story you have there Hugh you have an obvious intelligence for understanding the mechanics of the online industry and passion for the human side of marketing and connection with your audience.

    I have a very similar story to many of the commenter’s with the trail of broken paths to riches promises, sold by slick marketing and manipulation of the hero’s journey story.

    I know enough about direct marketing on the web to realize it is about traffic and conversions I know the story of committing to something until you get a result then keep tweaking it until you get a ROI that is representative of the value of the particular market you are in.

    This is where the wheels fall off, when you have thrown money at something you are on the first page for your keyword but still no cigar where do you go to for advice on what is the next move. I have paid a $2000 fee for ” mentoring” to be told after the results of an adwords campaign were analysed ” Oh that’s not good” Duh… Yeh tell me something I don’t know.

    I think for me it would be to have somebody I can say to look at this please can you suggest the next course of action, what do I need to do to tie it all together. Having the ability to remain on task and focused is difficult when you slog away at something and see no return.

    Like most commentators here I like the online medium not just for “fabulous wealth creation” but the thought of a consistent income providing a good service doing something creative and not having to be part of a traffic commute and the working week syndrome.

    I hope more people bump up the comments to the magic 200 you are after Hugh, I would be very interested to see what sort of perspective your unique view would be to be able to deliver on your wish to help people master this business model.

    Regards Russell

  78. Hello Hugh,

    Thank you so much for opening up. Your story was actually very motivating for me. One because I have always been attracted to programing but I just never seemed to be able to nail down the code and learn just one language. Two, because I have been there and also decided to make it on the internet so that I can live the life I know is out there. Its been such a struggle for me and my wife. Don’t get me wrong I have a beautiful family with two boys and two girls, there grown now and one has already made me a grandad. Its just that my internet world/business seems to always start and then fizzle out. Google panda and penguin destroyed my money making website with Adsense and now I have managed to get one of my niche sites making about $30 to $100 a month through amazon. If I could figure out how to get my sites back on the first page of Google that would certainly help out a lot. Other than that I just can’t seem to get it going. So anything you can pass my way to get me over this hump would be much appreciated.



  79. Few sales. One here and there that keep teasing me. Hard to rank. make headway and then Panda….etc. Not enough time to do it all and keep at it to get over the hill. Want to get some atuo-pilot income (few thousand/month) so I can spend more time with my family and do some other things.

  80. Hugh:

    I like a lot of people keep chasing the next shinny object. I seem to be inundated with emails from many marketers everyday claiming “The next best thing since sliced bread”. I spend hours reading emails and getting nowhere. I do have about 10 sites that are monetized in different ways but I am only generating about $50 per month and I need to get to around 10K per month. I guess I am ok with WP but I do struggle with how to get traffic to my sites. I also spend a lot of time deciding if Adsense, Amazon, CPA, etc. is the best way to go. I know behind everyone to some extent is the fear of failure and also the fear of success. Hope this helps you help us!

  81. Hey Hugh,

    Wow, you sure took on a task here!! Thank you for your interest and background story [we all have one]… I can truly say that I also echo many of the comments mentioned here, especially those left by Ed Tario, Garnet and Vic – what I also find difficult is to actually START SOMETHING worthwhile, which is mainly due to knowing a little bit about a lot of things but not enough to make them all work properly.

    I’m financially strapped – I spend [waste] too much time on my computer – I get caught up way too much with WSO’s and the next biggest and best thing going… it really is madness. I could probably go on for way longer but enough said I think.

    Again thank you for allowing us to express and for your offer to help.

    Regards, Graeme

  82. Hi,

    What I am looking for is a road map to success using
    ICC Pro. I believe that timing is very important to being
    successful (ranking high in Google search). Automating
    my blog is helpful in getting things done in a timely
    manner, but doing things too quickly is NOT good
    because Google will penalize you for not drip feeding
    your content in a slow and non-automated fashion. If
    you could put together a video tutorial that has all the
    details of creating an authority site, with a time schedule
    that makes automation look like non-automation and all
    the tools (plugins) needed to create a profitable site first
    time around, this would be helpful, not only to me, but
    many of the people who are on your mailing list. You
    would have to give your information lots of thought and
    research every detail with nothing, and I mean nothing,
    left out. If you can do this free of charge to all of your
    faithful customers, then you will have the loyalty that
    most of us only daydream about.


  83. I have been in the game for at least 7 years now. The first 3 years I put in thousands of hours doing the “right things” for the time. I made some money and some progress. I was only looking for supplemental income and I worked very hard.

    Things did get much more difficult as everyone knows. I still managed a pleasant supplemental income until last May. I had just spent some money at a couple of very credulous and popular linking programs. Unfortunately I could not have done this at a worse time. It worked against me big time.

    I have dropped to almost zero income. After years of working hard and coming up short, my drive has diminished but has not disappeared. As always, somebody always has the magic answer. I still look to the new path but I just can’t go “all in” on the plan suggested by some of the currently successful people that I respect.

    I can’t engage in a “one year plan to success” in the current environment. Things change far too often.

    Another problem that is my own – I hate all the crap emails that I receive daily simply pushing products day after day and I cannot engage in the practice myself. The old saying “the money is in the list”, basically is telling me – if I don’t get into the auto-responder and constant emailing crap, I will make no money.

    I do not aim to become a millionare. I just want to supplement my income a little bit. I am a 65 year old retiree. I have learned a lot over 7 years and I still have a dozen websites indexed and somewhat respected by Google. Am I dead in the water because I refuse to use the “list system” and have tired of writing unique content and posts on a frequent basis?

  84. Simple answer?…TRAFFIC…complex…BUYING Traffic.
    Leonardo da Vinci would still be waiting for recognition,had he painted on a shed wall that nobody ever visited.

    What do I REALLY need ?…Simple,concise,’watch over my shoulder’ instruction on how to achieve this in double quick time….achievable by a team of one in the ‘SPARE time’ left after the day job,which also doesn’t swallow up the day job earnings.

    Don’t think you can do much about ‘grumpy husband’s/partners who think you are just wasting time and money trying to reach your goal and prove them wrong!.

    Some advice for other commenters on this thread,…..there is a website called Warrior Forum Sucks,which you might do well to visit before you invest any more funds in WF….which is no longer the trusted place it once was…
    forget Google love,there is no such thing,unless you happen to be Google,my Adsense account was disabled months ago,and buried in their vault along with my earnings and am still waiting for a response to my emails, as to why….
    STOP reading promo emails…unless they happen to be from ICC of course!
    Best ‘Moneymaking’ wishes to you all Jenny A

  85. I am also suffering from information overload. I have a few websites that have earned me very….and I do mean very small amounts of money. Adsense earnings way to small for a payout yet. Amazon – only about $25 so far. Clickbank less than $25, and I have been working online for about 10 years. Not much to show for it except a huge credit card bill for all the shiny buttons I have purchased over the years.

    I am to stubborn to quit, which my family are urging me to do. So I have decided to focus on one site at a time and build it up using ICC Pro, plus adding my own content around it. I realize the money is in the list, and if I can earn enough to cover the monthly cost of an auto responder I will start to build lists.

    I get so many emails about the next great WP plugin that it’s very confusing to sort out which plugins you really need as opposed to the ones you can get along without.

    Between Penguin, Panda, and now I am hearing that SEO doesn’t work as well as it used to????? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels confused.

    I would be a happy camper if I was earning $500 – $1,000 per month. That would supplement my pension nicely, and who knows maybe I could actually afford a few days vacation…..

    Thanks for your insight Hugh.

    Renee` Kratz

  86. Hi Hugh, It’s refreshing, although somewhat of a surprise, to find anyone these days who would be so candid about their range of experiences on a “first date” LOL. However it is very much appreciated because it leads me to believe you are sincere in wanting to help. And help is what I need.

    I have found a small group of dependable service providers to solve most of my traffic getting issues, however, my conversions suck, especially on my most active sites like Amazon review/sales sites (5000 visits a month) and respectable 150 visits a day in a Pinterest type of site.. (zero revenue from either after 5 months). Most likely the challenge is the massive amount of competition for these niches and my failure to achieve 1st page placement on the big “G” or “B” search engines.

    Since I’m not sure how on page SEO affects Amazon review sites or Pinterest styled sites, deficits here could be the issue. However, my observations tend to indicate that having an experienced team of backlinkers and article writing-social networkers posting updates across FB…Twitter…Stumbleupon… and several others, supported by a $5K or so monthly budget would solve my problem within the next 12 months.

    If I am correct in the above assessment, and you have a lower cost solution or recommendation, you’ll have my sincere and singular focus and loyalty. In any case, you have my sincere appreciation for your generous offer.

    All the best to you,

  87. Hi Hugh,

    I would like to see a follow up/complementary product for ICC Pro . Something that goes into more detail on using curated content for making a valuable authority site for various niches.How to rank the curated site… And then delving into some creative ways to make money with the site…even possibly leasing the site to a leader in the industry.

  88. Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for the interesting video and the offer of help. You have definitely led an interesting life.

    This is my second go at IM. Back in the late 90’s to about 2005, starting with Net Detective, and ending with a large Amazon related site(60K pages indexed in G, 4000 unique visitors a day), I was earning decent money. I had a good number of fondly remembered $600+ days. Google (I would love to never hear, write, or say that name ever again) slapped me a couple years in a row right before or during the Christmas shopping season, and then Amazon changed it’s Amazon Web Services feed, which together with an elderly parent for whom I became a caregiver, pretty much brought everything to a halt.

    I do not have a problem with tech stuff. I taught myself Perl and some database management for the large Amazon site, and had a lot of fun doing it. I am no Photoshop master, but can produce acceptable looking graphics, and WordPress is simple compared to coding raw HTML. CSS is also very understandable for me.

    My greatest problems now have been described here over and over again… WSO shiny object syndrome (partially related to the fear of missing something new), time management, information overload as to what’s working *now*, not following through on stuff that probably will work, and having too many unrelated irons in the fire – Amazon review site, autoblogs, Kindle book, and Pinterest being the major ones.

    Although it was well worth it in this case, it took me 45 minutes to get through the posts here, but there is an enormous amount of time to be wasted in checking out WSOs, blog posts, and videos. What’s funny is that even the productivity courses I’ve taken are unnecessarily long winded.You can’t skim a video.

    Without going into all the gory details, I absolutely need to make this work – soon. I am also confident that I will, but I’m still looking for the solution at this point.

    I would appreciate anything you have to say about focus, practical time management, and avoiding information overload. When I say “practical,” I mean something that doesn’t involve spending an hour a day to manage your time to gain an hour a day. LOL Seriously, it’s amazing to me how some time management courses and books lay out a system that seems to take more time to implement that what you gain by doing so.

    I’d also like to add to other people’s sentiment here that I get a very good, genuine vibe from you. That is a rare commodity in the IM field. Lots of pretenders out there.

    Thanks for giving a damn,


  89. Hugh,

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to us sturggling wanna be successful online marketers.

    First and foremost for me is the technical side things. Everone says that WP is easy but my brain just can’t seem to wrap around it to make it work for me. I also having a major problem with the auto-reponder programs and setting them up.

    There is so much overload in this business and so many people selling products that just aren’t what newbies need. It would be great if there were a step by step program on how to get started and what is most important as a beginner. I’m sure we all know about niches, research, etc. but it’s the actually what next.

    Anyway, thanks again and look forward to hearing from you soon.


  90. I have a list I make some money by sending offers to my list….

    I need new subscribers buyers traffic…how do you find the traffic…

    yeah I have a few blogs they do not make any money…yes I use the icc software which make content a breeze( thank you)

    but how do I make money from that site sell affiliate products on it? Then how to amp up the traffic?

    Yes opt in box for a free gift gets them on your list but need more subscribers…

    My goal is to make 2000-3000 online a month consistently
    and I do not want to make my own product would not know where to start….LOL

    I own my business a salon for 12 years now and always trying to get new clients also…
    Life has just been a total douche bag for the last 4 years…
    just keeping my head above water like the rest of America!

    Thanks for your time and energy I think everyone on your subscriber list including me
    would love to have any training or insite that you are willing to give.

    from Florida

  91. Biggest obstacle: is Staying focused on selected idea or project. So many distractions from emails promoting latest and greatest. Don’t always have the confidence that my chosen path is the right one, so I check out and usually buy new WSO’s, then never have the time to study the majority of them anyway. Afraid of missing the next big thing, or putting too much time into just one project that might fail, so I tend to have 3-4 projects on the go at one time, and of course then nothing gets finished.

    Thanks for offering this


  92. I started my site roughly 3 months ago. Also have a Facebook page. My original goal is to sell my site in the future if I can get money coming in from it and a good opt in rate.

    I have been placing ads on Facebook to get my traffic that way to my main site. Which is adding up very quickly. I’ve set up several different monetary ad types on my site as well as an opt in box. I’m slowly getting opt ins, but the monetary ads aren’t catching on.

    I’ve had sites in the past, but I can’t seem to get it right No money yet. I believe that I get overwhelmed and a touch of ADD. Hopefully you can get us in the right direction.

  93. Hi Hugh,

    you’ve certainly had an interesting adventures life and its great that you’ve found your special place in it.

    As far as obstacles go I have many associated with time and when time is an issue focus becomes hard. I’ve been at this for around two years now exploring the possibilities of I.M with a platform that would suit my family situation and of course what little brain cells I’ve got left.

    I think most people looking for I.M work from home businesses aren’t looking for shiny objects (hate the term which every marketing knowhow “person” is using (Guru has also become a disliked word) nor are we “opportunity seekers”. Since time and focus is a factor we are looking for a good fit business that once found we can run and maintain without a steep learning curve.

    I have not found a product that focuses on narrowing options for different types of individuals and abilities, nor any advise on what might be the best route to take. (good WSO product)

    I also join the ranks of the not big on WP (easy to sue my —-) sometimes I’m afraid to touch the thing in case I break something.

    Thank you for what you are trying to do it is very appreciated and again you surprise me.


  94. Hugh,
    Most of my business is offline selling seo ppc mobile websites etc. Doing okay Would like to make money on line but which is the best way
    Affiliate Marketing, Building a list etc etc. Would love to learn about your approach.

  95. Hi Hugh –

    Thanks for the interesting video and your concern to truly help others succeed. Seems today the majority of the folks I come across are typically looking just to sell you another course and be done with you, at least till they have another course to sell you anyway.

    For me it seems my biggest issue, like a few others I’m sure, is information overload and focus. I’m trying to do too much at once which means I have half a dozen pots on the stove at once with just a few ingredients in each one but none of them ever get completed. And of course I’m guilty of being distracted by the next new shiny object that comes along to make the job a little easier or the results even better.

    Sad part is I realize the problem as you can see. I just have not been able to cure myself as of yet. Not sure you have a solution but I am willing to listen.

  96. Thanks for the video and sharing. I have half a dozen websites, I know how to produce content, they are either my e-books or affiliate products, I am getting some traffic but few conversions. I have on E-mail list of 1,400 + getting regular e-mails and offers but nothing seems to happen. I know I need to get higher -quality subscribers and more of them but don’t know how.

  97. my main obstacle is not getting enough traffic to my sites and making much money if any at times yeah i can build some sites that rank well in top 5 at times but the traffic doesn’t seem to be there even thore i go through the keyword research and the keywords seem to have decent traffic its very frustrating at times so then I’m buying more info products on different traffic techniques and time and time again traffic overload kicks in and I’m back to square one.


  98. The main obstacle for me is that I am a total beginner, and I wish to know where I can start. Then I wish to try a simple system, test it, and improve it.
    Thank you for your help.

  99. There seems to be no real road map to selling online and the steps that are given are incomplete. I personally don’t have the time to do all the tasks that it takes to get the traffic needed for sales. There are so many people trying to get you to buy SEO systems that it’s difficult to figure out who really has a viable method that can be applied in a straightforward manner. Most of the “gurus” are making their money by selling people systems that only a few can put to use. If you can give people a clear map to success that includes good outsourcing steps that are affordable you would be doing people a real service.

