The Payday Gateway Report is Now Live

After working on this report for over a month, I have finally produced what I think is a highly controversial, yet truthful revelation of information that will help you to start building your business for success right away.
“The Payday Gateway” free training report is now live and ready for you to download right away, completely free of charge and at no obligation whatsoever!

This will only be available free for a limited time, so please get your pdf now, read through it and follow the instructions at the end of the pdf, THEN come back here and leave your comments (there is a link at the end of the pdf to come backi here).

I want you all to take part in my Special Contest where you may win something worth thousands of dollars. Play the video — extremely limited offer! Contest deadline is October 31st folks! Download the report now!

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Click this link to download your free report:

  • [membership_download_item_pdf link=”” + target=”_blank”]Download “The Payday Gateway” special report written by Hugh[/membership_download_item_pdf]

Everyone who downloads the report gets a free bonus and everyone who leaves a comment gets a free gift!

But PLEASE read the PDF first all the way to the end BEFORE leaving your comments! (that’s all I ask)

because there is a specific kind of comment I want you to make after reading the report and you can win big!

The people who wanted help with WordPress: I am creating a FREE WordPress Tutorial just for you. I know there are a lot of WP courses out there but they must not be very good because people are still needing some guidance. So stay tuned for my FREE WordPress Tutorial to be posted soon.

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247 comments on “The Payday Gateway Report is Now Live

  1. To be the first, what honor, and tonight just a BIG thank you offering this report for free. Almost midnight and will digest it with breakfast and make a second post with details.. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for the free report. I will go through it tomorrow. I am glad after all that hard work you find a little time to enjoy yourself.
    Thank you so much for everything mate and have a great night and GOD bless.


  3. So what it actually should say is go read the report then come back and leave a comment? Because the links in the report bring us back to this page.

  4. Hello mr Hugh,

    that was one nice intro and outro, i dont think ive ever seen an online marketer do their own intros lol. Anyway thanks for coming up with this free content, there is alot of good stuff in this report and I appreciate the tone you used in it, a nice wake up call is nice every now and then, thanks for reminding me to keep my on the prize, lately i have been getting sucked into alot of wso’s, some good and some not so good. the reason i follow your work and what you do is because ICC was one of the first things i purchased that actually helped me start making money online. thanks again and I cant wait for whats next.

  5. Hugh I just have to thank you SO much for this excellent report.

    The information, some fantastic tips and ideas is something completely unexpected in a free report.

    Many thanks.


  6. Read the report right through and it took me down some alleyways I had known about from past failures. The report covers all holes and it was a bit challenging to read it in one sitting but I did . Concerning the ICC its the best thing I have purchased in WSO’s and I have bought over 100 in the last two years and acted on about five. Solo ads ? not sure about these but the report seems to think their ok . Thats one of the problems in marketing that I find – one person says dont touch this with a bargepole another says yep its a good thing. So I m left with making my own decisions and often from a small base of knowledge. Trust is important and I have learned to mistrust big time having been scammed so many times. This is a fulsome report and am very interested to see what follows


  7. Since time is so valuable to all of us, I skimmed the report in about 7-10 minutes, reading headlines and text that stood out, and often times stopping to read complete sentences slowly enough to comprehend the point of what was being written.

    This report has touched on the most important items to have in place to build a real business. It is hard hitting and very truthful, revealing information a lot of marketers most likely preferred Hugh did not. This is usually a great sign someone cares about our success.

    This report will help us remove the shiny object syndrome, get us working on our plan and having us in execution mode in very little time. The different ways Hugh shows us how to make money will apply to people from various experience levels, offering a few different ways to make money, and these ways have been proven to work time and time again. He also shows which business models are better than others models, and which ones, depending upon where you are at, would be best for the individual.

    The PayDay Gateway report is solid business building information that you can act on. I am planning on reading it line by line just because I was astonished by the great advice and information from just skimming this report!

    If you want to build a real business online that will eventually make money on auto-pilot; after the system is in place, or gateway (not too difficult) – this is an absolute must read for anyone not earning what they want online.

    I don’t know Hugh, but this report is a great piece of work that will hold your attention all the way through where you will see the end coming in sight, that end of… Working once and Making money over and over again – where you can scale to your hearts and pockets are content!

    I’ve read thousand dollar Guru reports before, and this report from Hugh is hits that target for us, for free?

    Thanks a million, Hugh!

  8. They say ‘time is money’. What you’ve given us here is your time, expertise and a way for others to genuinely succeed in making money!

    This is much more honest information than what many other “Guru’s’ charge for.
    Glad I bought your product and became a part of your ‘no BS’ funnel.
    Definitely will stay tuned!

    Thank you!

  9. Thank you Hugh, This report is awesome and very informational there is some things in it that I will learn and follow. You most definitely shed some light on this whole IM thing for me, Thank you so much. Tom

  10. Damn Hugh .. you’ve convinced me there’s at least one decent person left in Miami. (Uhmnn .. lol) Seriously, whatever was going on, you have made your world right! And the best part is helping us and me with our situations. I’m proud to know you and feel like I do. Thanks man .. I am looking forward to digging into the hard work you’ve done. So take care .. talk at ya soon!

    1. Hi Mark, sorry if it wasn’t clear — I want everyone to read the pdf, then come back to this page and tell me why I should pick you for free mentoring!

  11. Hugh – great to see somebody telling it as it is!! You are so right! I’ve been guilty of buying every new WSO – sucked in by the hype and the prospect that this one will be the one that makes me rich – trouble is I don’t get round to looking at half of them and I’m perpetually “training” by reviewing new methods and products.

    You also have the right answer – you make money by helping other people get what they want. Don’t focus on the money – if you help other people get what they want the money will look after itself!

    I loved the report. Thanks for your insights and honesty.

    Kind regards

  12. Hey Hugh,
    Great stuff. You always over deliver on all of your products.
    This one is no different.

  13. Hugh

    Thanks You! I enjoyed reading through the report you’ve put a lot of work into it and it is appreciated.

    I’ve been messing around with this for about eighteen months now but I’m running around in circles.
    I’m one of your ICCPro purchasers but so far it is sitting in my resources and I have not put it to use.

    I’m heading off to formulate my plan

    I’ll work on the other points as I get to them but the plan really is the most important stage.

    First part of the plan is for me to decide to set aside a specific amount of time per day to focus on this business and then to stick to it.
    It’s got to be realistic and achievable.

