The Payday Gateway – Thank You!

My Special Bonus to you as a Thank You! for leaving your comments about The Payday Gateway


  1. Hugh once again thank you my friend for all the encouragement and the wisdom. you have shared with us. I am glad that I am on your list mate. You have a blessed day my friend and your fam..


  2. Hugh, you know what empathy is? ,,(I know you,do),,,,,well there have been several ways of explaining the definition,,,,,,but you know the best one I ever heard
    it was this=====simply put==( YOUR PAIN IN MY HEART) and I feel that this is what you have a lot of, for your public,,your customers and friends ,,,,so I feel very proud to be associated with you and treated with such respect by you and I thank you so much for your video.

    As to saying why do I feel I deserve to be one of the ones chosen for mentoring,,,,,,,,well maybe I don’t deserve it more than others who would wish it,,,,but I can only hope that you might consider me, and I hope I am in with a chance.. I can maybe ask you to look at the very personal email I sent you about my life,,,in reply to the first video you made about your life,,,,and if you have time to look at my web site that
    I have put on hold,for the moment ,,because I need direction on it,,,,and as you will know from the email I sent I am very good to start with but always get half way and then crumble with procrastination…the web site is as you will see what do you think of the image I chose,,,also there is so much that can be done with this theme,,,,so many directions I could go, do I simply use this for blogging,,,should I develop a different type of web site,,etc any way Hugh in the meantime,,Many Many thanks

  3. I have always thought I had a good grasp of WP and its plugins. But, since I have not had any real success, perhaps my feeling was wrong. So, I look forward to your training.

    Thanks again, big time!

  4. Hi Hugh,

    More and more you come across as honest and trustworthy – I like that!!

    Looking forward to the other goodies you have in store for us.


  5. Hey Hugh,

    Thank you once again for all you’ve done to help each of us so far. Your product, ICC Pro is outstanding, and I’m sure your course to help any of us that have not been successful, yet yearn to be will be fantastic.

    Hope I’m still in the running to be one of the three you will pick to help out. This is the most I’ve looked forward to a Halloween since I was a kid. 🙂

    Take care…


  6. Thanks so much for your continued time, energy, support and inspiration, Hugh.
    I was six times blessed, as I got 6 emails with this video link in it!

    Am looking forward to the WP training with the advantage of your perspective on using this tool.

    Am also reflecting on the notion of “Am I ready for Success.” and starting to challenge a faulty belief I have been holding that all my other successes in life to date have been luck or fate or something else, other than taking responsibility for the choices I have made with the situations that life has presented me with… an ‘aha’ moment for me.


  7. Hugh, when you watch a magician you are always trying to see how he does his trick. The problem is, most people do as they are told and watch the cards or whatever prop is being used. They don’t think about all the things that the magician is doing.

    There is a lesson, probably many lessons, to be learned by watching how someone markets themselves.

    In your case, the use of a very personal video and then a required response to get the mentoring or the free follow up course is an excellent engagement tool. There is a lesson there. How you market your product, your emails; all very effective.

    I look forward to your new image curation tool. I am trying to adjust my schedule to be there for the intro price so the sooner you let us know the better. While it would nice to have you mentor me directly, you are still providing more instruction than you probably realize.

    As an aside, the overhead lighting is horrible. We are in sunny South Florida. Use natural light. It will also prevent the purple shift in colors.

  8. HI Hugh,

    Yes, I am ready for my success!.
    The Payday Gateway is the best.

    A mentor like you who understands we need help to execute our plan
    A willing student I will be if given this opportunity.

    Pay Days online would be so fullfilling. To work at home and make a living,
    the thought is oh so chilling!!.

  9. I am humbled by the presence of one who is serving to educate the people so whomever will listen may be led to freedom.
    thank you for your kind gift brother!

  10. Hugh

    If you were running for president I would vote for you.
    You really seem be in touch with what a lot of us and
    what we’re going through.

    I am 56 yrs.old and was in construction, when suddenly
    in less than 5 mins. I became disabled. I raised 6 kids
    and then when it was time to build a savings for our future.
    four years ago I was struck down and the doctor gave me
    20% chance of living three years.

    My wife stayed home and raised the kids and I brought home the bacon then
    suddenly we had no income at all. It took over six months
    to start receiving Social Security disability. My wife not being in the workforce
    for over 20 years is working part-time in a grocery store and cleaning houses
    so we could make ends meet.

    Then I decided to start an Internet business. So I went to work learning how to make money
    on the Internet. I bought courses and software here and there. Some good some not so good
    you know the drill. And what I discovered it is very difficult for one person to do
    all that task involved in running a Internet business with very little money. Nevertheless
    I persevered and now I find myself at the gateway.