  100. Hi, Hugh –

    Thanks for doing this. My biggest obstacle is two-fold… two things that are relate, I think. 1.) Getting traffic to my sites and 2.) Information Overload as to what is the best way of doing that. It seems that all I’m doing is making everyone else on the Warrior Forum rich by buying their products. One product says do this… another product says no, that method is no longer successful and instead I should be doing this. One person says article marketing is dead… the next person says article marketing is the way to go. One marketer says make money with affiliate sites. The next says affiliate sites are dead and instead I should content curation. First it’s all about auto blogs, then it’s all about authority sites! The contradictory information has my head spinning… and the information overload prevents me from moving in any direction! How does one handle it?

  101. I really need to make my family’s dreams come true before they grow up and I die. My wife and kids depend on me and I really want them to have a good life and make up for the bad things that we have had to go through.I need to make enough money and not be beholding to anyone. I know its possible just need a way.

  102. Hello Hugh.

    Thank you for sharing these important aspects of your life with us.
    Seems a good reminder that we actually do have the ability to create safe places where we can thrive in, or fall in.

    Thanks also for your generous offer to help us to overcome roadblocks that may be in the way of us being successful in an online business.

    Some peeps in this group have commented on the importance of trust in whomever they are learning from. I sure agree with that, yet also believe we need to come to a place where we trust ourselves to sometimes make the make the final judgement on the ways or the means to take. – it is not about blind trust?

    What I have appreciated in reading the comments so far, is how people seem to be able to be both vulnerable and to also state their strengths. For me, that goes a great way towards generating trust in others.

    We are not going to have a problem in exceeding the 200 comments, as we can copy paste if needs be.(or even curate the comments in here!) Have not seen a single rule that says we cant do that!

    As someone commented earlier, we really can apply ourselves and learn any next steps by researching and weighing up the facts.
    However, without good support, this is truly an onerous task. How nice it would be for someone experienced and trustworthy to just keep an eyeball on things and offer guidance?

    My biggest roadblock is also perhaps my greatest asset, and I really struggle with getting a balance here.
    On one hand, I can data gather and do analysis until the cows come home, yet when it comes to application/action I get close to paralysis.
    I know many others share this position but that does not comfort me! I do not hold to any notion of perfection, rather am wanting to persue excellence, so I never do anything much, until I can get it right enough!
    Seems that unless I can get a sufficient grasp of the ‘whole’, I can’t properly do any of the parts. When I do intuitively get the overall process, then I can function fine. It is a tedious way of learning but it has worked well for me until I can find a better way of doing it.

    I am fortunate in that I live in New Zealand where we have a universal superannuation retirement scheme ,so I won’t go too hungry for lack of any other income, but I do want/need quality of life, (as do we all ) so need to do work for supplementary income as offline work is no longer available for my qualifications and experience.

    In the meantime, hey, life is good. Yeah.

  103. Hey Hugh,

    I know you guys help out a lot of people and you have recommended some really good products and also created some really good products. I have not had time to even implement ICC Pro as I have to much going on and not enough time in the day it seems any more. It seems a lot of people here are looking for ways of making money and moving past a few road blocks.

    From what I read some people have struggled with adsense, amazon, click bank, local businesses etc. I am not the most successful in some of those areas as I am just getting started in Adsense, amazon and clickbank . But I have only been at it for about 6 months on amazon and made some money on a few sites that have very good conversion rates. I have been relatively successful online and I have many websites ranked post Panda and Penguin. One of the biggest things I can recommend to people is SEO is still very much alive and dont stop building links. You also need to keep building sites as well, dont stop at 3 adsense or 2 amazon, keep building. That is just my 2 cents. At any rate, I just wanted to drop a different note and if I can be of some help let me know..

    Majestic Warrior

  104. Hi Hugh, Just wanted to add some more, I have tried nearly every program, software, tools, new beaut shiny object that comes out to try and make some money online, I have worked hard at this and nothing seems to work. Keyword research, Niche research, all the latest and best plug ins for WP, but still no $$$ coming in. I have bought the software that sets websites up and adds content etc, I even have one of my sites on the first page of Google for a fairly competitive keyword, and still no money. It is monetized, I am at my wits end wanting to know where I’m going wrong.

  105. Hello from Thailand Hugh,

    1. We have an online handmade Thai silk business. We are doing OK but would like to do a lot better

    2. Biggest obstacle is getting more targeted website visitors that would improve conversions.
    Actually we have NOT really come up with a CLEAR IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE

    3. Our mission and objective is to succeed online so we can improve the poor lifestyles and education opportunities for the children of our remote Thai village.

    Thanks for creating this thread as it was interesting and helpful

  106. I have been doing quite a bit online trying to make money…. “Trying”. My weakest point I think is getting traffic to my sites. I think that is my biggest obstacles.

  107. Great video Hugh!

    More on ICC would be great. New technology ideas.
    Now I’m starting to see “site spinning”.
    A sales funnel overview would be helpful.

    Keep playing!

  108. Hi Hugh,

    One of my biggest things is lack of confidence, afraid of screwing up, making a mess of a website & not knowing what is the right system to use, with all the WSO’s out there that promise to be the next best thing to make it “crush the competition.”

    Have ICC pro, but I’m overwhelmed by the instructions, guess I don’t have much of a grasp on a lot of the computerese.

    I hope the training you will be giving will help overcome some of these things so I can start making some $$$$


  109. Traffic.

    Period. I know, sounds so simple, the one thing missing. I can sell if I have customers. And I don’t mean door-to-door. Depending upon Google is detrimental to your income – SEO all you want, but Google uses so many changing factors that you’ll never know if you’re still going to be in business tomorrow.

  110. My biggest obstacles are lack of focus and lack of time management.
    I start on one project, then go no to another without finishing the first.
    Ihave wasted so much time and money and have yet to make
    $1 from my efforts.

  111. Hi Hugh,

    I think the main thing to be successful online comes down to getting targeted traffic, getting targeted traffic is the way to make money. Without traffic it does not matter how much your know or how great your websites are, or how great your products are, without getting targeted traffic you will not make any money. If you get traffic it turns everything around, because money will come in and everything starts to pay off.

    I make about $2,000/mth because I get a great deal of traffic to my sites, when I was not getting traffic I was making $0, and I am not any smarter, and my sites are not any better, the only difference is that I started getting traffic, then started making money the same day and everyday since the traffic started.

    Internet marketing is very simple. Targeted Traffic + Targeted Offer = $$$$$

    The Targeted Traffic part is where I would like to know more, because the more targeted traffic the more money can be earned.


  112. Hey Hugh,
    I really like your style and will continue to stay on board.
    You are one of those that care about his customers and
    give an honest opinion and great customer support.
    That means a lot to me and I am sure a lot of others that
    have commented. I have lots of experience and have been
    online since 1999. Seen a lot of things change over the years.
    Here is my list of pain:

    #1 obstacle
    Going after the latest shinny object.
    #2 obstacle
    Spreading myself too thin and not completing projects.
    #3 obstacle
    Putting too many eggs in one basket and the basket gets a hole in it.
    All my hard work now seems to be for nothing when I really put in my
    best effort. Everything is going fairly well and then the hammer hits. For
    example I was doing nicely with Amazon then our governor brought down
    the Amazon law hatchet putting me out of business. That really hurt. Am
    now working around it but it took a long time to get back in order.

    Other ones were back in the early 2000’s when I paid a lot of money to get
    into a program and a few months later they went out of business leaving me
    high and dry. I was in on a national infomercial in which the company sold
    pre-made websites and complete merchandise malls that went
    belly up. I got flamed all over the Internet for being associated with the
    company for years. Was a great idea but management messed it up by being too greedy.

    Some systems that worked for me were ones that had a daily checklist
    of things to do on an Excel spreadsheet. You could have multiple projects
    at various stages but at least the system was proven and each day you just
    checked off that box. As you went through the system your projects moved
    through the phases. Worked pretty good for me especially for let’s say a
    30 day plan. After that you should know what to do to go to the next level or
    maybe flip the site. Depends on your business plan.

  113. Hi Hugh,
    First I would like to thank you for the genuine story in your video that’s a great venture with an awesome future. Now for my biggest obstacle it would have to be monetized traffic, I know how to get a site to rank but the problem is consistent traffic that will make me money. My latest thing I thought I would try is adsense so I build a simple and ugly website got it to rank number 1 in google search for the main keyword that has 4 million plus competing pages and I believe around 35-36 thousand in title and many other keywords in various positions on the first 5 pages of google. The site makes me some money but I can’t seem to get a consistent amount of traffic to it with that said I would like to learn how to correctly monetize the site and get the targeted traffic needed to make a consistent income. Now I’ve been trying a couple of the new things with content and to be honest your told “it’s easy enough a 5 year old could do it”…RIGHT…You get the thing and it takes you 3-4 weeks just to half ass figure it out and by that time you loose interest in it, I don’t know about you but I just don’t have that kind of time to put in to something to end up being disappointed and pissed off in the end. Then you try reaching out only to get knocked down by the vary creator/promoter of the product you just purchased from them, I just need to find someone that is genuine, honest and upfront about this whole IM thing (help the little guy make it in the IM world that’s full of bullshit lies.)
    Thank you for your time Hugh I truly appreciate it.
    Tom D.

  114. Hi Hugh,

    Information overloaded! I read a lot of ebooks ,attended a lot of online webinars and bought alot softwares/plugins but still I do not know and and kind of lazy to start any project. Maybe I am just too complacent with I have now, not in a kind of hurry attitute. But someday I know I have to start somewhere coz what I have now will not be there forever and will not be enough. Those are my weaknesses…

  115. Greetings Hugh,

    Thanks so much for this opportunity pause the daily grind and stop to re-asses where I actually am at. I have only been in IM for less than 1 year so there has been a lot to learn in a short time. I did have the advantage of working as an IT Systems Engineer for 20 years and also spent some time as a Programmer so the technical stuff was not a great issue.

    My number one issue, like most people, is Traffic. About 3 months ago my oldest (and almost forgotten) site suddenly shot to page 1 on Google, some traffic started to flow and so did a few dollars, very exciting time. I did some more on the site, cleaned it up a bit, added great content, made sure SEO best practices where being followed, etc (why i did this i am not sure). The site suddenly disappeared from Google rankings a few weeks ago, I think its on page 246 now. Non of my other sites rank no matter what I do. Very frustrating.

    Number two is that I have been completely overwhelmed by WSO’s emails, OTO’s and all the rest of it. I have been a great customer for the IM as I have purchased about 200 products that would supposedly make me a millionaire. Some I have never even looked at, most are over-hyped crap, many are available in a different form for free if you look hard enough, and there are a few gems, like ICC Pro, WP RSS Curator, and 1 or 2 others. Most of time has been spent getting up to speed with Plugins, Themes, SEO etc and very little time is left for creating content. I have researched my Niches very well and have some great content but just don’t get time to Post it because I am bogged down with the mechanics of everything. Playing around with Themes is a huge time buster! Best advice i can give anyone getting into IM is to decide on a Theme, and then stay with it and create content. In the last few days I have opted out of most of 200+ emails I was getting every day, cancelled my warrior +, and got rid of anything else that was wasting my time.

    My number three obstacle, and i feel that this a big one, is Social media. I just can’t get it to work for me. Of particular concern is Facebook pages. Despite buying wso’s, reading everything I can on the subject, and spending countless frustrating hours, I just can’t get a Facebook Page to happen at all. The whole Facebook interface just doesn’t make any sense to me at all, and I am sure I am missing something basic somewhere, and I have given up in disgust! I see this as a major obstacle to my IM at present and no way of resolving it.

    On a positive note, I found Peter Garety’s recent webinar on structuring an authority site very enlightening and a great relief from all the hype that gets promoted. I am building a new content rich site using Peters methods and that will be my last foray into IM, if no result in 6 months or so, i am out of here, something that will make my wife very happy.

    Thanks again for the opportunity,


  116. My problem: I’m afraid of failing — so I’m having a hard time getting started. From 1999-2008 I ran a very successful Internet ecommerce website — but had to give it up when my husband passed away. So now I have a “day job” but want to start either a restaurant directory, write a Kindle book on WordPress, a green building blog…I have lots of ideas but am having a hard time picking one thing and sticking with it

  117. Hey all, thanks for sharing your stories.

    I started in the IM world 8 months ago, and can relate to most of the stories here. I have gone through those phases myself:

    1. Chasing new shining objects syndrome – buying WSOs left and right most of which are crap and no one needs them
    2. Information overload and lack of focus and direction: no definite business model
    3. Subscribed to too many “guru” lists that sell you more crap

    It took me a couple of months and a couple of thousand dollars to figure it out: unsubscribed from 99% of the lists, Hugh is one of the handful of people I get emails from. This stopped the WSO madness, I don’t spend a cent on a product unless I really establish I need it – trust me if you are not sure then don’t buy it, you don’t need it. Choose one area, one specific business model and stick to it!

    After over 80 projects, anywhere from dentist sites to lease to local businesses, to amazon affiliate sites to sell vacuum cleaners, to e-commerce sites to sell my own products, I didn’t have much to show. Then I paused, stepped back and looked at the business, and realized that I needed to focus on one thing at a time before losing my sanity. My wife and I decided to build a website on a topic that she’s genuinely passionate about. We wanted to develop a brand rather than just a website. She writes the content for the site and I take care of the technical aspect and online marketing. It’s 100% white hat, with no automation (no auto blogging), I don’t build backlinks and don’t use any SEO software, such as senuke, etc, so it’s as white hat as it gets. We do lots of content curation. We do use the social media platform heavily, every single post gets published on facebook, twitter, and 40 other social media sites automatically. Today was another record, we broke 2.5K unique visits and 4K pageviews, and our end of 2012 goal is to reach 10K unique visits a day (300K a month). This is a very targeted audience, mostly coming from US, and some from Canada, UK. One thing I did is I focused on long-tail keywords, which are easier to rank for and brings more targeted visitors. Currently we have hundreds of long-tail keywords on the first page, most we dominate the whole page with 3-4 results per page. I stay away from anything that gives any kind of information to Google, I don’t use Google Analytics (I use three other free tools which are as good), no Google Webmaster Tools, and no AdSense. And I have private registration on all my domains. So far with every tropical animal algorithm update Google has been giving us more love (more traffic).

    I’m not too worried about the monetization model at this point, I’m testing different ads and I’m tracking progress, but most importantly I’m just enjoying the experience of growth. A couple of big name sites have approached us with partnership proposals, we are thinking about it.

    Hopefully my story helps some of you a little. Start it today, stop buying anymore products, jot down a solid business plan, doesn’t have to be complex, and stick to it until it’s completed, don’t ever give up!

  118. Hi Hugh,
    I am not making any money on line even though I have spent many thousands of dollars to set up sites. Maybe I have have picked up the wrong niches. I have several interests and I have a few sites that are extensions of my hobbies. I have a number of sites but alas.
    I suspected it might have had something to do with one of my plugs in by Yoost. Maybe I have picked up the wrong plugs. I use WordPress.


  119. Hey Hugh,

    There’s been a stream of wp-sites getting hacked lately. What is the best way to set your site up and to keep it secure?


  120. I have many WP websites. I haven’t started using the application yet. My biggest problem is using the time I have wisely. Too many of the WSO are more complicated than they appear so I start to use them and then stop because they are taking to much time to learn. Also too many of them use video as the main learning tool, step by step written instructions would be more helpful as you always have to view the videos over and over which waste a lot of time.

  121. Hey Hugh,

    Great Idea! I hope you come through with it. I am in Colombia, South America, and the main problem has been getting paid by PayPal which does not send payments to Colombia, but change is definitely on the way via another company.

    I have great hopes that ICC will be the solution to my traffic problems.

    By reading some of the post, I see there is great need within the community for someone to help around. That’s the theme of one of my sites, but in order to really help someone you need to have free time which is very scarce in this business. I´m willing to help someone who is in dire straights, but my capacity is limited. One condition, the person helped must return the service by helping someone else.

    In closing, I wish you well. I heard of good intentions before, but little about delivery. Since I purchased ICC from you, I have been opening all your emails, and I sense your honesty. I will keep opening them and hope I will never be disappointed.

    I do have quite a few “gurus” in my list whose emails now just get erased without opening.