    Thanks Hugh for encouraging me to get started sensibly.


    Roy N.

  14. Hi Hugh – immensely enjoyed the imagery (visual & verbal)..
    I have been seriously considering removing myself from the WSO – way too diversionary.

    I would love to be one of the ‘chosen ones’!
    I am 67yo female & I bet that my ratio of ideas to execution is much more ‘unbalanced’ than yours – at least with IM!
    I could really benefit from personalised coaching. I seem to get caught in ‘small’ areas – firstly it was ftp, then autoresponders, … I know what I have to do, then something else comes along & I am off at another tangent.

    I am v motivated – owned my own businesses for 25yrs & only closed them due to a health problem (chronic, not life threatening)
    Having to close one’s business just leaves one with debts. After 45yrs working/studying, I had zero funds & have start again.
    [One business was a private tertiary college which was a local correspondence school that I automated & went global, the end result being several thousand students in 39 countries. I do understand outsourcing].

    Once again, I want to be in a position where I can generate sufficient funds to start outsourcing & managing my operation – the day to day ‘doing’ is where I fall short – it has been a long time since I was at that level. I have no problem with the visionary side.

    I have a plan of what I want to do, but my ‘reason’ at present is that I only have a wireless (3G) connection – woefully inadequate not just for downloading training videos, but takes forever just to get through my emails.

    [I am currently on the verge of relocating to somewhere I can get phone/ADSL – phone line where I now live is not viable.
    At the time I moved, there was a phone socket which turns out to lead nowhere – an unconnected cable under the house].

    Would be good timing.

    Many thanks for the enjoyable report!

  15. I just quickly went through your training as it’s late here, but it’s enough for me to know how well written, interesting, real and full of nuggets it is. I look forward to a thorough reading.
    My husband is in the music industry too (engineer/producer), I relate to you completely.
    Thanks for a great report. Izzi

  16. Haven’t read it yet, but know it’ll have good stuff. I can count on one hand the folks who I trust to provide good information, and you are one of those few, Hugh.

  17. WOW! A fellow bass player! I have been playing off and on since the mid 60’s. I have been thinking about starting back up but I always played right handed. Now, due to an injury, I will have to try and play a left handed bass with a right handed brain!
    I have been trying Amazon with very little sucess, getting bogged down with trying to get my wordpress theme working right. I was forced into an early retirement and my wife was recently disabled so money is very tight! And of course all she says is “did you make any money yet”? Reading the Payday Gateway made me realise I need to change my approach to making money online, (and to playing bass!). Hopefully I can “funnel” enough income to afford a lefty bass…..they are more expensive as you know! Thanks for the great info! I will have to give it a re-read in the morning after coffee! I would love to have you as a mentor, that’s for sure! ( IM and bass)!

  18. Hi Hugh,

    I read the report with great interest. I must mention that your advice and approach to making money online is most helpful.
    As you pointed out to look at the big G in a different light and to be more dependent on other strategies to grow your online business.

    Thanks Hugh

  19. please let me know when the WordPress tutorial becomes available, I am now in the process of entering the WordPress arena.

    Thanks again for your insights.

  20. Hugh,
    What a great motivational Report, your story is one that in the internet marketing world is not uncommon just as you have suggested. I can feel the excitement of your successes in your writing and find it very inspiring. Your 4 step program is so possible, I have found that making of the plan is the most troublesome part, even with so many tools at our fingertips.

    Then you end your Report with offing 3 people the guidance to become successful by Christmas, is really an awesome gesture on your part. I do understand your want to share such success as that is one of the most ultimate gifts that you can give anyone, and I applaud you for that.

    The gift Report is followed by a challenge, which I am willing to take you up on, so here goes, this old mans attempt to win one of your spots over all other people in the bunch that I know will take you up on this Challenge / Super Offer.
    I don’t want to admit how many years I have be struggling with the elusive internet marketing business, but lets say that I had a successful mail order business many years ago (30+) and lost it to dishonest partner. That is life and I did move on, so when the internet started becoming a thing I purchased a program from Jonathan Mizel, he was at the time was living in San Francisco. I still have the binder “Online Marketing Firepower!”. Well in those days building a website was way over my head and his instructions although complete, I just couldn’t put it together. BTW don’t feel sorry for me, please understand it is just my frustration. It has been a fun journey as well.
    Yes I have been bothered by the shiny object syndrome as well, and have not bought any WSO’s for about 2 weeks and unsubscribing to as many email lists as I feel possible. Because of product purchased there are some that I think need to remain. However I am open to suggestions there as well.
    Now moving forward to current processes I have a number of sites (all based on the WP platform) that are in different stages of construction with the exception of the New Marketing Basics dot com which is OK but still lacking and I have no funnel, I use Aweber but it is such a challenge that I get angered at it and just back out, so the email follow up is lacking too, plus my writing skills really such and I just don’t have any idea what to say in the next email anyway.
    This is all because of the lack of a plan that I don’t have a clue where to start, as every plan that I have purchased says find a niche, make a plan, execute the plan, rinse and repeat.
    That is all well and good if you have an idea what products to bring into the mix, much less where to find them.
    I have a friend that is an IMer but only offers up technical WP help which I don’t need too much any more.
    I find that between Aweber and the lack of a real plan that would work and I would be able to follow, everything is OK, Hah is that a joke.
    So many parts, with the lack of a real plan, seems to be my issue.
    I do have a plan of sorts, post to this site, ad a page to the other site, post to site #2, 3, and 4, add a page to the winery site, so there is a plan but it does not get anything really done.
    The funnest part about this whole story is that I have coached a number of people on the construction of WP sites and my main site was built because of a book that I wrote and is published on Amazon. Now isn’t that just a crock? ‘smile’
    I would like to make this offer if you feel that it is appropriate. If You pick Me to coach that I would like to in turn Coach 1 person that you pick for me to coach just so that I can PAY Forward your generosity, to one of your people. That would start just after the first of the year, to help offer a new year to another person. Now to help bury that line in a bunch more nonsense a quick shot about who I am, on FB Thom Leonard and twitter am thomsbiz. I am a retired Teamster that lives in the SF bay area. For the most part I have a very positive outlook on life and all that it brings me. Consider myself very lucky to have the life that I do. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to spark it up some with that coaching you offer. Or if that doesn’t work, pick me, pick me. 🙂 ‘smile’
    I end with a quote:
    “The big rewards come to those who travel the second, undemanded mile.” Author Unknown.