    I really wish I would have run into you sooner because you have been one of the few truly
    honest people that I have run into that speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    There are too many marketers selling bits and pieces, which would be fine except for the fact
    that they’re selling their bits and pieces under the guise that it’s the whole enchilada.

    I just don’t understand how these people get away selling products that are only a couple pieces
    of the puzzle as a complete puzzle. It used to be that being so misleading was considered
    false advertisement and a jailable offense.

    I said all of that to say this I appreciate your honesty and I look forward to your training as I’ve gone
    through and collected enough bits and pieces that I’m at the gateway and I’m ready to proceed
    with setting up my business.

    It’s taken me four years to get to this point and near as I can tell most people really start making money
    after about three years. The extra year is due to the fact that I had a heck of a time trying to figure
    out of business model that I figured was honest and a real help to people. I refuse to do just anything
    to make a buck. And quite frankly I cannot market affiliate products that I don’t really know anything about
    and I am not about to go out and buy all these products so I can make an honest review because I really don’t
    have the money to do that.

    So I found the business model that I can be proud of and I’m ready for the payday gateway. I look forward
    to hearing from you.

    Thanks Hugh

  11. Thanks again Hugh for caring about our success, you can never learn too much so your wp-training is very appreciated! 🙂

  12. Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for the video, I’m pretty much on top of WP. However would still like to see the training, my biggest problem is getting enough traffic to my site.



  13. Thanx Hugh… you’re a good guy and it has been a pleasure meeting you.

    There are a ‘few’ now successful IMers that genuinely take the time or for that matter, care for their list of subscribers. And you my friend are a true gem!!!

    We all know that there will be 3 VERY LUCKY people who will join forces with you to concoct something magical by year-end, and whoever you pick, may they never forget that. Ever!

    All the best y’all… It’s good to be here 😉

  14. Hugh once again thank you for the all the encouragement and the wisdom. Looking forward to your WordPress course.Thanks

  15. Hi Hugh
    I am also looking fwd to your WP course.
    I have a collection of these (a mixture of purchased & ‘no cost’), all with some variations which makes it somewhat confusing.
    I would welcome just one set I can follow, without having to search through a myriad of them.

    As a purchaser of ICC, I know how great your training is!


  16. Thanks for the ebook. I’ve already started looking at WSOs in a completely new way, and held off purchasing anything – I’ve initiated a spending moratorium.LOL

  17. Success in a foreign word to me, so I am looking forward to crossing over that gateway and helping others. I get so frustrated when I see people saying ” I have been online for 1 , 2 years” and they are making thousands of dollars and I have been trying for over 20 years with no success. I have come to the conclusion that it has to be me, my mind set, my methods but I still don’t know how to break free on cross over the Gateway. so I am very excited to see what results from your training.



  18. Thaks Hugh, really looking forward to any further training that you can pass our way to help us all get through the gateway and beyond.

  19. Sincerity is as rare as hens teeth on the internet…….The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes – Marcel Proust

  20. Hi Hugh, I love wordpress and I’ve had some success with selling sites to offline clients. It’s a great way to start. I look forward to your offerings! Break a leg!

  21. Thank you for the Tools that you have created and your motivation of all of us saying that we can all become successful. As a PMA believer, I choose to move forward with your tools and will not wait for anything but to see results of my forward progress.
    I still hope to be part of your choice of 3.
    The choice to pay it forward is also a choice to win.

  22. Hi Hugh,
    Thanks for the report and the video. The interest you have shown is greatly valued. Looking forward to Wednesday webinar.
    Thanks again,

  23. Hi Hugh,
    I am running out of comments about your products, the time saving, and the values. Let’s say it this way: Just ICC and now VIC are saving me so much time and making the production of my sites so much more effective, that I actually can set some time aside to start dating again…jajaja and with the savings there might be even a dinner left over….
    again, greatly appreciate your products and super responsive service.
    thanks, H.

  24. Hi Hugh,

    Thanks again for the PDF and the great software you have already come out with. You’ve got me champing at the bit to taste that success the way you have in your life. I’ve been close a few times throughout my life through other endeavors, but never have been able to lean out far enough on the carrousel to grab the brass ring. Hope I am still in the running to be one of the chosen 3…Happy Halloween either way! 🙂


  25. I agree with you on WordPress, it’s not so bad, but I’m saying that after hours and hours of perseverance and picking up bits and pieces of knowledge, here and there! A good course would have being a massive time saver. 🙂

    A big bonus nowaday’s, is the better hosting companies have blog building tools which are a great help.

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