  122. Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for this kind opportunity. One of the things I struggle with nowadays is the way to set up our websites. An exact blueprint of all the plugins you use, which theme,h1 tags,h2 tags,h3 tags,internal linking structure,site structure,content and image optimization,tags etcetera.

    And how you connect your twitter,facebook and Google+ accounts with your website! With all these changes Google has made I am feeling a lot more uncertain than a year ago.


  123. ____/\________/________ Shark attack!!!

    Hey Jarvis,

    Wow .. somewhat similar story with me. I can also highly relate with the recent few comments below (from my POV), especially Ed Tario. I built my 1st computer in 1982 and have been enchanted ever since. I’ve only recently (12/2011) decided to make some additional income streams. I’ve made a little money, been through Information Overload, recovered, problems with focus then drew up a plan and just started (not cheaply) with a similarly spiritual mentor with a million name list. So, I am on my list building journey now and it seems to be the imperative. Nevertheless, I love learning SEO and you teach it so well. Please just keep doing what you’re doing, be yourself and enjoy the giving part .. it’s always going to be the best! I’ll see you there soon.

    You are a wonderful person. I’m just grateful to be by your side.

    “There is no royal, flower-
    strewn path to success. And if
    there is, I have not found it.”
    – C J Walker

  124. Hi Hugh, thanks for the plan to help.

    I don’t have an online business yet so I believe my biggest obstacle is not having a proven and a very, very, very detailed step-by-step blueprint to create a scalable money-making authority site, or sites if need be, promoting products from amazon, cj, linkshare, etc.

  125. I can relate to Ed Tario’s post.

    My Three biggest obstacles are:
    1) Doubt: What is a good niche, skills, will it work, it.

    2) Resources: The tools, skills, niche, etc.

    3) Persistence: Trying to keep going when not much is working.

    It would be nice to have a team to work with.

  126. hi Hugh,

    Main problem is retention, and thus staying focused. Into my seventies, and recall not good. Doc says I am OK.??

    As an old fellow, I am way past the technology generation, so struggle to comprehend the tech stuff. Explanations on setting up, though usually well intentioned, lead me further into the morass of confusion.


  127. I really try but I can’t seem to find the right product, I can never pick the right keywords and the traffic is always low. But I will keep pressing on because I need this to work. I won’t give up, it’s just not easy. Thank you for the video, you are an inspiration.

  128. High Hugh,
    I was making money with one of my blogs but some months i make money other months i get punished by Google. I usually am doing seo and article marketing, sometimes i make money with a dutch websites.. I think my obstacle is creating my English blogs and promoting them i am basically. whenever i make money with my dutch blogs i am trying to do it again, perhaps i am overspammng them. I learned my boyfriend doing Seo, our dream is to make music, (we are musicians also) travel around the world and at least make a good amount of money every month with our online businesses together 10000 or more. Maybe i think that we are stuck with the traffic, i also have mallware infections on my account from hostgator every month… i am creating hubpages but they seem to get refused, also with writing articles and stuff.. I have bought like more then 60 domains but i only built 20 of them. 3 were making money but them 2 of them where hit by google for some reason.

    We really would like to leave our dayjobs and only doing internet marketing. Because with my dayjob i have work for a period, i pay for my traffic etc but later i havent got work

  129. Hugh,

    Thanks for all your efforts so far, I decided to join the commenter’s for help in going forward to really make some decent money. Money trickles in but there isn’t any constancy. Really need to know where i’m going wrong.


  130. Hi Hugh,
    My main obstacles where do I start:

    1. information overload
    2. bright shiny object
    3. technophobe
    4. always something missing
    5. no set plan
    and on and on.


  131. Dear Hugh, I have just watched your video and want to thank you for taking the time and trouble to make it for us; I really liked your easy going approach.

    As you can see, I do have a website but I ‘cheated’ and paid $997 for someone to set it up for me; it hasn’t been handed over to me yet but I will probably stuff it up when I do get my hands on it. I must admit to you that I am my own worst enemy and my biggest obstacle is myself; In the past I have bought anything and everything that remotely sounds as though I might be able to actually start making some money but as yet I have not made one single red cent; I desperately need to start making some money so I can get myself, my dog and my cat back to England.

    Writing articles, SEO, building lists etc sound pretty complicated to me even though I know that there are people available on the internet that will do most if not all, of these tasks for a fee. I am suffering from information overload – you are probably thinking that ‘this stupid woman should get a grip’ and you are probably right but I definitely could do with some help.

    Thank you again, Anny.

  132. Hi Hugh,

    My goal is to be able to replace my job using the Amazon affiliate system. There are 4 challenges which I need to overcome.

    Challenge #1

    I think that my main problem is getting top 3 positions on page 1 of the search engines so I can get traffic. I know that I need a step by step guide on how to do this;

    a) That works long term (even with the various Google algorithm changes)

    b) Does not require me to spend hundreds of dollars (without really knowing if its working or not)

    c) A blue print that allows you to control the back links you create (I say this because I have bought WSO’s which tell you to buy Gigs on Fiverr where you have no clue what links they have built for you and where. This means that if the links are bad you cannot even remove them)

    d) Gets results quickly

    e) Does not take too much time to do (I work full time and have a wife and 3 kids like a lot of people i’m guessing)

    Challenge #2

    Building a strong/real business

    I really love the idea of making money passively which is why I choose the amazon affiliate website model, but since I have made little progress with it I am wondering if it has all the elements of a real business. Ie is my business model more like a three legged stool?
    So I really need some guidance on how to construct a good business model that has already been proven to work.

    Challenge #3
    I am still unsure on how to find a really good Niche.. every WSO I read tells me different things

    Challenge #4
    I seem to be spending most of my time editing wordpress and writing content for back linking and not much else. I was thinking that a good business will have lots of customers and that I should actively be seeking out or at least engaging with the customers I have. At the moment I don’t know who my customers were, I don’t have any way of engaging them and other than ranking in the SERPS I have no way of attracting more customers.


  133. I need steady actionable direction because I get so overloaded with information till I’m going in different directions and never quite finishing what I start. I’m a single mother and work part-time and go to school part-time, so time is something I’m a little short on. I know most of the steps to getting started however when it comes to uploading the sites, I don’t know which to do, put them in a directory or should they just go up into the \public_html folder. WordPress is another beast which i’m slowly trying to tame. And forget about traffic, I’m totally clueless on that. I’ve never signed up for any real training because all the coaching memberships are way over my head in terms of money. But I continue to try things that are quick and not to time consuming like posting ads on craigslist, and ebay classifieds, which I haven’t had to much luck with. Don’t really know what I’m doing wrong. So there you have my conundrum. One other thing, could you please check out my site and let me know what I can do with it, because I started it as an information only site and didn’t think about the monetary side of it. I just wanted to help people who needed it.
    Thank you for caring.

  134. Hi Hugh this was really an interesting video. Thank you for sharing that with us. I think my biggest obstacle is getting traffic and the second biggest is converting that traffic.

  135. Hello to all,
    I have read almost everyone of the comments so far (134), absolutely fascinating!

    The number 1 thing that comes through is, just how many of us are struggling to make it on-line and yet we keep on going; we must be a really resilient, tenacious bunch!

    The key point I have discovered from reading this is: – WSO’s – we’ve all been there, looking for the holy grail of success in internet marketing.

    I would like to know how many people have found it from a WSO, very, very few would be my guess.
    * This would make for an extremely interesting survey.

    There are so many of them telling you to remove yourself from all of these useless email lists: “I am the real deal, no more B.S!”

    Then what happens is that they start to flood your inbox with every new ‘WSO’ that comes out. (Magic-Bullet syndrome, I call it) Is there any cure? I am sure the Guru doctors are working on one now, something else to sell us.

    A little about me,
    I have been working in internet marketing for about five years now, first few years getting to grips with how everything works, I started with zero knowledge, so it took quite a while to get to grips.

    Making money is still the big issue for me, I can build sites, I can create content, I can manipulate images and graphics, I have a working knowledge of ‘HTML’ , the list goes on.

    So, the thing that would make a difference for me would be a blueprint to work from, in a step by step method, all the way to making some money.

    When you prove to yourself that you can do something successfully, you have a way to repeat your success.

    Good luck to you all, you will definitely need it!

  136. Too much distraction – ie warrior forum etc

    Too time consuming to produce good content

    Not enough hours in the day to update sites – if you have a real day job!



  137. 1. Information overload + shiny new object syndrome – I need to opt out of many, many lists I am on.
    2. Lack of focus on one thing, trying to do too many things at once – see #1
    3. Getting traffic, building backlinks
    4. Writing content, which I dislike, although ICC Pro has helped a lot for some of that.

    I began building some sites in Feb. of 2011. One was a movie trailer site and I made money from people downloading a video player (no content lock, just voluntary downloads) and after about 8 months I was #2 on page one of Big G for 1 keyword and #3 for another. I went from $50 the 2nd month to $2000+ the 7th and 8th month, then Panda hit, and I dropped to Page 2 and earnings dropped drastically, then Penguin – nowhere in sight. My only traffic for months is from Yahoo and Bing, and I do still make about $500 per month. I add fresh content weekly.

    I also built 5 Amazon review sites about the same time, and made about $30 the 2nd month, then gradually went up to a high of about $600 after 6 months. The same thing happened, I had been on page 1 or 2 for 2 of the sites and a little farther back on the other 2. Traffic dropped considerably, and my sites are nowhere to be found unless someone searches for an exact keyword review. I actually made $200 in June, the highest in several months, then only $50 in July and $28 in Aug. So traffic is my biggest problem. My sites convert pretty well if I could just get some traffic again. I really only had traffic to 2 of those sites, that made some money. Two of the sites got a few sales, and one never made a dime so I will probably just drop that one.

    Appreciate your offer of help.

  138. Hugh,

    Love your work!

    3 roadblocks

    1) Too much noise, not knowing what works and what doesn’t – there is so much conflicting advice.
    2) Getting more traffic to my sites
    3) Knowing what to do next


  139. There is no secret formula guys. The best model in Internet Marketing is this 5 step sequence in my opinion:

    1. Build your website
    2. Create a free give away (eg. ebook/pdf report, training video, mp3 audio guide, email mini course)
    3. Make an opt in page using an autoresponder
    4. Write a sequence of emails for the autoresponder
    5. Build your list by doing whatever it takes to send traffic to that page.

    It’s hard work when you’re holding down a job and have family commitments but there really is no short cut to success.

    Sure you could go for quick wins with affiliate marketing for example, but it’s far more sustainable to build your own business which you do through building your list. I’m not by any means an old pro in this, I’m still learning myself but that’s what I’ve realised through my own mistakes. For me, the biggest issue was being able to find the right mentor.

    Just like most people, I bought packages that only gave 1 piece of the puzzle or that tried to upsell you once you were in. I feel like I’ve now invested enough to get most pieces of the puzzle and now it’s just a question of time available to apply everything. Last year I made a mistake by going into the wrong niche and I lost several months and hard work out of it. But I don’t regret it, the learning experience was invaluable and I’d now like to share something valuable with all of you about what I’ve learned.

    You’ve probably heard this a 1000 times but you must focus. Which means ‘follow one course until successful’. Don’t get caught up in the shiny objects. Focus on one area and go in really deep to become the expert in that. My expertise is in seo and reputation management. But that alone isn’t going to bring me customers so I’ve also been learning local business marketing because that’s where my primary target market is.

    Additionally, you need to make sure you give tons of value in your free report (I spent over a week re-writing mine) that you could justify selling it for $47 or whatever price on somewhere like clickbank and still be proud of the value you’re giving. I know in my heart that my report gives so much value, it could save a business with bad reviews from going ‘out of business’ if they followed the methods I teach step by step. You can’t put a value on that. If you want an example of my work you can click on my name to the left and download the report from my website. This isn’t a plug, as the report is aimed at local business owners not fellow Internet Marketers, it’s just to help you guys so that we can support each other. In fact, I’d also welcome any feedback you could give me to help improve the report.

    Then you need to look at it from your customer’s perspective. Why would they be interested in your report to give your their email address? My report is about ‘protecting your online reputation’ but people aren’t always interested in doing this unless they’re in pain (ie. suffering with bad reviews online).

    So I adapted my book and renamed it ‘How To Dominate Your Niche In 5 Steps’ because with reputation management, that’s a side effect of what I’m teaching them. To perform reputation management, you need to create mass exposure for your customer which ultimately helps them in their marketing and to get seen in all the important places online.

    Also make sure that you give tons of value in your emails autoresponder sequence to differentiate yourself from the IM’ers who just try to scam everyone. People have wised up and have got burned so much that they’re much more wary of anyone who is new. Which means you have to work so much harder to build that trust. If you can show that you’re genuine, you’ll create trust within your audience and they’ll be more likely to accept your mistakes later on.

    Then you need to start building relationships with other IM’ers as well as your list because it’s not about who you know online, it’s about who knows you. When you put your name out there, when you have a decent list size, and you behave like a good guy/gal then opportunities will come. That’s how I see things and what I’m working towards. It’s a slow process to build all of this but I know it’ll be worth it eventually.

    I’ve written this post to help everyone and also to learn from you all too.


  140. Hi Hugh,

    I don’t get genuine traffic, I get lots of spam traffic instead.

    I need an alternative to amazon affiliate marketing, so other affiliate programs that gives me alternative link other than amazon.

    Biggest problem is to get permission to use pictures from other websites or manufacturers to use on my website without paying $$$

    thanks for any help you can give

  141. Since I’m just starting and am in the final stages of setting up a web site I can say that it seems like the number of things you have to learn can be overwhelming. I can say for sure that setting sites on one item to focus on is probably the number one area that a newbie like me needs to overcome. I’m looking forward to the “insider training”….thanks

  142. Biggest obstacle: Sales Funnel Setup.

    Since time is so valuable to all of us, I skimmed the report in about 7-10 minutes, reading headlines and text that stood out, and often times stopping to read complete sentences slowly enough to comprehend the point of what was being written.

    This report has touched on the most important items to have in place to build a real business. It is hard hitting and very truthful, revealing information a lot of marketers most likely preferred Hugh did not. This is usually a great sign someone cares about our success.

    This report will help us remove the shiny object syndrome, get us working on our plan and having us in execution mode in very little time. The different ways Hugh shows us how to make money will apply to people from various experience levels, offering a few different ways to make money, and these ways have been proven to work time and time again. He also shows which business models are better than others models, and which ones, depending upon where you are at, would be best for the individual.

    The PayDay Gateway report is solid business building information that you can act on. I am planning on reading it line by line just because I was astonished by the great advice and information from just skimming this report!

    If you want to build a real business online that will eventually make money on auto-pilot; after the system is in place, or gateway (not too difficult) – this is an absolute must read for anyone not earning what they want online.

    I don’t know Hugh, but this report is a great piece of work that will hold your attention all the way through where you will see the end coming in sight, that end of… Working once and Making money over and over again – where you can scale to your hearts and pockets are content!

    I’ve read thousand dollar Guru reports before, and this report from Hugh is hits that target for us, for free?

    Thanks a million, Hugh!

  143. Its like you read my mind! You seem to understand a lot about this, such
    as you wrote the ebook in it or something.
    I think that you simply could do with a few percent to force the message house a bit, but
    instead of that, that is magnificent blog. An excellent read.
    I will definitely be back.

  144. Hi,

    I enjoyed your video, it was so genuine and personal. I have great difficulty in finding the right niche to concentrate on and have finished up not being able to do a good job on any of the ones I have started. Don’t know if anyone can help with this! Traffic building for me is a huge difficulty.

    Thanks again for a fascinating video.

  145. Hugh, After reading these messages, I’m tempted to say “all the above”. These comments almost bring me to tears, as I’m in the same “boat” with most of the members who are struggling so hard to get ahead. We all know it can be done, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards for us. I too, have invested thousands of $$ in software, courses, programs, etc.., with no success so far..Thank you for this sharing opportunity. Best wishes to all.

  146. Hi Hugh and Fellow IMers
    I placed my comments yesterday and have been reading everyone else’s comments this morning. I know this is supposed to be a forum where we are meant to express what we think is our biggest problem but I can’t help commenting on what I see here from everyone.