  21. One of my favorite quotes is: “It’s no use walking anywhere to preach, unless our walking is our preaching” (Francis of Assisi). TaDa to you for walking your talk in this report — Great modelling and fantastic information for us fledgling entrepreneurs!

    I am extremely interested in your offer to provide coaching to 3 individuals. I know the value of coaching, because, as a licensed counselor and certified coach, I served others for for over two decades — until I could no longer meet folks face-to-face due to immune challenges I experienced as a consequence of multiple sclerosis.

    The bottom line is that I’ve been on disability for too long; and so I have turned to serving online. Although I’m just starting out, my goal is to be self-supporting again by March of 2013! I know 1:1 coaching would catalyze my progress; but being on a limited income, married with 2 adolescent sons, money is so strained for us, I simply cannot afford coaching. So, yes, I would jump at the opportunity you are offering! AND I would most certainly walk the guidance and training you provide.

    As I imagine accelerating my goal through your coaching, I just feel so fulfilled — knowing I am again supporting my family — beyond surviving to thriving! What a gift you are offering to those who you will coach and what a gift to their clients who will be better served !

    Keep on walking your good walk!

    In Joy!

  22. Hi Hugh,

    Wow what a great offer and a great contest. Let me take a shot at this because I think you would be a cool guy to work with Hugh. As a former top 40 disc jockey and concert promoter I resonate a bit in your approach to Internet Marketing arising out of your connections and interest in the world of music. You obviously found your motivation, your “inner voice” to drive you to success. That is awesome!

    My motivation my “inner voice” for being successful in Internet Marketing is based on helping people find a cause bigger than themselves. I serve as pastor of a church and I serve causes that feed malnourished children in Guatemala and battle the problem of human trafficking. I have found my causes and now seek ways to fund it. Furthermore, I find myself encountering a lot of people in the business, corporate world who are quite dissatisfied with their jobs and career and long to find a cause greater than themselves that they can invest their heart into. The sticking point for many of these folks is how can they maintain a comfortable lifestyle (financially) and still find and invest in a cause wholeheartedly. I see this group of unhappy corporate people looking for cause (and a way to fund it) as a niche I might serve with a an information product marketed through the Internet. This is the formula I want to crack and where I would seek your coaching and guidance over the next 3 months.

    I have studied your ICC product and implemented curator articles on some of my sites. I like what I see of the strategy of curated articles in general and your product in particular. However, what I like even more than the quality of the technological product is your heart to be helpful to folks such as myself who have found it difficult to gain momentum in the world of Internet marketing. I have truly appreciated your last several post where it seems to me you have truly opened your heart and soul to those of us who have this particular need.

    I would advocate that you select me as one of the 3 winners of your contest for these reasons:
    1. As you would be helpful to me I would commit to “pay it forward” to help others.
    2. I would be your dedicated student and would implement your instructions in a timely manner.
    3. I will make my “success story” available to you to use in any way you wish for future promotions and products you may have in store.

    In any case Hugh, I appreciate your work and look forward to seeing more good things coming from you.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Be Well
    Do Good
    Live Great

    Robert Miller

  23. A solid hit the nail on the head report of immense value, of a continuing high standard
    it has clear understandable focus,,,,,puts fire in the belly,,,,what a gift, I would not have
    believed some of this had it not been from,this a most trustworthy source.

  24. I must say THANK YOU! It is the least one can do after all the hard work you’ve put into this report in an effort to help others –

  25. Hi Hugh,

    Thank you so much for this information. I have just started to read it, but must stop for the moment. Am excited to take the time to read it over the weekend. So far, it is very easy for me to relate to what you are saying and it seems your information may be just what I need at this time. Thanks again. Debbie

  26. Hi Hugh,

    I don’t usually leave comments but this I feel is an exception. Your report and your journey resonates with me on so many levels, I am also a black belt in tae kwon do – so I know what it is to create your foundation, I love music (I have run numerous music promotions in the UK) and I my work background is also technology. I know I don’t need the technical support to get me to the next level just someone to call and talk things through would be beneficial to me, I would love to be your next success story but I know there are more people more deserving of your time than me and I’m really cool with that.

    Anyway I love your honesty and I know you will always deliver, to your continued success and abundance (as I know it is only a matter of time for me too).


  27. Thanks for reminding me that everything is possible IF you have an actionable plan and you stick to it. I’m not really in need of personal mentoring at this point but I just wanted to say thanks for the honest and valuable insight.

  28. Many thanks for the report, Hugh!

    The more time (and money) I spend trying to earn something online, the more I realize how important a Mentor would be.
    I have been doing this for a number of years and have made virtually nothing. I’m now retired so I have lots of time to spare, but I’m on a fixed income, so paying to be mentored would be out of the question.

    If you are wondering why I’ve not earned anything after all these years, I guess it’s because I have never found it easy to focus. Reading your report makes it all sound so simple, which I guess it basically is. But to take one of those plans and focus on it 100% seems alien to me. And as you point out in your report, I’m guilty of thinking that maybe this next WSO is just what I need!

    So even if you don’t choose me, I’m glad to have found an honest and generous person and look forward to any other helpful stuff you may send our way!

    Many thanks


  29. Hello Hugh,

    I read your report cover to cover and understand why it took a month to produce, the report clarified a few thoughts in my mind, and solved a facebook puzzle for me on page 45 (Thank you for that)

    I would like to be choosen for the coaching…. Keeping it simple for this format, because “I don’t want to be mind melded” Please… “Let me be like, Spock” 🙂

  30. First off: Thanks Hugh!

    I guess you could sell snow to the Eskimos, if you can get me to thank you for kicking my backside. lol! As you said, the report was not what I expected. Where was the keyword research, domain, hosting and blog launch with plug-in list??

    I have heard similar things before about your own products, lists, etc. But I guess I didn’t believe that a decent-sized list is possible, and that I could earn a living from it. So I have spent countless hours (over 3+ years) and $ (on WSO’s) trying this and that and making a little here and there. I work on it part time while keeping my brick and mortar business going to feed my 5 kids. So just when I get to page 1 or 2 of google (after following the latest WSO I bought) I get slapped by another update! Totally frustrating! But I must take action according to what the WSO’s say. So I keep on.

