Best Video Hosting and Player Platform Motvio

If you do anything with videos then you know there are a few things that are really important:

  • hosting in the cloud
  • Autoplay doesn’t work anymore, you need a player to engage your viewer
  • Call to action, opt in, other functions

So you might have your videos on Youtube, S3, Vimeo.

  • Youtube: you don’t have much choice about the player, and you don’t really own the video
  • Vimeo: chances are you have to pay for an expensive subscription or else you can’t show sales videos.
  • S3 is probably the best choice for cloud hosting, but it can get expensive and it doesn’t provide a player.

For that I have been using Playboost, but I just found one solution for ALL THREE of these problems

It’s called Motvio.

I had a little chat with The creators of Motvio to see what’s behind the curtain, and it turns out they have been working on this for two years already, and I have to say – it shows 🙂

Because Motvio is a solid product that I am going to be using myself.

Motvio is a multi-facted video software that provides hosting and a video player that simply is hands down the best, nicest looking player I’ve seen in forever.

Here are a couple of examples of how I’m using Motvio today: – I’ve created an animated pre-roll to get the visitor to click the video. on this page here I’m using for my music business (scroll down a little)

Motvio is built, actually, on Wasabi, which is just another layer of management for Amazon S3. So the storage they provide is actually 100% the same thing as Amazon S3 — RELIABLE and SCALABLE.

And Motvio provides the hosting as a part of your account.

Motvio also works kind of like its own Youtube – for example, you can see either of the two videos on the pages above, on their own hosted page on Motvio – here they are

I’m not even using all the functions yet, so far I’ve only had a chance to work with the animated thumbnail but there is so much more you can do with Motvio:

  • ✓ Upload, Store, Manage and Publish all your videos with just 1-Click on a platform that YOU own
  • ✓ Perfect for Marketing Videos, Sales/Support Videos, Webinar Replays, Video Ads, Review/Promo Videos and videos for your Product Launches, Trainings, Info Courses, and more…
  • ✓ Get the ULTIMATE quality of each video and ZERO delays or buffering
  • ✓ Customize Videos to match your company’s branding and give your videos a personalized touch!
  • ✓ Insert Interactive CTAs (Calls to Action) anywhere inside your videos.
  • ✓ Embed & Share videos to any website, email or social media platform.
  • ✓ Save hosting costs and pay ZERO monthly fees
  • ✓ And a lot more…


I have put together a HUGE bonus for this including some very hot items which will be instantly available from your delivery platform – but as a part of my bonus, I am going to give you some training that you will get only from me –

a hands on demo of how to create your animated pre-rolls. (because it’s not particularly easy and you have to do it nice within a certain parameter – I will show you how!)

You will receive that bonus training only if you purchase through my link (click here)!

Thank you for reading this! I promise you are going to LOVE MOTVIO

My best,

Hugh [Web D]