    I know absolutely everyone including myself will say we don’t get enough traffic. Well I would say that is a given even if you ask Hugh or Peter or any other IMer.

    That is a problem resulting from other problems though.

    What do I see? We obviously need to settle into a plan and work at that plan. I am sure that many of us have spent far too much money on the latest “answer to our problems”. So when do we decide that we don’t need the latest “thing out”. I have been ripped off big time over the past 7 years and it has made me bitter about some of the so called Gurus. I have blacklisted probably 80% of the so called big names. You might have noticed the number of magic bullets that previously sold for big money at $197 or similar prices have diminished considerably in recent times.

    I am also surprised to see that there are many older people like myself still working at it.

    I have learned wordpress inside out, work with two premium themes that I know very well and have narrowed down the number of plugins that I feel are essential. You can produce just about any look for your website if you do that.

    I will probably draw a lot of discussion with my next statement. With the exception of some real biggies, I think niche selection is over-rated. If you do the right things, I think you can make money in nearly any niche. You can disagree but please don’t go into a rage about that statement. Just do what pleases you personally.

    This narrows down the things on our mind if we use wordpress, use 1 premium theme to do it all, get some direction about the essential plugins and just pick a niche. We need the longtails to target for that niche.

    If we accept the fact that we have the afore-mentioned issues decided, then we need to know how to add content (unquestionably in my mind – curation), how often and what theme for the content, how we should announce the content to the WWW, the best way to get visitors to return to our website after their first visit, how to keep visitor interest at our website when they visit and finally after we have resolved those issues, we can finally decide how we should monetize it.

    I guess if we resolve all the things I have mentioned – our traffic problems will be resolved as well. I hope this comment is not considered inappropriate for the purpose intended by Hugh here. It may be a bit over simplified but I have been thinking about everyone’s problem and trying to roll them into a ball here. We need to get it all together to develop an action plan that we feel confident will work under any conditions and then maybe that will provide the confidence to stick with the chosen plan long enough to experience some success. At that point the success should feed on itself and keep us going with that chosen plan.

    This pretty well summarizes what I see in a high percentage of the comments I am reading here. I believe in Hugh and he obviously is searching for the best way to help the most people so that is my 2 cents. Remember, this is only an opinion and a comment and I am certainly no Guru and not an authority. I am just an old retired electrical utility worker.

  147. Biggest Obstacle #1: Driving affordable traffic to my sites

    Biggest Obstacle #2: Avoiding interruptions while working on a project–“Shiny Objects in Inbox”. Along with this–determining when to unsubscribe from a list when it stops adding value to what I am working on.

    Biggest Obstacle #3: Dealing with spouse’s frustration that there is no money coming in, but I am spending a lot of time doing what “gurus” say will work.

  148. P.S. – Regarding MY COMMENTS
    I know this is not meant to be a discussion forum. Please don’t try and turn it into that because of me. Read it and take what you want but drop it after that. That is not the purpose of this exercise.

  149. Hello Hugh,

    Congrats on your success and making it through the tough times as well. I have been there myself. I am currently “starting over” for the fourth time now due to various reasons from health to just bad luck.

    My biggest obstacle seems to be not staying focused on one method and seeing it through. I see the latest and brightest and seem to follow that until I hit some speedbumps and move on to the next method. I have had some success with Amazon, but the Panda updates took care of that.

    Thanks for the inspiring video. Reading everyones comment was great also!



  150. Not making money

    Problem seems to be not making fast enough progress so become concerned that the method is poor so look arround for a new start.

    Need $2000 per month to keep the wolf from the door

    hope you get enough comments.

  151. Hi Hugh and thanks for inviting me to tell you my problems, it’s unusual in IM because it’s such a solitary pursuit so having someone to share with is refreshing. However, my problems seem to be in converting visitors to buyers. I tackle markets that have nothing to do with IM and am trying to stay ethical and make money which seems to be contradictory in my experience so far.

    I seem to be able to get traffic, even affiliate sales at times is good, but the frequency of sales rarely lasts longer than a month and then dies completely overnight, then I start the process all over again… weird.

    So I’m looking forward to any insights or knowledge that you feel like sharing with us.

    Thanks again

  152. Hi Hugh

    Really interesting video as it got me to thinking. I have had some moderate success in getting ranked but that has changed post Penguin and Panda updates. I use ICC regularly and curate content but would like the pro licence and have needs for the cash for other things right now

    Biggest obstacle is time- I know a fair bit about what I need to do- specifically I know I need to create good content and good value for people as I also believe that Google will reward me for creating useful and relevant content

    Have been on a webinar with you and love your style and honesty- hope this is what you were looking for

    Kind regards


  153. I have purchased a great5 del of ready made blogs and websites that are monitized, but they are all very difficult to make work on my host and WordPress. They they want to charge me to make them work. Help with that would help me get started with my online business. I’m sure getting traffic will be my next adventure…. Any help you can provide will be welcome. Thanks for doing this research.

  154. Hallo Hugh,

    Amazing story of your life.

    Here is another synchronicity – your story parallels mine

    From Musician to the Software Guy to the Internet Marketer.
    I gigged in the band in late sixties, worked for big SW companies (eg 11.5 years at IBM), and been on line for a few years.

    Except, I ain’t that successful neither with music (although I have some real good compositions) nor with the Internet marketing.

    The biggest reason – lack of focus.

    Ed Tario (entry just below mine) covered details pretty well, so i don’t want to repeat that.

    Too many shiny object and great marketers bringing more.
    Starting a project, and completing it, before moving to another one is the secret.

    The problem is that if one doesn’t see SOME POSITIVE results quickly, the mind moves onto the next project.

    So – do you you have a Mind Bender device (or should I call it Mind Straightener?)

    Best regards

  155. Hi Hugh,

    First of all I’m a musician in the Detroit also, I play nightclubs for a numbers of years and now I serve as Minister of Music for my church. Now with that being said

    1. I’m not doing well.
    2. Can’t get customers to my site.
    3. I would like to learn how to get people to my site and get them to buy.

    I have a number of blogs as well that I advertise with my affiliate links but I can’t sell any products to make money. So any help or advise I would love to hear from you.

    Vision is NOT seeing things as they ARE
    God Bless
    Barry Alexander
    A.K.A. Visionmaker

  156. How to monetize my website. I have been studying a lot about marketing, but I have been doing it on the internet. Here’s my problem – there are a lot of great people who are trying to make themselves into an authority, and I appreciate what they are trying to do. But there is so much that is contradictory that it is all starting to be so much b.s.; and becoming very costly. I need someone to say, “This is the way to go – it’s not costly and it will get you where you need to be.”

  157. -I have several websites to sell IM tools and also several niche sites. So I know the basic IM stuff really well but can’t get much return on my investment
    -My biggest problem is I can’t stay focused and get organized. Start one thing and don’t finish with a ‘sale’ and then off to the next.
    -I started a ecommerce training to setup a niche website to sell products. Good so far but not enough detail for me. I need specifics or examples of stuff that works.
    -I just purchased a membership about drop shipping. Taught by Mark Wallace in a step by step for 6 weeks, how to setup sites and send traffic.So far this is great and expect to have a niche site up and running soon to bring in the ‘sales’. This is also a ‘rinse and repeat’ process, so If one is working, I can create more. Plus it looks like ecommerce is the way to go. check out at http://srsdz.info/EDS

  158. Hugh, I appreciate your efforts with ICC. I’ve been using it to generate some nice content for several of my websites, one of them being http://www.mynotesforyou.com. I like many others on this site have not be able to generate the income I thought I might be able to do. I’m currently also working on generating a list of subscribers so I have some like minded people to send some freebies to at first and then later on send them some offers that might generate some income. So, I’m still looking to make it online. I’m 72 and the company that I worked for quite some time downsized and I lost my position, so I’ve turned to the internet while still looking for work in the marketplace. So, any words of wisdom I glean from folks who have managed to make a living on the internet gets my attention….

    So, just need a funnel for generating an income somehow….


  159. It’s really hard to decide where to go with the Internet – ” it’s always ‘follow your passion'”! Trying to find that passion is easier said than done.

    Before retirement I was always considered a resource person, in all my jobs. If Bob doesn’t have the answer he will steer you in the right direction. Whe I could not give you the answer, follow up was always important to me in making sure you found your answer(s).

    My last work situation was w/UCSC, where I enjoyed meeting new people, despite being an introvert. There were always new problems that needed solving.

    Information overload is always a constant challenge for me – I have so much ‘stuff’ o my computer that my desk is sagging :-)! And dealing w/major medical problems has not helped much either.

  160. My first language is spanish so I guess I could easily excuse myself by saying that one of my main problems to make money online is the language barrier, but that would not be honest because I can allways find my way to undestanding instructions and things I have to do.
    I guess my biggest problem is information overload, I have alot of programs and products that I have purchased over 5 years now, but then comes the next new big shiny product and there I go running to buy it
    I believe I really have a problem in taking action in one direction and sticking to that same direction.
    I really appreciate what your doing here

  161. Biggest obstacle for me is not to keep looking at all the new plugins etc in case I miss something that is really good. I need to have a blueprint that I can follow that makes steady income from a website and then I can reproduce more websites and thus scale up. I am retired so have the time. I have tried several methods with minimal success. Earning only about $30 monthly from Adsense.

  162. Hi Hugh,

    First of all, I want to thank you for reaching out with a heart felt message and hearing
    what your experiences have been.

    I don’t think with all the WSO’s and other affiliate programs I have purchased in the past, that I have felt the sincerity I felt from your video. You really have hit the nail on the head, making me feel like a friend, not just a another PayPal Cha-Ching in your email.

    I’ve been in sales and marketing for over 30 yrs.

    In my younger years as a poolman in So.CA. Yes, a dream J.O.B. working West L.A., Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Encino and Hollywood. After an economic crunch in the late 70’s early 80’s, I reemerged in the next great trend, Cable TV in Malibu, CA. Yes, I was the Cable Guy for the “Stars”. Another Dream J.O.B. again, only because I was discrete. I continued to receive requests for the only “Cable Guy” certain Stars would want to see.

    Then everything changed. I suffered a disabling accident. Now the doctors told me to use my brain instead of my brawn. At the time I was 6’4″ 235lbs. and I was used to carrying the heavy end of the stick.

    OK, my worst nightmare…”You want me to become a salesman?” What I didn’t realize, I’d been in sales all my life.

    I was “rehabilitated through a classified ad” into telemarketing. Not knowing any better, I was pretty good at it. Heck, all you had to do was read a script and throw a little emotion into it. I thought it was kind of fun. Low and behold, I was selling like crazy. I just pictured everyone I was talking to as one of my “Stars”. I was used to dealing with. I realized all of the famous people I dealt with in the past, just wanted to be treated like the guy next door. Instead of being awe struck, I treated everyone like they were my best friend. OK, I was good at it.

    Times changed. I watched my mentor in telemarketing die from a heart attack. As this business was becoming a grind, I decided to get out. I was lost again, looking for a new adventure.

    Always looking at an alternative for Life/Work Styles I was attracked to Multilevel Marketing. Unfortunately in MLM, I was always my best customer. A lot like Internet Marketing.

    When the Internet came along, I got Bug Eyed. This market is HUGE! I was totally engrossed. Internet Marketing is the wave of the Future. Remember, I had ridden new wave markets before, Hot Tubs, Cable TV, now the Internet. Wow, I can use all my marketing expertise and make a Killing!

    AS of today, I’ve been through way too many Bright Shinny Objects, they all look like the solution. I’ve lost focus on the task at hand. I desperately need to see results for my efforts.

    So Here’s My List:

    #1 There are too many Bright Shinny Objects. I’m a total Optimist. I can’t help but see how the next software/WSO will help my business. Problem being, I still haven’t initiated the last 3 programs, or was it the last 6?

    #2 Focus: I need a Blue Print, not a Mind Map with Arrows, but a step by step from ground zero. Not videos that take 45 min for each step. But quick action plans.

    Like: #1 Start Here, #2 Do this next, #3 After completing #2 do this. Videos are cool but they need to backed up by Pdf.

    #3 I need to see results to keep my focus. I know this takes time. Nothing grandiose, just something that tells me I’m on the right course. Something that shows me that if I continue doing this, I will achieve these results.

    I hope this helps. Thanks again for such a great program. You’re one of the first IM marketers that is actually reaching out.

    Thanks, I sincerely appreciate it.

    Mr. Bill

  163. Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It is
    the little changes that make the biggest changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  164. Ranking a website in the first page of Google is not as easy as the IM marketing folks are talking about. Basically, traffic to my site is the issue; not sure if this is due to lack of right content or the backlinks or something else.

  165. Staying focused to a specific business plan. With so many shiny objects and promises of this is the biggest and best thing to do. And when you buy a product you find parts are missing in the story and lose faith in the provider – to your own detriment.

    I have found blogging is building a list and getting free seo traffic using lots of relevant tags, FB likes & shares, Tweets, G+1’s. This definitely works ‘if’ you stick to a plan.

    Because I find it difficult to monetize from there I sell websites to local business. This works but has more work involved than I originally thought – especially with the outsourcing aspect.

    What holds me back here is getting the right outsourcers. I can get good prices and deals but the interview process takes a long time… and once I get a good outsourcer they appear to be only good for 1 or 2 projects and then they change and are less useful.
    So I end up back at square one needing to get new outsourcers.
    I get it done but it is very time intense.
    I have had hosting issues, with page load speed dropping, hosts putting limits on sites so they perform badly and sometimes disappear for a few days. So this is a big issue when selling websites and hosting to local businesses – especially for reputation purposes.

    So knowing which host to use especially for large sites, that use a lot of resources is paramount. Knowing what limits a reseller account triggers, knowing if VPS is the best with a particular host.

    WordPress on big sites seems to be hit and miss, but I stick with it so clients can have easy CMS editing. But knowing which themes or which developers are going to produce the best light weight site that is HTML5 and CSS3 compliant for maintaining a mobile friendly site is an ongoing issue.

    Knowing which products to stick with and to switch off from any new shiny objects that are taking you away from your plan is a key too.

    I have bought tons and tons of products and had no pay back, where my current business plan was picked up from a 5 sentence comment in an FB group. And this 5 sentence comment has earned me more money online in 2 months than the last 5 years of dabbling.

    Getting focus, focus and more focus seems to be a massive discipline that I suffer from big time – and I’m sure this may be a big reason why a lot of previous products and plans I have ‘experimented with’ have not paid off.

    I now know there is money to be made online. It’s never as easy as anyone suggests in any product. There is a big learning and practice curve to go through and stick to. My mind just needs to be more disciplined to trust a plan, to stick to it, to be flexible enough to review because my first thoughts and interpretations may of been mistaken or misguided (letting go of thinking I am right – being open enough to look again with fresh eyes).

    I have just closed my first $3,500 for a website deal but would like to know how to get clients online – as I only get them by networking and asking for referrals in return for a discount.

    It would help to have contracts and project plans for taking and getting website design orders. So far selling websites to local business has been the easiest internet stuff to make money from. It is like voodoo to local businesses.

    When you have spent several years online trying to make money and failing miserably, you feel a lack of confidence that you have something of value to offer. But once you start speaking to a few businesses you find you have a lot to offer – especially when compared to the prices most ‘proper’ webdesign businesses charge. However this is not passive income. I have learned far more doing it for other people than doing it for myself.

    I now want to crack making money 100% online so I can give my clients a better service, and as I have probably mentioned in various ways my biggest obstacle is faith in which system to follow, which system to use and which ones to ignore. And how to maintain a level of confidence to move forward – in following through on a website of my own, and confidence enough to get the next client. “The past does not dictate the future”.

    Sorry if this is a ramble. Your video was inspiring, and your sentiment is very moving.

    May you continue to be blessed

    Best wishes

  166. Hey Hugh,
    Great video! I think somewhere in our Internet life we all need a mentor! We all need a spark to keep us going in the game. I haven’t made alot of money consistently in my business yet, but I still have the drive to find that gold at the end of the rainbow! I would say my biggest obstacle would be trying to many things( Shiny objects) at one time. I make a few bucks, but don’t automate it to passivity! Guess I could use a swift kick in the butt on the laziness scale! Hopefully I can refocus, but I will say this to all here…. DON’T QUIT!!!! P. S. ICC ROCKS!! Thanks for listening too my RANT!! Michael.