    Quite frankly, I was contemplating giving up the IM dream. Your report is making me do a double take. I have some EMD sites (Google Sniper), Amazon sites, Adsense Sites, etc. I don’t like to admit it it, but it is like you have been watching me all that time and told my story in your report. So I trust you have been there and have “made it”. Good for you!

    Would I like to make it? Absolutely! Do I think you could get me there? Yes! Do I deserve it more than anyone else? Well, no I don’t think I deserve more than anyone else. I run my day business as a “Go Giver” (good book by the way), and I would do the same with my IM success. So if you were to choose me, and help me find my way I would pass it on and help others. No sense being greedy. It’s a big world and many need this.

    I’m willing to work and have many skills I picked up along the way. I need someone to help me see the big picture and not get hung up on the details. I’m trusting you for that. If you feel that we could work together, then I’m your poster child:)


  31. Ok got it, thanks. I’ll be putting this on my e-reader and taking it with me everywhere 🙂 After I read it if I have anything else to say I’ll definitely be back to share.

  32. Hugh,

    I enjoyed your PayDayGateway sermon, it was very inspiring.

    I have been using websites for 14 years to provide leads for my health insurance business. Unfortunately, the new health care bill has all but put me out of business. So, I have been looking to move past what I do and embrace Internet marketing for other products and/or services. I am inching up on 65 and I will not make it with a social security check. I found it hard to get hired when I was 50, so I cannot imagine what it would be like now.

    I actually have an information product in mind. It solves a lot of problems for a lot of people. But I am not sure how to approach it. I can take it in any number of directions.

    Do I create a fantastic website that people turn to when they have a problem related to my product and give them tons of free information in the hopes of building a list?

    Or, do I offer limited assistance and hold out my product to fix what is wrong?

    I am sure you have come across great websites in the past that offered you quality information. You bookmarked the site, possibly joined the list and wondered why someone would be so generous.

    But, once you learned about Internet marketing you started to realize that the information was laced with links that paid the author a commission from books, software, etc. The site was still worthwhile and you decide that if you are going to buy any of these products, you want to give this generous soul something back. It is of course a very old direct marketing tactic (think Christmas Seals).

    I am an old timey programmer (built my first computer in 1974) and know about the parts and the pieces but can’t seem to put them all together. Social marketing has been my biggest challenge.

    I am in South Florida and have emailed you before to go over my idea but life got in the way for awhile.

    I would certainly like to have you mentor me but, if you cannot, you still might be interested in a joint venture on my information product. At least you could assess the potential and decide if there is something worth your time. Lunch is on me.

  33. Hi Hugh,

    I want to thank you for that very informative PDF you gave all of us for free. I believe I’ve read “most” of the information before from one internet marketer or another, but I like your “voice” and the way you very straightforwardly explain some of the better ways to possibly make money from Interrnet Marketing.

    I’d like to throw my virtual hat into the ring and would very much like to work with you as one of the select three you will be offering your knowledge and help to. Without going into too much boring detail about myself, I am in my 50’s, have worked in many different fields over the years, but I am trying to get an internet business off the ground and am having difficultly getting it working. My past procrastinations have not helped any in this endeavor. Let me say that I am a laid back person, easy to work with, open to new ideas and very eager to get this right.

    I’m not a musician or DJ, so we won’t have that in common 😉 but, I could tell you a bunch of stories about the concerts I went to in the 70’s at Madison Square Garden in NY! (Amazing I still remember them)!

    Just want you to know that I will do my absolute best to take what you offer me to heart and work as hard as I can to make it work. You can count on me to pay it forward both to you and anyone else I can in some small way help to realize their dreams, too!

    Looking forward to hopefully working with you and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

    P.S. Prometheus was pretty good. Great special effects, but the plot was a little thin and disappointed at times. Hopefully…a sequel.


  34. Hugh, I’m not going to write a huge spiel here to convince you about anything but I would feel very privileged if you included me in your three. My day job is soul destroying and I have only one goal which is make a better life and lifestyle and eliminate the the drudgery. Now that’s motivation enough! Point me in the direction and I’m already on my way there.

  35. Hey Hugh,

    Thanks for the informative report.

    I guess that most folks know or have heard of some of the things you mention (list building, social media traffic, plan etc.). However, many of us who have been working at many of these things with little or limited success lack one key element: a coach/mentor/guide.

    If I am fortunate enough to be chosen, I will be extremely thrilled. Whatever happens, I look forward to picking up new tips with the WP tutorial.

    Hope you enjoyed the film!


  36. Hello Hugh,

    Why do I deserve to recieve your offer?

    Well I could tell you a sorry tale of hardship and of needing a chance to make good again, I could tell you that, having gone though WSO disilusionment and still kept my burning desire to suceed, I am READY to take up this offer. I could tell you that you and I are totally on the same page, that reading your pdf sounded like you were reading my mind.

    But, to be honest, I don’t think any of that makes anyone deserving.
    In my opinion, the only way to know who is deserving is to see who takes what you offer and applies it, runs with it and makes it just the start of their own journey.

    Sadly, my crystal ball is in the shop for repairs right now so I can’t tell you who will or won’t turn out that way.

    All I can say is that, I will do all in my power to be that person.

    Thank you,


  37. Hugh,
    First off a very Large thank you for your Herculean effort. It is very impressive. it is so easy to get trapped in the WSO sales funnel. buying an inexpensive answer is always the answer right? After chasing the dog’s tail for over 8 months now I was beginning to fully realize that I am the answer. The information is fantastic, but selling something is the bottom line. It is a business. The creating your own product out of your passion is a great idea. Thanks for your insight and guidance. Great job.!

  38. Hugh,

    You have had an interesting journey thus far. Your story is inspiring and educational. I’m in agreement with the process for building a successful business and the potential stumbling blocks that you painstakingly outline. With a well executed plan the sky is the limit. As mentioned, the distractions and lack of precise knowledge can be a real stumbling block. To be sure, I can attest to that. Undoubtedly it would be an honor to have your guidance to get things set-up correctly to spearhead my success. Regardless, will continue to look for action packed information from you. Keep up the excellent work, Hugh.

    My Best,


  39. Dear Hugh

    When I read your comment (quoted below) I thought of Dr Phil who often would say “So how’s that working for you?”
    I ‘know’ that stuff you are talking about, but you held up a mirror for me to shake me out of my stupidity.
    I know it, but I have failed to apply it!

    “The rest of you, well… I think you’d best read through this training and internalize some of the concepts here, because I do know
    what’s going on there and you’re not going to make it if you don’t change your entire approach, for most of you.'”

