Get In the Three Pack with GMB Factory

Did you know that Google is forcing local business owners to either buy ads or go through hoops to get listed in the Maps Three Pack in order to be found in search results?

Over 80% of all searches are done by phone for local services. If you or your clients are not in the Three Pack, then they’re not going to thrive and grow. The Three Pack is where the money is for local business owners.

I have hooked you up with the Premier company to show you how to get yourself ranked for your business and how to get your local clients ranked in the three pack. And you can easily charge 500-2500 a month per client for this service.

Not only will these guys go over what they do for you — they agreed to show you everything behind the main module of the system and they’re going to teach WHY you need to do these specific things to be ahead of all your local competition.

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If you can get ranked in the Three Pack for your business in your local area, you are going to have more leads than you can keep track of. Learn how on this awesome call.

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