  167. Hi Hugh.

    I have numerous websites, a couple of which have made a few dollars on affiliate marketing. Most have made nothing. I think my biggest issue is product creation. I do not think affiliate marketing is worthwhile, And that if I,m ever going to make anything online it will have to be with my own products.

    I have now purchased ICC Pro to help me with promoting websites that I have built for other businesses. I have about 14 sites up all built on wordpress, some for as long as 10 years, that for the most part get very good rankings, of course on these sites for others I can’t sell my own or affiliate products.

    Looking forward to whatever you decide to offer


  168. Reading some of the comments here one issue seems to me to be that people are becoming too involved in the services, software, systems and so on.
    I have always found is to use the most simple, easy and effective methods for getting what you want. My problem was (and still is) to a lesser amount of being diverted onto something new.
    I know and always try to keep things SIMPLE. At least find the simplest services you want, devise the simplest method of using them, keep your blog or website easy to read and follow, dont get too ambitious.
    You can improve, advance and develop as much as you like once you are familiar and confident with your product, sytems and services and become as sophisticated as you like once you are established and sure of your knowledge.
    The old saying Keep It Simple Stupid. (KISS) still works very effectively.
    So, Hugh, devise a simple method of getting on-line with a profitable product(s) making it as easy as possible for beginners and experienced people alike to start with. When establised it is easy to expand, develop and improve with the iniial experience behind you.

    Very Best Regards To All Budding Marketers.

    Reg Warden

  169. Folks, if Hugh is not at this point thinking that he has opened himself up for more than he ever bargained, then I must question his sincerity.

    I have read every comment thus far made, and I am almost heart-broken at the depths some of us find ourselves in.

    There is no simple solution for us all – no single easy step-by-step path that he could possibly provide that could resolve all of our plights. Some of the situations are nothing but excruciating.

    Who could think to be able to solve all of these sundry ills?

    I commented fairly early on in this litany of woes, and mentioned how I had blown around $1,000 on a product called WP Mage over three years ago when I was still employed.

    What I did not make mention of was that just prior to doing that, I had attended a one-day affiliate marketing seminar in Denver hosted by a couple of guys representing…well, I’m not entirely sure. Agora Inc., I guess – the successful enterprise behind International Living magazine.

    These same two guys were also completing a five-day seminar there that I could not afford to take the time off work to attend – my workload would have been too crippling to come back to. Thus, I signed on for just the one-day event – I only needed to book off Friday and Monday from work, because the event was on a Saturday.

    Between the round-trip flight to Denver from Vancouver, plus the cost of the event, and two nights in a Hyatt Regency Hotel, it was seriously expensive for me.

    After it was all over, and everyone were back at their various homes, those of us who attended were given access to a special website that had been created for us as a sort of community.

    Well, I mentioned on that website in a forum the name of a Domain I had bought, and outlined what I wished I could do with it. One of the two seminar hosts took particular interest, and said he had just gotten inspired for a possible project in thinking about what I had speculated there.

    He said that he was going to see if he could develop some big tutorial of sorts – he never got precise about details, but he promised that when it was complete, he was going to give me a free membership and use me as a case study.

    He was in very infrequent contact with me via E-mail. Basically, he would just send me notice after some months to say that I hadn’t been forgotten about, and that his project was huge – many videos, and whatever else.

    He had even left Agora Inc. to strike out on his own.

    I later heard that he had uprooted himself and his family from the State they lived in and moved several States distant.

    Then I heard nothing more from him. The “relationship” we had lasted maybe 1½ years.

    It has been at least that again since I last heard from him.

    He’s got his own website by name, and I would say he is well-known. I still have his personal E-mail address. But I am not going to approach him.

    I am accustomed to disillusionment. I detest the experience, but disillusionments have been so damned abundant, I can take it and bear only a small sense of grievance for something like this. After all, the lead-on never actually cost me anything – it all arose after the seminar I had attended.

    I had let my website sit unused for over a year waiting for the signal from him to do something with it. This gent had taken the trouble to create for me me a landing page – I knew nothing then of that sort of thing – but that’s all the website ever was.

    As I waited, I added three add-on Domains as blogs, and learned sufficient WordPress to start involving myself on the sites after getting WPMage set up and kicking them all into automation – all except the parent Domain.

    I even started another blog with another website host.

    However, I finally had to give up on my “mentor” and I got my original website going as my fifth automated blog.

    And amending the often-useless posts is how I spend my days. Of course, I am far behind – I am still amending posts published in 2010 on three of the websites. The websites have roughly a post a day, and a couple of the sites often have more than one post a day.

    Many posts are practically empty, with just a post title, and maybe a video. Others might also have some content, but I stupidly allowed WPMage to spin the content, and the result is dreadful English. I may be a Grade XII drop-out, but I feel the content of those posts is a blight. I am driven to correct them.

    Time. So many of us have time against us. We cast about almost helplessly. And bitter pessimism becomes something we regularly wrestle with.

    But I’ve blathered on far too long.

    Hugh, I just meant to point out that more than a few of the commenters appear to be awaiting a miracle from you – their Guiding Star, maybe.

    I’m less a believer.

    And with that said, I sure hope you know what you’re doing with bringing this on as you have.

    You didn’t ask for them, but you’ve gotten a flood of commentary resulting from very openly-bared souls; whereas all you asked for us to do was to enumerate some of our personal obstacles to achieving online success.

    I hope folks will keep that in mind.

    Best luck with this – to us all!

  170. Hi

    I can make these WP sites but getting the traffic and backlinks has always eluded me. It always seems like the next shiny object comes along and I try that and nothing pans out.

  171. My biggest problem is INFORMATION OVERLOAD
    over the last few years have spent thousands but still not made $1

  172. Hi,

    I’m very confused when it comes to meta tags. I found different opinions on whether the categories should be indexed or not. I still don’t know what is right to do.

    Also for example, if I have http://mydomain/blog/, should be a blog page indexed or just the posts? Matt Cutts says that meta tag “noindex, follow” is rarely used. Is this example of blog page one of those rare cases where I should use “noindex, follow” tag?

    In relation to the questions above, it’s probably also important what should I put in robots.txt file. This is the next thing that makes me very confused. I use WordPress and plugins like “PC Robots.txt”, “All in One SEO Pack”, “Robots Meta”… For example, if I put noindex for the categories in “All in One SEO Pack” plugin, should I also put this in robots.txt file, or is it enough just in one place?

    To summarize all the above, I would like a good guide from A to Z on meta tags and robots.txt file, the correct way to use these things.


  173. Hi,

    The biggest problem I have is mindset. Yes I know, how can you do battle with yourself getting organized and staying focussed.

    I think that getting a website setup and optimized with the “right” plugins, not the fluff, not the distracting eye candy, but the plugins that you wouldn’t dare run wordpress without (almost a baseline install of the most stable plugins that give real advantages). Is this the Holy Grail of WP? – I can almost visualise the WP knights errant riding all over the internet land seeking out this Holy grail and never finding it.

    My personality needs little doable steps, that work towards an overall goal – say perhaps a 30 day program (with reasonable amount of time each day (1hr-2hr). To install and build an optimized WP Site that performs (by that I mean, that it is technically correct and functions well (as we might have picked a sucky niche) – this then means that we have got the Technical bits right and can use this process as a repeatable template for site creation.

    I would find it really useful if each daily step were discussed fully, not just assumed that people know why they are installing a plugin or enabling a piece of WP functionality – why do it that way? – what are the benefits/pitfalls? We learn – we grow.

    To me too many of the WSO courses are based on do this, do that, but don’t tell me why (I want to know the why, because when it falls over I will have a clue how to fix it or when it comes to installing another plugin on my own, I might be able to anticipate problems/conflicts.

    I think that if I got into the swing of making the sites (my ultimate aim is to have a Test server for WP so that I can clone and fast set sites, or trial WP plugins before they meet the big bad world (or trash an online public facing site).

    I am a process person, I really want to develop my own process, that is efficient and matches my way of working (I’m an early morning energy, middle day flat and pick up again after 6pm guy)

    I have spotted niches, done the research, am good at writing (well at least I think so) so for me it’s about the mechanics of the process.

    The other people posting on here are all mirror reflections of my own failings (it is interesting to note that we all seem to be getting stuck in the buy WSO’s loop) I recently started tracking my WSO spend and got a real wake up call – I have stopped spending and am working through my bought products (some good, some bad – How many of the WSO sellers support and sites have disappeared 6months after the WSO Closed)

    Hugh you are a real exception and a breath of fresh air – hopefully something good this way comes 😀

  174. Hi Hugh
    ICC is great. Ive been trying to make money for over a year. i have about 10 websites. My hosting company is suspending me left and right for CPU usage even though my traffic is actually down. so that being said, i obviously have huge issues with word press, ive had a couple random guys on fiverr go in there but nobody can find the problem, anyways until thats resolved i cant even add content to my sites. Whats my main issue? ill go with information overload, ive bought a lot of worthless WSOs, a lot of useless programs and so forth. The only thing ive made money with is RL junk ive sold on ebay, which has nothing to do with internet marketing. I will get the occasional affiliate sale but not enough anywhere to get a check stroked. Now with my hosting issues which btw im paying $300+ a year for, now im going to need to throw another $400 or so out for VPS and i still have 6 mo left on my hosting account. Im probably about 2k in the hole so far between WSO, hosting, buying domains, and whatnot. I have some nice amazon sites but seems to me there’s very little money to be made there at 4%, hardly ever make any sales with those, my authority sites do better in rankings and traffic but don’t make any sales at all. glad everyone likes reading them so much :P, the only reason i haven’t given up, since everyone i know is laughing at me, is because im like a dog with a bone, and i already said i wont give up, so i must stick to it and not give up. it seems like the ppl making money online are the ones selling WSOs and OTO to noobs, i don’t have any interest in ripping ppl off who are desperate to make money on line.
    so what Id like to know:
    1) how to easily optimize WP, which plugins to use not use etc, or is there a better alternative to WP altogether? WP is very greedy of my hosting resources
    2) how to actually sell something thats not a IM product
    3) how to generate traffic without buying it or using traffic exchanges
    4) everyone talks about lists, but really how many folks need a list to sell yard furniture? I have newsletters on my sites and ppl sign up but what ive noticed is they dont open the newsletters so there you go, thats a real list ppl join it willingly with no prompts to do so and i cant get them to open the thing they signed up for.
    5)I want my sites 100% white hat since my goal is to sell some of them eventually
    at this point, im reduced to yard sales and ebay and still working my regular job which is high stress, high liability, and I hate.


  175. Hi Hugh

    I have been trying to just get this whole affiliate marketing thing to work, I have tried this, that and every other kind of new shiny object now for some time…

    The places where I have been able to make a little amount of money has been Off Line marketing, due to the fact that I have picked up a lot of piratical development and marketing skills to being able to help a few small paying clients and get paid, so I am looking at concentrating my efforts their as it has over the years brought in bits of ok money…

    But I have to admit I am still really in love with the idea of being able to really build and develop a passive residual income base through affiliate marketing….

    So any thing that may be able to assist in that area or any area quite frankly that could begin bring in a continued amount of money in a residual fashion quite frankly would be nice..

    So I look forward to what may be coming to us all in the pipe line, and wish to thank and commend you for your open and frank background synopsis of parts of your life, and making it available to us along with the possible training spoken off with in the video above.

    I wish to thank you in advance, and look forward to possibly getting to know along with others on this journey, and I look forward to exploring the chance of new beginnings, thank…..


  176. Hello Hugh,

    Thank you for the video & especially ICC Pro.
    Although I’m quite comfortable with using WordPress, social media platforms & keyword research, my main obstacles are:
    (1) Finding & directing traffic to websites
    (2) Converting that traffic into sales

    I am open to learning, & looking for a good mentor.

    Thank you for taking the time out to help others.

    Have a good day.


  177. Hugh

    Thanks for your honest video.
    Your wso is one of the few I have purchased, where the creator is not constantly pushing other Wso,s .
    I like many suffer from information overload and need for solid direction.
    I make a few dollars (declining) each month from adsense and amazon affiliate sites , but now realize that dependence on the whims of these two superpowers is not the way to build a long term business.
    In my view a road map to develop and markets ones own product is needed, with detailed steps , timelines and benchmarks of what should be expected if the program is adhered to.
    A quality product, allied with an authority site, forum etc should attract the right type of traffic, this is the direction, I feel will get results long term and with which i would appreciate guidance.


  178. Biggest problem is to stop learning and start doing. Some internet marketer is always dangling a big bright shinny ball in front of my nose that’s better than anything else I have ever seen and I can’t resist buying to find out what it’s all about. I’ve got so much to do I can’t get a single thing done. I am an ex smoker, and this is like being addicted to cigarettes. I want to quite, I know I need to quite, but I can’t resist the temptation for the next thing that’s going to make me successful.

    And from what I read I’m not the only one. Internet marketing is addictive. If only I could come up with a patch that would make one quite buying internet marketing products, I’d put it up as a WSO and make a fortune!

  179. Hello Hugh,

    My main problem I think is trying to figure out how to set up my main website and additional pages for that website.

    I wanted to setup a website for health related issues(anything from hair loss to dieting or hemorrhoids).

    How do I set up that site and do I use tabs for the other pages, or make categories to the other pages?

    Should I make a website for each individual issue or topic?

    Should I purchase individual domain names for each issue or topics, or just use sub-domains?

    Should I have a category tab and link to a page that has a list of categories which in turn link to that particular issue or topic?

    Figuring out Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and on and on and on.

    How about what SEO tactics to use?

    Should I just create mobile websites or apps?

    I try to stay off reading email because I tend to believe people. I would say that 90% of the time it’s pretty much a scams.

    Although after saying that I have learned things even though they were scams, so it wasn’t a total loss, I guess?

    One of the things that would have really helped me is if someone would have told me from the get go, (if this is actually what should be done, because I’m still guessing about this) – Build a website and then within that website have separate domain names for each page (not different websites for each issue or topic) that would have helped me a lot.

    Always use videos and PDF’s to show people how to do different things when teaching.

    Make sure to explain how to do something when trying to get into internet marketing, from the very first step to the very last step. Every issue no matter how small and make sure the videos stay up to date and make them short videos not 10 or 20 minute videos.

    I also think people need to be able to follow along by implementing while they are following along.

    The keyword thing is a whole other issue. I don’t think anybody has a sure fire way to find or get long tailed keywords. Just show them the way you do it, then just let them know there are many other ways of researching keywords, and if you know any of the other ways then take the time to show them.

    Can easily get info overload. Trying to stay focused is a major problem because of all the hype around some software promotions.

    I’ve been plugging away for 5 years now, and after quitting numerous times and starting up again I am really no further than what I was at the beginning.

    Your ICC Pro is great – what I’ve used of it anyway.

    Well I guess this is enough for now.

    Thank you for wanting to give back. I truly believe that someone who gives gets 10 fold the help in return.

    Mark Steele

  180. this is off topic but ive sent you guys an email and dont know if you ever got it so here it is in a nutshell
    what id love to see implemented into ICC pro
    1) a spell check I NEED THIS im hooked on phonics lololo
    2) a way to post pages rather than just posts
    3) a way to add tags and so forth

    basically this issue is when i use ICC pro which is daily when my sites are up (thats another issue lol), is that i have to then go into my sites and do a lot of tinkering with the posts such as adding keywords, descriptions, tags etc would be nice to be able to use ICC w/o going into my sites to finish the actual post

    thanks 🙂

  181. I was making a living until Google Panda/Penquin and for me I would like to be able to easily get rid of backlinks that have dragged my sites down the listings.



  182. Biggest obstacles – After three years, still not knowing whether I should be chasing every new product or plugin that’s put to me; no longer being able to trust 99% of marketers that I’ve bought ‘must have’ products from; and the frequent feeling that internet marketing is a ‘seedy’ business to be involved in! In spite of that I still have faith that I could build a business to be proud of, given the right guidance and the full facts.