    So many things to comment on that I found helpful, so will just pull out a few.
    Your perspective on Google. I have been getting really titchy about whose perspective is the wisest. Yours will do for me as a good starting point. I am exploring alternate ways of managing my selling, so all the eggies are not in the same basket, and you have offered heaps of good ideas.

    Your comments about the social networks where there is a skill to be learned in separating the private and the business components.
    Good challenge for me to acknowledge that I need to actually solve this one, rather than keep on avoiding it.

    I’ve so enjoyed many of the comments from those of our group who want to (or who already are) giving to their own or other communities and responding to the needs that call out to them for solutions.

    The past few weeks I have been immersed in watching videos of Strategic Interventions by Tony Robbins. Have had some years of training in psychotherapy so was delighted to find he is such a talented therapist, and a wonderful human being. I had wrongly assumed he was just another motivational guru!
    As a result, I’ve been reflecting on my own life, and notice I’ve been leaning back thinking, I’ve truly done enough in my life to help others as an educator and a practitioner… now I am older, I’ve earned the right to focus on me. However, this belief has shifted, and I feel really good about that.
    There is no reason why I can’t look after me and also increase the value I add to the lives of others. Do even more than I’ve have done in the past.

    Now I am very clear that I ‘need’ to make an income to support a reasonable quality of life for myself, and that I ‘really want’ to make a very huge income and want the joy and responsibility of choosing where this may best be spent. Could say I’ve changed my algorithm!

    I believe it is possible for any of us to accomplish our goals, with, or without a mentor.
    However, I would so appreciate to have your guidance Hugh.

    For the thought and work you have put into this report, thank you muchly, and please know you have held up a mirror for my own personal and professional learning.

    Looking forward to moving on and learning heaps more. Ajax, TCP Connections,How to reverse engineer ?

    I am struggling with using the ‘tricks of the trade’ yet remaining congruous with being transparent and doing business with integrity.
    Perhaps I am making this overly difficult, perhaps it is what is stopping me from taking stronger/more focused action?
    I have the sense I have just identified a major roadblock!

    Loved Piggy with the Lipstick.

    I am going to have to stop now, re-read and digest your report more than one more time.


  40. P.S
    Hi Jack. I read your comments about needing to learn to play bass with your non dominant hand .
    I played bass in my own covers band for some years.There seems to be quite a few musos in this group.Yay!
    About 3 years ago I had a complicated fracture of my left wrist and have ended up with
    little power grip and poor precision in that hand. I had a severe pain syndrome, and was determined to play acoustic and bass guitars oppositely if needs be, or die in the attempt. I hung in through the pain using the keyboards first and eventually have been able to use my (normal) left hand to play all instruments, even though my left arm is pretty much useless for anything else. If you have no choice but to swop sides, do hope you can make some dollars and get the instrument you need, and get back to your stride. Look forward to hearing of your success. Best, Barb

  41. Hi Hugh,
    Got the report and plan to read it this weekend. Of all the software I’ve bought in the past I must say I use yours every day (unlike the others).

  42. This is very nice stuff Hugh.

    You must have put in countless hours in writing and setting this up into such a great looking PDF.

    Many blessings to you and yours.

  43. I am not sure if you should pick me or not. I am one of those that have a mental block regarding email lists because of my disgust at the spam I receive. I don’t want to create a product although I have a book I sold on clickbank for a while (build windturbines and solar panels)
    I don’t have any driving desire to be a “rich person.” I just want to make some nice money on the side.
    I have stuck at it for about seven years now and I am 65 years old. I worked 8-12 hours per day, every day for 3 years on internet marketing. I have reduced that considerably now. I would still like to learn how to take advantage of Facebook and Twitter. I do believe they are less vulnerable to Google’s whims. As far as other options – that might be covered by the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know.”
    I have told everyone I know in my family that I would never give up until I succeed. I haven’t given up. I have just modified my goals a bit. I still would like to be able to say that I have finally succeeded. I may not be geared to be the same type of successful person you would like to create. I am sure you want a BIG success story and you have a lot of people to select from.

  44. Hi Hugh …

    Ok I’ll admit I’m skeptical. Why? I think your report touches on it nicely. I’m skeptical because I’m one of the “Shiny Hoarders” and I’m not sure if I trust myself with another game plan, I’m skeptical because there always seems to be “the way” and the ways I’ve tried so far weren’t … So I’m I’m a curious case … I still believe my success is possible on one hand but a little jaded on the other … I would genuinely love the chance to prove to myself and to others that I can and will make it in IM …

    You’ve taken a lot of time in all this prep … thanks!

  45. Hi Hugh

    Thanks for a very motivating report. I was one of your original customers for ICC Pro (I have to say I had no problems but I do remember the servers crashing!)

    I have actually managed to train myself to not buy alot of WSO’s now because, as you say, they just distract you from getting on with building a real business.

    The first Opt-in I ever set up actually had alot of sign ups but It crashed and burned because I didn’t plan it properly.

    So they are the 3 things I’ve taken away from your report. Stay away from shiney objects, plan your funnels and don’t ever, ever try and put lipstick on a pig!


  46. I deserve a spot purely for sticking with the 64 page sales letter. That took perseverance. All those who left comments before reading all the way to the end of the PDF should be disregarded, as they cannot follow the most basic of instructions.

  47. This is a great report, worth its weight in gold and worth waiting for. You are right, it will piss some people off and you probably should be selling it but thank you for a fantastic effort and a great gift.

    I am making money online but lets say the amount I earn is not proportional to the effort I put in. So knowing that a change is needed I have been searching for the answer. While I was waiting for your report I had an epiphany when I stumbled across an infomercial by a very well known IM coach. No I did not buy it but the presentation turned my head around all the same.

    What is in your report backs up everything my research has shown me and I know it works. Needless to say I am changing my business model. I have probably built my last online store and have started a blog in the IM niche to focus on what I learned and also a second blog in an unrelated niche with lots of passionate product buyers.


  48. Hugh,
    I really appreciate the report you sent out and received alot of valuable information from it.
    I too have been a victim of the shiny object syndrome for the past 2-3 years now and have purchased WSO’s,clickbank offers, training programs, etc. to the tune of several thousand dollars.

    I even paid $1,000 of my hard earned money to an Internet guru who advertised his training program and how he would guarantee our success if we just got on board with him for his “Millionaire Training”.