  183. Hugh,

    Thanks for the candid look into your life and experiences, in many ways my life has taken the same turns. I would say that my biggest internet problem today is information overload. Everyone has a system and the latest techniques for an IM to make money, get traffic and build the very elusive business funnel to become successful. I will say that most everything I’ve tried and paid for is complete bullshit and sales hype. You have been a big inspiration for me because I feel I’ve gotten to know the kind of person you truly are through your emails, videos and genuine willingness to help others.

    With so many diverse ways to get real traffic (buyers) through social media and all the old traditional means (you know what I’m talking about) people trying to become successful online are pulled in a hundred different directions and if you are able to become successful it almost seems like it’s because it’s the “luck of the draw”! I don’t mean to ramble.

    I will say that creating the right kind of TRAFFIC and income FUNNEL is paramount for me and others… and to stop wasting time chasing every new pie-in-the-sky dream of internet success. I’ve built many sights and they were never really made to be income producing… so, I guess what I’m saying is I really need to be pointed in the right direction by the right person.

    Thanks for being there!
    Cedar Key, Florida

  184. interesting Life time line , to say the least !
    my main websites have done ok, kicking off a job or 2 per week, yet I need something that will create the residual income, as others have stated.
    thinking this could be either lead gen sites, or a good cpa deal. Ultimately , I want to shepherd a sw development group for local business needs.
    count me in on any training you have , as I must first be a student before I can be a teacher for my locals.
    serendipitous synchronicity ? I do know that there are no ‘coincidences’ …thanks

  185. Truly inspiring and motivating video Hugh. My biggest challenge is getting and staying focused on one thing long enough to see it through. At this point I have seen, learned from, bought and piddled with enough things to fill a library. My challenge is picking ONE and just sticking to it and forgetting the rest. Have any magic “discipline” pills in that bag of tricks? Thanks for your video. It was helpful.

  186. everything seems to have been said. shiny objects, loss of focus (so bad i even went to a shrink to find out why), and on and on.

    the biggest factor for me is a loss of trust in anyone who says they have the answer. i spent a boatload of money to become “informed” and hoped i had found a mentor only to have the person close down the site to pursue a different direction. that torqued my shorts pretty good, and i haven’t gotten past that disappointment. trust is hard to regain, and this one was representative of the IM marketer at the highest levels so it has affected all pretty much equally. certainly has dampened my ability to create a relationship of trust.

    i appreciate your product (ICC) and your time. btw, this is the first time in a long time i have responded to a similar question. maybe i can get social again.


  187. Hi Hugh,

    Amazing story. It reminds me my son’s (Ivan) story. He won a scholarship to study music 2 years in Berklee School of Music in Boston (guitar) and struggled A LOT to make a living with that.

    Then he met a girl in Berklee -also a musician-, got married and moved to Chicago where he is doing very well now. The family of his wife live in Chicago and fortunately they are backing the young couple during their take-off.

    But I’m not going to talk about Ivan eventhough I’m very proud of him, and here goes the answer to your question:

    I’m a bit disappointed with al this IM stuff because I didn’t launch yet due to all the IM shit offers I received during last few months. I’m really overwhelmed but I’ now beginning to get rid of all that stuff. (sounds familiar to you? surely you’ve been there sometime ago).

    I’m now unsubscribing from almost all the lists and slowly I’m getting back to my track.
    I have a lousy WP blog about panic, anxiety and the like, but I’m not working on it by the moment. I hired a freelancer to optimize it’s look and feel somehow, but I’m not very happy with it.

    Regarding ICCPro, it is a very good tool but I have huge problems with backlinking, spinning, pinging and the like.
    I didn’t find a useful tool for that and the truth is that I’m not sure if I’m doing it right. The way I’m doing it takes a bunch of time for each backlink and I know I need hundreds to have a chance to rank high in the SEs. And all that jazz with Google phantom in my back.

    I bought some backlinking stuff from J. Pearce and Gustav (I don’t understand the relationship between your company and theirs) but never received good support. In fact I never received any support at all.

    Besides that, John is permanently sending more and more offers (WSOs and the like) and I think (maybe I’m wrong) that he’s more concerned about selling than helping his members to succeed. I understand that, this is a business, but my confusion still stands.
    I’m not unsubscribing from his list yet because of you and ICC.

    I’m now trying to do something with paid traffic just to see some fast results that may improve my mood.

    From the very beginning I felt you different from the crowd of IMrs, I really think that you are worried about your members success.
    Your video is a proof of it and that’s why I’m dropping these lines.

    In summary, my main problem with ICCPro and SEO is backlinking with high PR sites and spinning my posts.
    That’s all.

    I will be very glad to hear your comments if you find some time for it.

  188. Hi Hugh

    Thanks for your continued support and for your commitment to help as best you can. I guess by the time you finish reading all the comments you’ll be as touched as I have been by the stories of ordinary decent folk just trying to make a go of this crazy IM world with little or no success. I feel sorry most for the people who were seeing a little success after a long journey only to have it all wiped out by Google who replaced the little guys in the SERPS with the big budget players.

    I agree with what others have said about wordpress set-ups etc but my biggest challenges are getting traffic and then converting it. Heck I can’t get anyone to click never mind buy!

    OK – so for me what would be the mother of all blue prints?

    1. Absolutely no assumptions should be made. Drives me crazy when I buy a course and the creator tells me to “tweak the steps to see what works” or to put my own “twist” on it. What a cop out. I thought I was paying him to tell how he tweaked and twisted! Don’t assume I have a handle on certain topics.Take it from me, I would not be offended in the least if you were to hold my hand and spoon feed me! Don’t give me credit for being
    “creative” as I’m not.

    2. Please go easy on the paid recommendations. Nothing worse than going through a course only to find a list of must
    haves to make it work, usually costing mega bucks and a monthly subscription.(BTW if I receive an email about
    a new must have plugin I check out what it does and then head straight over to the WordPress plugin directory and about 80 – 90% of the time there’s a plugin which does exactly the same thing FREE).

    3. A members’ forum. There’s nothing more encouraging and uplifting than people sharing and helping eachother out.

    Hugh, I believe you’re one of the “good guys” with a genuine desire to help others achieve success and I honestly wish you the very best. Good luck to everyone.

  189. HI again, I wanted to add a comment to my original post – it’s about hundreds of emails I get every day in my inbox – almost as many as the spam. The problem is, whenever I unsubscribe from a mailer, it seems like I get doubled up afterwards. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Mailers just seem to be coming back with different addys……:o(

  190. I had this site built, just didn’t know how to make money. Was sold on the idea make a site and make tons of money. Well the ads, I later found out were demo ads, didn’t know how to contact Discover Card to set up account and was turned down, had no one to give me any direction. Later found out that even when you have a website, they don’t come. The biggest problem I have is that my wife is ill and the cost of having people come into my home to care for her was costly so I had limited funds to apply to any online Blog. I bought and tried trying to sell products online and again failed. I am put my blog and product selling on the back burner and doing offline business which I am starting to make money at. Since I started doing offline business my eyes have been opened to make me realize what I was doing wrong with my previous ventures online. Was never marketing my websites and getting it ranked. I think in my desperation to make money I was buying everything I could to make my online business prosper, but they didn’t work. So, for now I’m going to concentrate on offline business and if and when I am able to, get back to the online blogging.

  191. Hi Hugh,

    1.) Selecting the right niche.
    2.) Picking the right domain name for that niche.
    3.) What plugins to use for best SEO?
    4.) Does the WP theme you use have an impact on the visitor?
    5.) Utilizing the Social networks to promote that niche.

    Jim Plunkett

  192. Hi Hugh, You have already gave us the awesome software in the form of ICC Peo. My hurdle, like many others here, is traffic and some procrastination on my part. I always appreciate your effort in helping us to become successful in the Internet Marketing.

  193. This is for Shirley to answer her question,

    Hi Shirley,

    Have you heard about “SOLO ADS”?

    A lot of IMers have small, medium or large lists of subscribers that entered their email and name into the Optin form of those marketeers.
    Anybody can buy a “Solo ad” from any of those IMers and for some bucks (depending on the size of their list), the guy allows you to send an email with your offer to ALL THE SUBSCRIBERS of his/her list.

    So if you belong to one of those lists, you’ll receive emails from whoever bought a Solo ad from that IMer.

    But that’s not all: if you optin into the list of the person who bought the first Solo, now you also belong to that second list.
    Then the second guy also offers Solo ads using the list where you now belong to, and you’ll receive another email from somebody who bought the Solo to the second guy…and so forth.

    So you can end belonging to several lists and therefore you’ll receive more and more emails from people who sell something.
    Eventhough you unsubscribe from one of those lists, you’ll continue receiving emails (without your consent) from somebody else until you unsubscribe from ALL the lists you belong to.

    That’s life…be careful with your optins and unsubscribe yourself as fast as you can.

    PS: I’m receiving emails from different people of France…in french of course!

  194. Hi Hugh,

    I have a website that I believe is well set up: sales page, squeeze page, blog. I like my niche, it is a popular topic with a lot of expansion capability. I have content for a while to add to the page. I did it myself.

    My biggest obstacle is getting the right buyer traffic to see my offer! I need eyes on the page. I have limited monetary resources to spend on traffic. I would like to know how to start and expand buying traffic.

  195. Hey Hugh,

    I’ve been trying for 2 years and thousands later and still not making any money. I have a Facebook page that has a store in it, but no one is buying anything. It’s in the dog niche, I post several times a day, I offer great information, videos, images.
    But I’ve gone from over 10,589 views a week to 613 views. Nothing has changed. And I don’t know how to sell, I have never hinted towards a product as of yet. I have a website as well in the dog niche, but there’s nothing for sale yet. So my obstacle is how do I sell to people on my Facebook store?

    Thank you,

  196. I have read and can empathize with many of the comments here.
    A key challenge for me has been staying focused and not being a butterfly flying from one shiny object to another,
    It’s easy to wake up in the morning and not know what to focus on because there are sooo many things to focus on.

    So my goal now is stick to the very simple basics and follow through – that’s what I’m working on right now…. The “secret formula” that Sam Adodra stated.

  197. Hugh,
    I am new to IM and am on the way to the next breakthrough. My site is the beginning of a publishing business as I now realize I want to focus on affiliate marketing and publishing. My products and market are educational and faith-based so I am in need of instruction that will help me see success in thoses arenas. I am very interested in doing work in Christian Jazz and Voice Over acting; so we will see what’s next.

    My obstacles:
    1 Information Overload – In my quest to not miss anything I find myself buying everything, even though I am finding I dont have time to learn, understand, and use it. I have stopped all of the buying and have started seriously applying and using what I have.

    2 Procrastination – Prior to my decision to focus on affiliate marketing and publishing, I didn’t know in which direction I should go. Even after making the decision, finding that clear path is still a challenge

    3 Good solid training I can trust – I am still learning enough to determine who in the IM industry can be trusted to know what they are talking about, has the experience and success to be credible, and truly have the best interested of the student – ME, in mind. I purchased your ICC Content program, but quite frankly haven’t gotten into it sufficiently yet to even say that it works for me. I am downloading today, so maybe on Monday I will have – and I sure hope and pray that I do – a different story.

    Thanks – I look forward to the training.

  198. The biggest piece of info I recently picked up from a guy who has made millions online was that he made 90% of his money from paid traffic. PPC, PPV, banners, media buys, etc. The other 10% from SEO. So I guess I’d like some info on how to get paid traffic the right way.

  199. Hi Hugh I have several obstacles one main one is fear of failure or maybe success I have gone back to basics and already I have hit a stumbleing block your not going to believe what it is it is writing an about me page a truthful about me page would paint me as a total failure who could not be an authority on anything except how not to market.
    Second lack of focus because as soon as hit a block I freeze I don’t know how to overcome my problem, and there’s the old favorite information overload, I also have the problem of the shinny object jumping from one project to another and not seeing a project thru to the end. As you can see I do have few a problems but what I will not do is give up I have put too much time and money into this to throw it all away that would be totally foolish.
    I don’t have a problem with installing wordpress there are loads of free tutorials out there it is the content I need to get right I know you have given us a excellent program ICCpro and there is also Peters Garetys but I still have the content issue I mean me myself writing original content for the blog before I use ICCPro.

    Thank you for listening


  200. Getting traffic that turns into sales. I have been a customer of your for some time and really appreciate your support and insights. Using your curation software has enabled me to gain rank with some of my websites, but not yet translating into the desired cash flow. I have had some very good days, then followed by way too many days without and income. So it has been up and down but more down.

  201. My biggest issue is information overload and not enough traffic to my websites, also ineffective tracking to know what’s working.


  202. Hi Hugh,

    I have to say many of the comments here really hit home with the way I feel.

    I made 3 sales on a Squidoo lense I set up about 3 years ago. Maybe they felt sorry for me because I didn’t know what I was doing. Who knows, but I did make 3 sales on an affiliate product.

    Once I think hard on it, their are many things keeping me from pushing through.

    I always thought my biggest problem was content. I can’t write worth crap and it takes me forever. I don’t know how to structure an article correctly or what to use for the anchor text and how to set things up for all the confusing backlinking stuff.

    I now have a little content on a few websites that were built for me but I don’t understand how they where built and how I am suppose to add content to them correctly because I don’t know or understand the website structure, the keywords or linking system that was set up etc.

    So You can see I’m all messed up, lost in a state of confusion in how to put this all together in a step by step show me how to do this then that order without taking light years in research.

    Oh No, Did I choose the right niche and niche keywords? (so much wasted time)

    I also have problems with what you call information overload.

    I believe we are trained by our everyday actions. In our subconcious mind we have become addicted to opening our favorite marketers emails. Are you affaid your going to miss something? I must be, it upsets me that I can’t seem to quit opening many of my emails. There I go again distracted for hours.

    If I did not open Hugh’s email I wouldn’t be here now. Hugh seems like a real honest and down to earth guy that really wants to help. I also have ICC Pro and need his advice and direction. I have struggled with ICC Pro a bit and keep leaving it, I think if I were starting from the beginning, I would be more confident that I was doing things right and be able to push through more determined for success.

    Would be nice to have a easy workable plan that would teach me how to go from the beginning, choosing the right niche and keywords to use ICC Pro and how to add our own unique content as well, where to post it, how to stucture it and how to set up the links correctly for a backlinking campagne. Forgot to mention, needs to be set up for free search engine traffic and monetized successfully.

    I also would like to say thanks for caring about us and for sharing so much about your life.
    All the best to you and yours.


  203. Hi Hugh,

    Greetings and thanks for your offer and help.

    The biggest first steps are targeting the right.niche with right keywords and putting up content of value.

    SO if we have, and are targeting, the right niche with the right keyword,
    could you please throw light on

    1. The proper way to structure an authority website
    2. and how best to populate the site with ICC Pro?



  204. High Hugh,
    Great video and a true insight into what you have dealt with in the past. ICC pro Rules!!!

    My problem is massive information overload and shiny object syndrome. I get started and focus on one great idea, then the emails come through saying hey! do it like this with this new traffic bulging idea and this must have new theme, and guess what before you know it I’m swayed away from what I had been focusing on and change my direction again and again? This really sucks! and blows at the same time, too much information, hundreds of new email’s every day, not enough time to filter out the crap and stick to what is so important, the important one’s get left in the dirt with all the other stuff, aaarrgghh!!!!
    Keep up the great work, I always make sure I read your emails without fail.

  205. Dear Hugh,

    First of all, you are the only internet marketer that never bombard us with products after products week after week, many of us end up buying many products and joining many membership sites. Some will sell you one product and promise a lot to teach you to become successful but end up introducing many more affiliate products the next week. These people are not interested to teach but more interested to ask you to buy and buy. I hope you can help us to make some real money online upto a scalable stage. Thanks.


  206. My main intentions is to move my company into the mainstream industry and also to move into film and television..
    I’m stuck because this industry is full of nepotism and it’s hard to crack especially here in Canada

    I welcome your genus on my behalf

  207. Hi Hugh,

    1. Info Overload. I buy a plugin (or some program) that I think would really help and before I can implement it, I’m getting ads for a lot of other plugins that would help the plugin that I purchased. I think “Wow, that would really make this a lot easier on me” so like a dummy I buy it. I have the ability to buy or not, but when someone addresses a concern or problem, I jump on it. For a while I would not put-up blogs because of all the broken plugins that eventually happened, now I’m back on the merry-go-round.

    2. Frustration. Do this to bring in traffic, and I do it – Nada or very little traffic. Then I try something else that’s recommended – nothing or very little. I feel like the Greyhound chasing after the rabbit that I probably will never ever catch and if I do and I’m really excited, I’ll be put down – Google will shut me down saying I’m doing something “baaaaad”.

    3. Confusing and/or can’t find proper instructions. I used to think I was half-ways intelligent, but I’m re-thinking that now. It used to be the longer the instructional video, the better. Now, If you took the pertinent information out of a 60 minute or more video, it probably could be condensed into 3-5 minutes. I like my videos to be short – just show me how to do one specific thing. Then, label the other videos properly so I can just click on the video that I need without having to listen to a bunch of information that I don’t need. Put them in the specific order that I would need to accomplish whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish, i.e, setting-up a good income producing blog.

    4. Confusing IM information. “Do this and you will get banned”. “No, you can do that and you won’t get banned”. Who do you believe? I am particularly fond of IM’s who say, “Go to Google and read their TOS”. Oh my gosh, sometimes it just gets better and better.

    5. Is it possible that when you recommend someone’s program or software that you can put a short video out that shows not only how it can help, but how to actually set it up and be used with YOUR software? Sometimes, I can’t make that connection in WP. I just recently purchased your ICC Pro and am looking forward to having a good IM relationship with you. I think most IM gurus maybe don’t have the time or desire to teach us how to implement new software into their own. Took bad, because that would make me stick with the IM for the rest of my life – and trust him or her.

    How do you hook everything up and make them all work together?

    6. Internet marketing gurus have more “friends” than God. I’m amazed – and also I feel like I’m being played like Stradivarius. A product can be reviewed without a “pretend” relationship (I’m not pointing the finger at you, Hugh, because I don’t know you). It’s been used so much, I’m to the point of just deleting emails with ads because I feel if that part is not true, then maybe the rest of it isn’t on the up-and-up either.

    P.S. Please don’t use the one where you met a stranger in the bar and he told you a gigantic secret that has made him (and you happened to be shown the “proof” because he happened to have the proof on him in the bar) a gazillionaire and now that you have the secret, you are going to share it with us. Oh gag me, does that REALLY work with people?

    I feel a lot better, thank you, Hugh. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  208. Hi there, Hugh!

    Right. The site I just mentioned isn’t built yet. I have the server space, and I think I’d like a WordPress site, but want some ideas on where to start in respect to installing a suitable Theme, how to embed YouTubes, how to protect the content posted, and what SEO packs / systems are best to use… and, of course how your package could help our endeavors.

    Derek and I have been wanting to expand our music studio services to multimedia. Some of the vision includes promotional videos for our music clients, as well as other video productions for a whole new client base, as my skills expand in the video production area.

    – Anthea

  209. Hi Hugh,

    Information overload, distractions, lack of focus, and time seem to be some of my problem. Ed Tarios comments hit home for me.

    Thank you,


  210. Thank you Hugh for revealing your story and generously sharing like this.

    My obstacles with the website and product we make (personal care beauty item) is – fear and disbelief that we can actually have success with traffic that converts, not being ready to dive into a bigger league than the small-time situation we’re comfortable with. Our product has almost 50% reorder rate and is more effective than others in its category. BUT we don’t understand “the offer” and “the funnel,” as well as not being comfortable with writing sales copy that ethically persuades people to buy the stuff.
    All this as well as the usual internet distractions, info overload, shiny object syndrome, Warrior Forum email lists, confusion that I need this or that gadget to make the website work. Meanwhile, I’m now understanding slowly that it’s all about the offer and the strength of the product, before all else.
    Thanks for reading.

  211. There are so many obstacles that I don’t know where to begin………and that is the real obstacle.

    There are so many “experts” telling you to do this or that…….there is no consistent message to learn from. I’ve cut my subscribed list to near zero just to cut back on the noise.

    What I need is a clear path to follow and to just stick to it.

    ICC Pro saves me a ton of time but to what end I’m not sure.

  212. Hello Hugh,
    I would just like to say how much I appreciate that you genuinely want to help people,this is evident from the e-mails that I have received in the past.My problem is information overload,contradictory information and a childish fascination leading me to buy plugins when I don’t even have a website.I’m sixty one years of age and obviously in the first stages of senility.

  213. My programmer is trying to convince me to move to .
    net from PHP. I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.
    But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using
    Movable-type on several websites for about a year and am worried about switching to
    another platform. I have heard excellent things about blogengine.
    net. Is there a way I can transfer all my wordpress
    posts into it? Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!

  214. The main problem is finding enough time to do everything I need to do while also working 3-5 days a week. I am making money with an MLM product but I want to get a lot of amazon, clickbank and adsense sites going so I have a) reliable monthly income and b) a variety of income streams.

    Then when I do get time off I have trouble not getting distracted, sometimes it’s being distracted by IM work, but not the IM work I want to focus on – that is, I get scattered among various projects.

    For me right now the main problem is learning which WordPress theme(s) to use and how to organize the pages, putting tags, site structure and so on. And finding the time to study all the info I’ve bought… while at the same time taking action on the info I have read…

  215. One of my main problems is buying too many WSO’s! I get an email about one, read it, look at it, buy it, download it, look at it briefly, then file it away for “when I need it”. The problem is not even the money spent but rather the problem is the time I spend looking at them and deciding to buy them and then downloading them etc.

    So that problem multiplies itself because every time I buy something I get on their list, then get MORE emails, and thus MORE distractions. I know a lot of Warriors fall into this vicious cycle of spending too much time and money on WSO’s and OTO’s.

    What I am finally doing is ruthlessly unsubscribing to lists and the few lists I do reamin on, I try not to care about the WSO’s they promote. I can see how it is tempting for an IMer to constantly recommend WSO’s so they get their affiliate commissions. But at the same time the people whose lists I am staying on now are those who do NOT constantly send recommendations for WSO’s I just “HAVE to buy”!

    Any more than one WSO per week recommended by any one person or list, and I unsubscribe! That’s my new rule; and basically I’m trying to get it down to just 3-5 list emails per day, if that. Also a person with a list should offer VALUE – advice, freebies, etc. – with their emails.

    So the thing that got me started in IM – WSO’s – is also the main thing that prevents me from being more successful (distraction due to WSO’s).

    The bottom line is that we as newbies should choose 1 or 2 niches or approaches, spend no more than a month or so studying it, then just start DOING, and at that point only stop to read or learn what we NEED to read or learn in order to finish our project/web site/task. In other words: FOCUS and TAKE ACTION. And stop subscribing to emails that are always suggesting you to buy a WSO. There is one marketer – I won’t say his name – with an eastern bloc accent, and he’s a great guy, very good teacher too – BUT he is always trying to sell me something – every day or two. And frankly a lot of it just isn’t that good. So while I still respect him, I would respect him a lot more if he’d cut way back on selling me. Meanwhile I’ve had to unsubscribe from his list. There’s another guy who is known for Adsense and I used to really respect him but now he’s CONSTANTLY selling stuff – a WSO every week, a recommendation in every email – and I’ve lost respect for him and unsubscribed.

    There is a woman, Erica Stone “Soujourn” who I really respect because she a) never sells OTO’s with her WSO’s and b) does not send out many emails; and c) rarely recommends a product and when she does it’s always worth buying. She also gives out freebies and good advice with her emails when she does send one. I wish more IMers were like her. Of course they’d say she’s “leaving money on the table” and she probably is by not sending more sales emails nor pushing OTOs. But the respect she gets for being this way is, to me – and I think to her too – worth the money left on the table by not pushing more sales at every turn.

    Just my 2 cents: As a newbie now, if you ever do get a list of people you can sell to, don’t push it, don’t be greedy; offer help and free advice and freebies, then every *once in a while* recommend a product or service that is REALLY great.

  216. Hey Hugh

    Thanks for sharing your story, I found it really interesting and can relate to you now, knowing your experience and how you struggled at first.

    My biggest problem is ranking, I have several websites but none of them seem to rank. I have done a few training courses and spent a lot on tools and programs that are supposed to help. Maybe it’s tied into a traffic as well.

    My second problem is what some other people are saying, which is information overload. I have bought so much stuff and it just sits on my computer, as I just don’t know where to start!

    Thanks for offering assistance

    Kind regards

    Clare Johnson

  217. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

  218. ~~~
    Hi Y’all ..

    Hopefully launching next week .. please check out my “missed developed” aged domain now (still) in beta at http://www.brud.com [BTW .. I do not recommend WebDevUSA!!! They are still developing as if Panda and Penguin never happened .. as you can tell by seeing the site] .. and that is not what’s launching . . duh! Messed up the text “shark attack” (ya’ can’t copy anything from an .rtf file and expect it to look the same in text or html .. lesson learned).

    My mentor is the best! We found each other at the perfect time. No more openings though .. actually he’s already booked up. Nevertheless .. I highly recommend finding someone that has made it in IM and has a “grounded” feel to them. This may take all your time for a month or more (at least) .. don’t hurry the process. It appears the successful IMers didn’t start their path to wealth without someone looking over their shoulder (so to speak) and using a cattle prod when needed .. and having a genuine “I really want to give back attitude” (like Hugh). Possibly hard to find .. just wait until they pass by .. not selling to you .. you’ll be able to tell [unless you think Obama (or Romney) are your savior? .. haha!] .. you likely want to find an expert with traffic first .. save up .. don’t give them more than $1,500 at once until you are sure .. in a few months you’ll be amazed .. please don’t flop around (especially if your nearing 85 years) buying and forgetting about products like I .. and a bunch of ya’ have done .. “collecting dust on your hard-drive” .. There are free WordPress (like 26) videos that are comprehensive and should be mastered in the meantime .. take care of your online reputation .. always! .. also learn FTP while you’re looking for the right mentor. Who knows from there .. but don’t forget to re-invest more than half your $$$ resources back into your legacy (note: I purchase brud.com in August 1996 .. it was appraised at $7,000 to $10,000 with nothing on it earlier this year .. my family still calls me Brud .. long/er story .. I invested $50 at register.com to hold it for the 1st decade .. the next decade was $100) .. if you have no idea how to handle wealth .. set up a trust .. do not hire an attorney (or CPA .. they’ll tell their attorney friends .. trust me on this) .. irrevocable trust formats are easy to find .. just google .. pay yourself from the trust as little as you really need .. buy gold and reinvest (not gold stocks .. real “heavy metal” .. don’t tell anyone .. just hide it well [my father (rest his soul) bought Krugerrands’ in the ’80s and buried them inside sealed PVC tubes around his yard. Yea .. he was an engineer so he also made a map]. Okay .. this is all fun .. but I have left a couple of items open for questions .. so if so .. PM me at arthur.capet@facebook.com if you would like .. no promises .. but I will help you find the right trust form if you become my friend. 😉

    I want to add “it’s great to see some ex-pro-amatuer-rockers with us on the journey. I was the Vice President of the local (seven county) Goodwill Industries for many years and other non-profits before. I also managed to earn a few degrees .. the last is a PhD in International Economics (can you believe how the FED continues to dig our countries grave .. so happy to hear Ron Paul is biding time while the party clowns work on the “if you want to win, don’t let the truth get in the way” scam. Yes .. Dr Paul says “it’s not too late.”) So don’t give up hope on our country yet .. but please get your heads out of the sand and WAKE UP!!!

    That was fun .. seriously though .. life only gets better with each day and with added content .. pun?

    Hugh, my friend, I will start spreading the word with some high-pocket IM buddies that don’t tell me crap about how to do some of this stuff .. except one who just started to open up. I’ll start there. The more we give, the better we feel, so life is easy, just give of yourself, sometimes it comes back, but ( I ) don’t expect anything in return. If you do .. is it giving?

    You’re the best Hugh .. and this group of wonderful people is absolutely unreal .. thank you ALL for sharing so openly. I was a VAR “Value Added Reseller” to doctors and attorneys mostly .. back in the ’80s and ’90s .. on the side. evaluated the then current manual systems .. marked up the items to a sum .. building computers to (my) spec and installed the software .. trained the users. It was great back in the DOS and early Windows dayz until the components were just too small for me to work with. My 1st computer weighed almost 70 lbs .. called a “luggable”. Now a tiny cellphone has 100x the ability. Quite a ride and I’m proud and grateful to still be living it (at least until my unborn grandchildren get to college). My youngest son and daughter are in college now and (as usual) need my help now. There is never a lack of need. Sorry for the ramble .. watch out:


    LOTS OF .. peace! .. love! .. and happiness to you all ..!

  219. SELL – don’t sell!! I don’t care. I have everything I’ve bought on a special email – that I NEVER READ. So, all you WSO guys that keep spamming me with your incessant emails – you should know that your emails rarely get read. I only read this because the subject line said you wouldn’t sell. Carry on.

  220. G’day Hugh…

    Well, I can certainly concur with all the comments on this post. The info-overload, the half baked WSOs and pretend Gurus peddling products. I could really identify with your story as I had a couple of similar things happen to me ie getting stuck overseas and also being a musician.

    I’ve been plugging away at this IM thing for about 3.5 years now and I haven’t made a single sale online!. Why? Confusion, and no links out there for people to buy from!

    It sounds STUPID I know. And don’t worry, I’ve rattled my brain till it hurts trying to figure out why not. And It comes down to this. It’s a cycle of excitement, then action, followed by confusion, followed by a lack of focus due to a shiny object, followed by inspiration and back to excitement, and, you get where this is going…!

    It took me 3 years till I really grasped what the heck this is really all about and even more, how to put it together in a way I was comfortable with. And I’m only still getting it together but I get closer every day. I also realized that PAID traffic was the key recently but also, that, even more importantly, it’s about having your own product. THAT’s when you can build that precious list! And, do affiliate marketing… But, see here comes that confusion right now, then I’m just being another “guru” peddling “other gurus” products to make a buck, ACTUALLY CAUSING the very Shiny-Object-Syndrome for others, that I try so hard to avoid… And, then more confusion…

    So, what’s my biggest hurdle?

    Reconciling the confusion, fear, guilt, frustration, info load, technical requirements, software needs, and attention to actually create a recipe that “tastes” good to my conscience and actually adds VALUE to others…

    So creating your own product?

    Well the difficulty that arises there is, I feel so far behind the 8-ball with trying to put it together, that I feel like I’ve got nothing to offer, because I have no success/ experience to make a product about, which puts you right back at the beginning with no success, no product, and no sales!

    I spend so much time trying to keep up with the “stuff” and don’t get anything meaningful done, because it’s a hodge-podge of knowledge in my head… Like a whirlpool of sludge spinning veraciously around and around and around, on that vicious cycle I wrote about a couple of paragraphs ago…

    I’ve got all the good “stuff”, and a huge knowledge base, but getting that out of my head and into a website that provides value and converts traffic, in a post penguin/ panda world, feels like almost an impossible challenge!

    Bu, I soldier on, like us all, at the mercy of those before us with the golden carrot that they dangle in front of us, hoping, just HOPING, that some day soon, the penny will drop and I’ll wake up one morning and it’ll make sense and that muddy sludge will have cleared…

    What would help?

    All of us in these comments banded together in a group where we could state our talents ie WP or Graphics or copywriting etc in a profile so we could approach each other for help, with a talented, caring, successful marketer leading us, who would be available to talk on Skype in small groups, in webinars doing hot seats, helping us create an outline of one project with real potential, holding us accountable, guiding us through the technical and psychological challenges, showing us how to do it, IN IT’S ENTIRETY, nothing held back, with examples that we can model, until it was online and made it’s first dollar…

    Maybe we could break up into small groups with someone knowledgeable in the important areas ie WP etc, so we took the workload off you and came to you with our BIG challenges… Maybe an eCommerce group, a blog group, an IM product creation group. Maybe a programmers group etc… Can we all band together and help each other? Can we create a SUPER group of 200? A real community of battlers striving for success in our chosen paths? I’d love to think so… And set an example to others and start a revolution!!!