    It did not turn out as I thought it would as I would ask him questions and he would not give me complete answers, many times even sarcastic responses to my questions that I would ask as a newbie.

    Needless to say, I was not really motivated by this person and found myself distancing myself from him as I was afraid to ask him too many questions for fear that he would either ignore me or even give me the wrong answer (which indeed I caught him lying to me on more than one occasion).

    I was out $1000 with nothing to show for it and feeling very dejected.

    I did not give up though. I continued on buying more WSO’s and some other products, watched training videos, webinars, etc.and kept trying one thing after another.

    Finally I tried something that I figured I could possibly accomplish from all I had learned thus far. That was to build a website and try to get it ranked based on the knowledge I had accumulated over the past 2-3 years.

    I finally got an Amazon affiliate website together recently after several months of studying on page SEO and writing articles and managed to get it ranked on page one for two weeks only to have it crash in the rankings shortly thereafter.

    I think it was probably bad back-links from fiverr that got devalued by Google Panda and Penguin, not sure.

    Anyway, now the site is sitting at the bottom of Google SERP (page 52) and needless to say, once again I feel dejected after all those months of hard work, late nights writing content and once again nothing to show for it.

    Currently I hired someone from odesk to work on the site to bring it back, but I have to say I am really starting to feel negative about the whole experience.

    Your report sparked some hope in me that I can actually have a chance to be successful with Internet Marketing by using the advice you gave us.

    I also came to the realization that creating and selling my own product would probably be the best route in IM but kept getting distracted or sidetracked from the one email or the other claiming they had the best answer to Internet success.

    I don’t have a Mentor and I really believe that would be the “push” to get me over the obstacles I have been encountering in Internet Marketing since I started this a few years ago.

    I humbly ask that you would be my mentor and guide me through how to do something successful for once in my life. I have been through so many failures in my life and I just don’t know if I can go through all this again without help.

    Please don’t publish this comment as it is embarrassing for me to allow others to see.

    Thank you, John

  49. Hi Hugh,

    Pick me, Pick me!! but seriously, I do offer a mutual opportunity. You want to help someone & prove your point about funnels and I want to grow my business so I can help more people too.

    Here’s what I bring with me…As you read on you will see that I have enough skills and resources to be making good money online (almost), but I am not there yet and I even know why.

    I have a seasoned, well trafficked authority site that is picking up steam in the psychology niche (and a network of subdomains attached to it). I have 5 years experience in HTML, WordPress, Joomla, plugins, extensions, SEO, content, preselling, passion, faithful visitors, membership sites, video blogs, Forums, Facebook pages, Twitter, Coaching, Webinars, Linked-in, etc.

    I have even managed to write four current kindle bestsellers on my niche in in the past year. I have also written and recorded about 100 MP3 downloads (also have them available at Kunaki). I literally have everything except a plan and a sales funnel. I am a therapist and my main priority is getting my message out to the world and providing them with the tools they need to break free from their issues. My shortcomings are in knowing how to set up and apply a good sales funnel to my niche (and I get lost in all the details when trying to put mine together.) I have a good idea and lord knows I have studied the funnel process, but for some reason that is my sticking point.

    And for me the shiny object syndrome is an escape from the being stuck here at this last step – being a therapist, I know there is likely an issue with money at the root of this and I have been working on my relationship with money. I am beginning to make some money just on the traffic that stumbles on my site (my kindle books are about 1/3 of that) I am right on the verge and have been stuck on the verge for about 6 months now. I need a boost in the sales funnel process and I am sure that is the missing piece. I hope we can work together to create something that helps not only us, but all your visitors and mine.


  50. Hi Hugh and thanks for the great Free report, have already read through it twice. I would love to be one of the chosen 3 to be personally mentored by you and taste success before Christmas. Like many others I have been struggling for over 18 months trying to be successful online, however as you have stated in your report I am one of those ‘get the new shiny object’ people and with most of those objects and reports still on my computer or hard drive gathering dust. Your report however has renewed my enthusiasm and helped rekindle the fire in my belly so for that I sincerely thank you.

    As stated previously I would loved to be one of the chosen 3 however I can not state, with honesty, that I deserve this opportunity more than any of your other subscribers without knowing their personal circumstances. With this said I am 56 years young and the closer I get to 60 the more I realise that I need to act fast to retire early and be in a position to enjoy my retirement with my lovely wife. I may not be an experienced marketer, interneter or the like but I do bring with me 56 years of life’s experiences, so hope you have a place for me, you won’t be disappointed.

    Thanks once again.


  51. Hey Hugh,

    Awesome report!
    All the information you have conveyed affirms what I have suspected from the beginning as far as WSO’s. You really dig into the root of our issues for not being successful already!
    I would like to be one of your 3 successful businesses you will help create by Christmas. I have been an entrepreneur all my adult life and have had some successes, however, these never lasted too long.
    I’m at a point where I want to concentrate my focus and strength on a particular model, that works, and stop the running around, chasing the next best thing!
    Once I have “walked the talk”, I would like to mentor others and help them be successful as well.

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  52. Hi Hugh,

    Thanks so much for all the information you provided in your report.

    I had to rethink my strategies after reading the report and came to the conclusion that I did not really have strategies.Oouch.

    I knew back in my mind that I was buying too many WSOs and that I procrastinate too much due to lack of a plan and funnel.

    You are soo right about Google in your report. I rely solely on traffic from Google and therefore Google is the real owner of my company.

    So basically my head spins around thinking about all the changes I need to make in order to make more substantial money.

    I am going to a new direction and will implement the tips you gave us.

    1) I will start building email lists
    2) I will start to make proper sales funnels instead of a few sales here and there.
    3) I won’t fall for new “goldmine opportunities=WSO”
    4) I will try to find good courses or mentors to leverage social traffic.
    5) I will sell my websites that are not worth the time anymore

    There is some work for me now but I have realised that I need to change.

    You never know what I purchased today. Giveaway rights to a cool wordpress plugin. I am saving Some money now to buy a solo-ad and Start to build my own list!

    Thanks so much for the “light bulb”!



  53. Thanks for this report Hugh. It has a solid ring of truth in it’s message.

    I figured out most of what you have covered but it took me 3 long years to reach these conclusions and I still find it hard not to be lured by the next bright shiny object.

    The truth is I have to make it soon or find an alternative way to make money and do this in my part-time for a while. I know I’m close but that doesn’t pay the bills.

    I would love to be mentored by you. I have created products but they just haven’t converted to money for me – there’s a barrier somewhere that I need to get over and i need to climb it quickly.

    Hoping that you pick me.

  54. Hello Hugh,

    Great report! I must say that I would love to be one of the chosen because I would like to actually work from home instead of the grind of a 9 to 5 job. I am currently unemployed and would love to finally be my own boss. I feel this is the opportunity for me to do so. I’m known as an loyal employee who goes above and beyond what is expected of me and I’ll take that same dedication and apply it to this! I would like to finally make money successfully by the Christmas holidays and I feel this is the best way to do it. I love your ICC product to begin with, so I feel strongly that if this is anything like your curator download, which I’m certain it is, then I would make an ideal candidate for you to teach.

    I feel with just a little guidance I can go far with this. I’m fully aware that I have alot of competition to be one of your students, but I have alot of drive and time on my hands. And to be perfectly honest, your ICCPro was only 1 of 2 WSO’s I bought this year, and I’m way more than glad I did. I would love to find a way to take advantage of the Amazon affiliate membership using your methods.

    I don’t know what else to say except that if given the chance I plan on accepting your gift and use it with all my might.

  55. First I would like to say that I don’t “deserve” the coaching any more than anyone else but want to succeed after having so many failures. I got sidetracked by wrong advice from well meaning people and of course all the regular distractions you mention in your report. But I took an honest look at my failures and what I was doing wrong and where I lacked some skill and knowledge and have taken some steps toward correction or building. Recently I have invested in some business training mostly to change my thinking and learn to get organized.
    I read every word of your report then it hit me. The biggest mistake I have made is that when trying a new program or strategy I did not adopt it as my own. I didn’t take serious ownership or appropriate action. I made this discovery when I read the example of the boxer and the martial arts strategies.
    Years ago, when my sister married a man who had two daughters. When they told me of their engagement and upcoming wedding my thought was now I have two more girls in my family. I adopted them mentally that instant and they became a big part of my family and life as have their children. I have watched them grow and participated in their well being and in supported my nephew in martial arts, traveling to competitions around the country and weekly trainings over the years. I would never have made this connection or discovery if it had not been for your report.
    I have one project I keep getting stuck on but want to complete and expand. I don’t have a grip on a plan or strategy even though I have training from an excellent source for the project and have taken some action and have gathered information. I need to create or adopt a plan and strategy and make it my own but don’t know exactly how to do that. I not only need the plan but the plan to execute the plan if that makes sense. I will go back and look at the project with this new perspective now. I could certainly benefit from some coaching and mentoring in this business project and creating a real plan. I really do care about the people who suffer in a certain area and would like to help. Just need some help to know how to put it together in a good way and a plan to build upon it.
    So I certainly would like to win.

  56. Hugh,
    I can not thank you enough for what you have put together. This is above and beyond anything I have seen as a gift.

    Thank you sooooooo much!

  57. Hey Hugh

    Downloaded you report, been reading through it….Wooow its a real eye opener.
    This is probably the best free value report that i have read, packed full of real world useful information.

  58. Hello Hugh: Thank you so much for the awesome report. All of it hits home. I have been (trying) to make a living online for almost seven years now. I have created a health-related website with hundreds of pages, most of which I’ve written myself. The traffic is fair and steady and I do make some money from advertising and two products that I’ve created. I also have recently started writing books for the Amazon Kindle, which slightly increases my earnings. I have put together a prospect list of more than 10,000 people, but I have no clue what to do with it.

    The bottom line is this: I am a good writer and I think my site gives a lot to the visitor. The problem is, and I am not shy to admit it, that I totally suck at marketing. Honestly, I am all over the place and getting nowhere fast. I feel that with the proper guidance, I can do much, much better and also provide products that improve the life of others. That’s my goal; to grow my online business and become financially independent by helping others improve their lives and health.

    I keep getting Aweber notices of prospects signing up to my optin offer, and it frustrates me because the list is just dead. I can write and write, but my marketing angle is nonexistent. I am a fast learner and definitely have the desire and commitment to do whatever it takes to increase my online business. With your guidance, I have no doubt that a lot of great things can come to pass. Thank you again for your products and reports.

    I’m a musician/singer/composer also, although I haven’t done anything with my music for some years. But I hope to get back to it in the near future. There are so many alternatives today to do home recording. I’d love someday to be able to lay down all of the songs I’ve written, even if only for my own pleasure. At any rate, I thank you again for all that you do! God bless and take care,

  59. Hi Hugh,

    Heads up – the links in your report are now going to a 404 page.

    BTW, it is a very useful report and I thank you for it. The only way to improve it would have been a flow chart or two for the funnels and processes ( a picture paints a thousand words…)

    I’m not posting this for the chance to be picked (it’s a heads up) – it looks like others need the chance far more than I do.


  60. Hi Hugh,

    Well first off, I’ll like to THANK you for your precious time, thinking and efforts to produce “The Payday Gateway” report and even decided to give it away for FREE!

    I’ve read through it several times today and am not just posting this comment so I’ll be picked as one of the 3 lucky persons to get your special free training (NEVER been a lucky guy when it comes to being among the lucky few), but am actually commenting to thank you specifically for the POINTS and FACTS which I personally believe that are holding a lot of us back from actually being successful online.
    I personally have suffered a lot as a result of depending 90% on Google. And with their past few changes, I’ve lost as well 90% of my online earning as it stands till the date of posting this comment. But where does that leave me now?

    Nowhere but being completely PLANLESS of which way to go next, where to begin from and how to CREATE A WORKING PLAN, stick to it RELIGIOUSLY and move on again in my online business in other to start seeing results of my efforts ONCE AGAIN.

    Yes you’re right… I do need a MENTOR… Build My Foundation…

    I wouldn’t end this comment without ACCEPTING that I’ve been one of those ‘WSOs JUNK Buyers’ that end up NEVER making any good use of the products, plug-ins, software’s and the rest of them. Worse even, ever since Google’s last 2 updates/changes. Just wondering about PLANLESSLY looking for a way out to get my online FULL TIME business profiting again.

    So whether you chose me as one of the LUCKY 3 or not, I HONESTLY appreciate your free ‘The Payday Gateway’ report as it hammered so hard on my psychological fellings, emotions and above all have opened my eyes/mind into thinking otherwise. YES I definitely need a MENTOR… but WHO should I settle for???