    How about them apples?

    Lol, thanks Hugh… Much appreciated dude…

  221. Mine, is trying to get more traffic to my websites. Though my main business is real estate, I also have specialty blogs that are in areas of interest to me. I hope to make some money from them, through affiliate links, but am really having trouble trying to get people to them. I make enough to pay for the websites, but not too much more.

    By the way, love ICCPro and look forward to what is coming.


  222. Hi Hugh,
    I have a confession to made :
    I’ve felt in love with you on the first… no,no…the truth to be said , on the second sight .
    And that’s because already being too close to total faithless and desperate state of mind caused with so many disappointments gathered while trying to make it happen online that I was not expecting any light at the end of the tunnel anymore.

    Than you’ve came in and with every new email from you the light has started to shine more and more clearly and my hearth has started to beat more and more happier.
    What a difference man!
    You are sending our way so much true friendly love, so much sincere wishes to help us out that I can’t believe anyone of us did miss to feel the difference.
    You’re constantly improving the ICC and the ways you teach us on how to use it, not only from the tech side
    but in taking a meaningful and sense-full approach in using it.
    You’re sending our way only recommendations that are compatible with the concept of ICC and I do not hesitate to go for it.
    I feel I do not need to fear anymore if it will work or not since that’s your recommendation.

    Your support is outstanding.
    I can’t recall any IMer I was ever able to send an email and expect them to reply to it at all,
    let alone to reply personally and truly friendly as you do.

    I was so glad and happy when I received your email this morning:
    You’re going to be adding more and more awesome tools to your awesome ICC ( WP Image Zap !)
    and if we will be guided by you in using them in conjunction with ICC I can’t seem to find any reason for us to stay in a ‘ I am lost ‘ position anymore.

    I went through all the comments here and felt like I was the one writing the most of them.
    What could I say if all already seemed to be said this or that way by others ?

    The point is we are all struggling hard to make it online by being overwhelmed
    with a lot of information confronting each other and
    with countless roads to choose from and
    with countless tools we should use along way.
    In such situation, being not organized, being not focused and actually being not able to stay persistent with any action
    is the plain logical consequence of being overwhelmed ( and not the opposite, that we are overwhelmed because we are not organized,
    focused, persistent )
    I’ve wasted so much money for courses/software / plugins only to waste even more time trying to make them work, let alone to make them work alongside each with other.
    The truth is we can’t be walking all the countless roads at the same time and
    we can’t use all the tools and
    all the traffic strategies
    for each and every type of our sites.
    There’s no such universal recipe.

    But if you teach us how to ‘cook’ with ICC and what the crucial ingredients and methods of mixing them will go nicely each with other, it would be the best possible help you could ever give us.
    The one point is crucial here and I want to mark it :
    everyone aiming to succeed should realize that the main ingredient we should put in our project is OUR OWN MIND, SOUL and HEART.

    That’s the most important thing and apart from everything already said about you,
    that’s the part where you’re shining the most in my eyes since you’re acting as an live example and you’re passing on us your live passion and your strong inspiration.
    That’s PRICELESS !

    Hugh, you’re an outstanding good-hearted person.
    For all and everything coming from you to my way , a BIG THANKS to you !

    Ed Tario

    Clare Johnson
    “……problem is what some other people are saying, which is information overload. I have bought so much stuff and it just sits on my computer, as I just don’t know where to start!”

  223. This is very good of you Hugh. Not only sharing so honestly but also offering free training. I have been making money with books on Kindle. The affiliate sites I have a bombed in the last year so that no longer bring many sales.
    So I’m looking for a new strategy for this side of my business.

    Thank you


  224. Hi Hugh, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to listen to your video – sorry Ii have left it so long, but time is a problem for me. However I eventually managed to put up a website in the health and fitness niche and link it to another website selling amazon products that illustrate the articles on the http://healthandfitness4you.net website. That website is my curation website and I have been delighted at the result – I try and find a you tube video that also helps to illustrate the article etc. Sadly I am getting very few visitors to the website, and virtually no comments, which does concern me. The second website http://equipment.healthandfitness4you.net with the amazon products is the same, virtually no visitors and no comments let alone anyone even going to amazon through my affiliate link and purchasing anything. I need also to build an email list – I just don’t seem to get anyone to sign up for my newsletters. or even giving email address for free offers. I do have several websites up, three websites gets many comments, but my suspicion is that all the comments are spam, so are of no value at all, however the innocuous comments I do allow, as i don’t know if they are spam or not, but if i put on an anti-spam plugin I get no comments at all, and the number of visitors drops of accordingly. With over 25 million websites out on the internet it is very difficult to get highly enough ranked by Google so that anyone searching for the subjects I have websites never get a chance to find me. I just don’t have enough time to do all the SEO and social media that I need to do, and I lack the no-how anyway.

    At the moment I am having problems opening ICCPro – it seems that my ICCPro just can’t make contact with you – it there a later version that I should have installed but haven’t noticed that i should have done so, due to the time contraints that I am experiencing please let me know soonest as I want to put up another post soonest.
    I am a retired lady trying to earn extra money to help my very low pension, but also to help my children and grandchildren as my family has financial needs.

  225. Dear Hugh.
    I rely impress with ICC .if you could help me to monetize this site I will rely appreciated ,this site it has around 42.000 .00 Likes in facebook
    26 good reviews in Alexa.,I get traffic from Pinterest,google and other social sites.
    But until now I have not make any money ,in anything after almost 4 years trying in the internet.But I still believe that soon ,I will do something
    I see the picture , But I can’t put it together right now . And I have try all those Gurus , from programs, to coaching , and What I have is O. .most of what I,know it has been on my own.
    So Please Help.

    Michael An Valerin.

  226. Hello Hugh;
    Thanks so much for an insight into your persona. To answer your question, My biggest obstacle is me. I can’t get focused on “A” project. I am a hoarder, a junkie, a sucker for every new offer that finds its way into my mail box. I know in my heart of hearts that the majority of these products, software offers and how to ‘Guaranteed” are for the most part just crap. I have decided that I am going to put all my efforts into offline local marketing. It seems that one should be able to have more control of ones destiny, and at the same time be able to really help small companies achieve positive results. Your feedback would be most appreciated.
    Syd Richards

  227. Who talks like this??? All these comments? I have been watching this thread for some time now and just can’t figure it out. I have a lot of the same similar issues (doesn’t everybody), but do not kiss anybodies booties over it. First, I AM and have been making money online for 2 years now (maybe not as much as I would wish to, but I have been learning along the way). I have a plan and I am still working on it and it is a GOOD one. I have been being hacked for the past 2 months over it as a matter of fact.

    Yes, I have spent probably way too much money on products, webinars, courses… blah blah blah, but I have gained a lot of knowledge through it ALL. And, now somebodies… notice the plural… is thinking they are going to steal it from me or take me down.

    I would like to share with you Hugh that after purchasing ICC Pro, I did implement it on one particular page of my site and it shot to page one Google for a couple of search terms and is still there. I totally see the benefit and idea behind your product. But, I have a lot of other things on my plate and unfortunately have not been able to work any further with it, but it is in my arsenal. My niche is not one that you have a lot of information on and it was difficult to find that one good page to go with, but it did do awesome.

    Also, I have been flooded with follow-up information from you, which leads me to believe that you are there for the long run and that I do appreciate. Something I have not seen from most of the other products I have purchased.

    I have noticed that I am NOT on a secure site (https) here, so I am sure every word and every bit of information I am entering is being intercepted… so be it. It has been happening constantly for the last 2 months, I am use to it. If you would really like to hear more about my ideas and predicament, please feel free to email me and it will be intercepted and read by your allies or co-parts, however you fall into that. If you would like to leave some sort of way I could contact you and give you a security check before speaking, go for it!

    So, there goes it all, share it… delete it… ponder it… whatever you choose. You asked for it, you got it.


  228. I have had some success online, however it is limited due to traffic. Traffic is key I believe to every aspect of marketing online. Your ICC Pro is one of the better pieces of software for traffic.


    Toney Dougherty

  229. I think that after a year of trying many systems and push button get rich blueprints and all kind of stories to make money on line.

    I have gotten in debt and over stimulated with all the crap of getting rich.

    I just can,t make money at all. I have several web sites and different niches but no money coming in.

    I got good with word press and can add and remove plug ins but every thing takes so much time.

    I cant keep up with all the stuff that I think I need to do to be a winner at this internet money game every body is making money from me. but I haven’t got the code yet,

    I bought a lot of stuff that seems to be out of date now and does not work with google changes so I feel like I need to buy more programs to keep up with the google.changes. I am out of money and frustrated with what to do next.

    thank you for giving of your self and caring Hugh.

    Gary 9Z

  230. Most days I don’t know if I am ‘Arthur’ or ‘Martha’.

    I have planned out my business model but don’t see much money still.
    I struggle with staying focussed when the next WSO comes along.
    Time management – I have short, medium and long goals. I have an itinerary, yet never keep to it. I find myself working 24/7 and hardly outsource, as there is not enough business coming in.

    and sadly today, my partner (the one who brings in the major dosh and stands by me all the way), has been made reduntant! So we will be living ‘on thin air’ if I do not produce some magic by mid November 🙁

    I know what I need… A damn TRUE mentor! A friend!!

    P.S. Your ICCPro and VICPro are ‘Out of this World!’ I absolutely love them, congratulations!

  231. Hi,
    Heart-warming video, will contribute to your image as the genuinely good guy who is skilled, trust-worthy and really helpful. In terms of obstacles I am easily drawn into new opportunities, rather than dedicating myself to prioritized tasks. I am, after 5 years of trying ‘to do it quickly’, finally getting this point and I have prioritized 3 projects, not 300. Your ICC is assisting beautifully in my projects, and I am looking forward to the add-on. Being a musician myself (classical) I feel connected in a brotherly way.

  232. Wow! I’m impressed. This should increase my image selection by 6 fold; plus the VIC has the ability to size, frame and add text to these images. This will certainly compliment and enhance my ICC Pro (which also has an image feature).

    Couple this with the great training that this team has already demonstrated with ICC Pro and it can’t miss. BTW, the training is so good, that I was given a special video addressing a specific question that I had about ICC Pro.I hope it was added to their existing library.

    Great product! Great Service. And I believe that Hugh hinted that it would be available at a great price as well.

    Russ (aka russkampmann)

  233. Hi Hugh, Thank you for sharing your life story with us. Beautiful family you have!
    Anyway my biggest obstacle is I have never yet done anything online, but want to so badly, so I can work from anywhere, so I can travel and be with family that live so far away.
    I have lurked online and for quite some time now, since 2009. I ordered course after course not really knowing what direction I should or wanted to go, I would blindly order anything hoping to learn where I should focus my attention. I still don’t know what direction I should focus on.
    When I discovered the affordable WSO’s vs clickbank, I found myself kept in the cog of seeing something so enticing day after day that my hard drive and credit card were about to explode along with my mind! No doubt there is some good stuff there, it is hard to stop looking, and I am afraid I will miss the piece of the puzzle that I might need. Of course I work a job so I really don’t have a lot of time, and it seems I sift through the WSO’s and that takes about all my time since every WSO you order you are on someones list, and I don’t unsubscribe because I might miss and update or something important to what I had bought. I also have bought many different WSO’s because I have seen it said you should not put all your eggs into one basket, that you need to diversify.
    So first obstacle is getting started on the right foot, and how to proceed and what is really needed to maintain it all. It scares me to see so many not able to be a success online making money that we all need, so my prayer is you will be able to help us.
    Thank you for caring and offering all of us your help 🙂


  234. My biggest obstacle is building sales funnels. The complications of figuring out how to get a simple landing page linked to a sales page then to the autoresponder and a thank you page are overwhelming for me and, I believe, most people. Not to mention the learning curve needed to understand what a “sales funnel” is in the first place! It’s the technology that is the road block. I don’t yet have the means or the time to hire all the coders and designers needed to set up the simplest sales funnel, let alone the skills to manage it all after it is built.

    Persistence and luck have lead me to fall in with the right people now. I am so fortunate to have access to two online services that are both still in beta and due to be released in the new year. One is a new autoresponder system that can pull contact information directly from Facebook, allowing a contact form that does NOT have even an email field! The other is a drag and drop, WYSIWIG sales funnel builder that has been designed from the ground up for marketers, integrating autoresponders and shopping cart systems with landing pages, sales pages, one time offers, thank you pages – everything – in an incredibly simple manner. Even as a non-programmer I’ll be able to build everything myself starting with their fully customizable template pages.

    I have spent a fortune buying information products over the past ten years. But, I’m still fascinated with internet marketing. I will soon be on the winning side of the game, with facebook list building and the right software services in hand to get me over the technological hurdles that have blocked me in the past.

    Since I can’t tell folks the names of the products above, let me leave with this advice: Investigate how to build facebook pages for an easy entry into whatever niche you are interested in serving. Learn how to maximize your fan base on your pages and how to build a list using FB pages. This method will keep the technical hurdles to the minimum. Go to facebook now and find a page called Get 10,000 Fans.


  235. Hi Hugh,

    Going from zero for an email list and sending my message out without spamming. Mostly doing the the things that bring traffic. I have several irons in the fire as far as potential membership sites from MLM to franchising a training company to a speakers bureau online. so focusing on driving traffic is what I haven’t been able to accomplish.


  236. Hey Hugh; yeah my biggest obstacle in making money Online is Setting up and Understanding WordPress and FTP.

    I now have learned after about 3 years of wasting X amount of money on these Guru’s push button software and programs

    that we really don’t need a “Website” but rather just a Squeeze page plus Solo Ad’s plus an Autoresponder!

    Hugh; this is what I have learned thus far at the rip age of “54” People really Don’t care what anyboby makes Online in Terms of 6 and7 figure


    What people really what to “Know” is can ( YOU ) or any body else like you…………

    Can show them,us,me/ anybody “HOW” TO Make Money in the Shortest and The Easiest Possible System starting TODAY not Tomorrow

    or 5 years from Now!

    Thanks Hugh

    Al Meharg

    54 years of age living in Canada

    Searching for more Ways on “HOW” ?

  237. My biggest obstacle is time, and shiny object syndrome. I keep seeing something new that promises the earth but doesn’t. I have found ICCPro to be fantastic because it suits exactly what I want to do, comment on things I find. I also need to build lists and I am not good at that.

  238. Hey Hugh,

    Like so many others, it seems that traffic and conversions are my main problems. Traffic will lead to mailing lists. Mailing lists lead to sales. But it all begins with traffic for me. I have one site that is always page 1 or 2 with one of my keywords, but is still only producing about 80 visitors a day and zero affiliate conversions (albeit a little adsense income is derived from it).

    Like so many others, I think I am relatively knowledgeable and still follow advice from the guru’s; and I’ve purchased a few WSO’s with varying success. Yet nothing seems to work on a ongoing basis.

    Having unlimited funds might provide me with other options, but I don’t have unlimited funds.

    So putting those in order
    1) need to substantially increase traffic
    2) need to increase conversions
    3) need to achieve the first two with limited funds

    Sorry about adding my ‘review’ about VICPro here earlier, but I couldn’t locate another place to post it.



  239. Hello! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several
    weeks of hard work due to no data backup. Do you have any methods to protect against

  240. Hi Hugh,
    My main problem is how to rank on page 1. If you can rank on p1 of google then the traffic will come, believe me.
    So I have bought many WSO’s on SEO and guess what none of them really work.
    How do you REALLY get on p1 and how do you REALLY get traffic to your site?
    I guess if you knew the answer and could put it into a WSO you’d be rich and so would I!

  241. Biggest obstacle focus. Technical. Buying so much stuff that I don’t have time to learn to use it. I don’t have the technical skills to do the work and I can’t afford to hire someone to do it for me. Can’t seem to get my website working since a fellow set it up and I hate it. Took the wind out of my sails.

    Any thoughts on this would be most appreciative!

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