  61. I would love you to be my mentor. Your written and spoken words give me more confidence than most marketers I have heard or read, and after fruitless years trying to succeed confidence for me is in short supply. I need to be guided in setting up a proper plan for a business, and need something which takes into account my budget and also that at my age I need faster results than younger people. ( give me time to enjoy success!). I would like a mentor such as you who would not make me feel embarrassed by my lack of knowledge or skills. I have taught myself quite a lot about internet marketing, in fact too much, so on many points I am probably muddled by too much conflicting information.

    Whoever you choose, I wish them well.

  62. Hi Hugh,
    Well this was a great report! I have learned very much from it. It has described me to a T, buying numerous WSOs and not getting any to work. Thanks for the information on comprehensive planning that is a major key. This report has shown me that I need a targeted focus and
    stay the course.

  63. I enjoyed this report because I had some understanding of the mess I am in but didn’t know why or how to fix it. Hence, I kept buying all these WSOs with money I do not have. I have been on the internet trying to supplement my retirement income since the early 1990s with no success what so ever. I now realize that the money I spent so far has created most of my problems. I have tried everything, ebay, blogs , websites etc. Therefore, I am happy for your insight and logic. I probably will keep trying but with less enthusiasm.



  64. Hi Hugh,
    I have been ‘chasing riches’ since 1996. I epitomize the fish with the hook in my mouth. Shiny Objects
    have helped set that hook deep. I have slipped past retirement age while seeking to find the ‘riches’ in
    order to have the CHOICE to actually retire. I’ve spent literally thousands on $7, $17, $27, $47 purchases and all
    other priced WSO’s, etc. My dream is to be able to expand the CHOICES my wife and I should have at
    this stage of our lives.

    I know my story is one too often heard by those like you, who take time to ask about the rest of us, but
    although I have a hard drive (or two) filled with ‘promising’ methods, my dream to win online has never diminished.
    My willingness to learn the correct way to win is as strong as it has ever been.

    I do hope you will consider me as one of your 3 choices.

    Bob Kimball

  65. Your report gave me confidence to continue with my dreams.

    After years of trying, I finally managed to get two small sites onto the front page of Google and actually sold $74 of products. Can you image how devastated I was when a Russian group attack them. So upset, I took them both down and was too depressed to build them again.

    Your report was a refreshing change from the normal humbug that this presented to us on a daily basis.

    Like you, I purchase WSOs and spend more time trying to get them to work than its worth. For some reason the product installation never matches the cute, little, instructional videos. The aftermath of these purchases is emails flooding my in box and more time is wasted unsubscribing; only to discover that removal will also prevent me from receiving updates. Its a vicious cycle.

    It was interesting to read how your wife became enamored of the Internet life style after attending a seminar that cost several thousand dollars. Its too bad, that the millionaires who run these things only reveal the real information of making money, to the people who have the loot to attend. Heaven knows, that I have more than contributed to the coffers of many of these wealth marketers but, rarely has the information purchased, matched the slick advertising promoting it.

    You can’t really blame Google for the updates to its logarithms, you state yourself that there are a great many people trying to “game” the system and The Big G., just like the rest of us, hates to be cheated out of anything. . Google is not “bad” its just trying to level the playing field so the little fish get to eat.

    Yes, it would be nice to be selected to work with you but, if not, then it will take more than a little rejection to put out the flame. To those who are selected, I wish you a happy and prosperous future guided by a very astute and smart professional. Enjoy!

    1. >> Google is not “bad” its just trying to level the playing field so the little fish get to eat.

      I think it’s more so the BIG fish can eat! 🙂

      my $.02 HJH

  66. Thanks for the report Hugh. I’ve been marketing online in one form or another since 1998 and I can relate to much of what you’ve written about in this report and from may viewpoint you’ve nailed it.

    Like you said in your report most of the lists I find myself on only exist to promote affiliate offers that the list owner really knows very little if anything at all about. I don’t stay on those lists for very long any more and I won’t buy from that person again. I’m still on your list and believe me when I say you are one of a very few.

    While I’m here I’d also like to thank you for creating Instant Content Curator it’s an awesome product that’s so easy to use.

    P.S. I can’t wait to see VIC Pro

  67. Hi Hugh
    This is probably the first time I have heard a successful marketer admit that his sales letter was hyped. That speaks volumes for your honesty and integrity. Thanks

    I feel that you were directly writing to me. OK, I don’t really buy WSOs anymore, but my biggest issue is that of developing a workable plan and following it to the letter. It is embarrassing to admit, but for someone who has some of the best and premium tools, I have simply allowed info overload to becloud my ability to be effective, thereby keeping me rooted at the same spot for a long time.

    The greatest sadness comes after buying some of these WSOs and discovering that my IM knowledge is miles ahead of what the person produced. I give people good advice, teach different aspects and levels of IM to newbies from which they make money, and yet I am not making money. Such a harrowing sorry state!

    Choosing me will be life changing for me, and will be hopefully a bit easy on you as you will be working with a hardworking guy who knows a bit about internet marketing, but is just so overwhelmed with information, plugins, themes, systems and everything else but a workable plan. If you help me to put that in place, the sky will be my limit and just like you, I’ll give a more positive guidance to people who are experiencing what I am going through now.

    But thanks for the book. The honesty and humility in it is…well..humbling. Thank you

  68. Hey Hugh,

    Thanks for all the information you’ve given in the PDF. It was enlightening as well as rewarding. I really appreciate your honest, straightforward approach. I guess it’s the musician in you? I’ve been chasing shiny object after shiny object and buying WSO’s like a happy addict. Don’t get me wrong, I still love them, they have taught me many IM things but your focused, analytical approach wipes the floor with them. I have learnt amazing stuff from the WF, it’s a great place to go and shop and browse… and I have bought some WSO’s that are absolute stinkers! You are right on so many levels when you describe the loop that you get in. Buy the WSO, read it, see how immediately actionable it is and what the rewards are, file it for later… the next day, lo and behold! ANOTHER WSO!! Better than the last, lots of positive comments, great idea and AGAIN… instant enrichment! Whooohooo! And all (if i get it quickly) for just 7/8/9/10/11/whatever bucks! Off I go again PayPal etc…

    And all I want to do is earn enough money to pay the bills and treat my lady every once and a while. For the last 10 years we used to live in Spain, where I grew up (although I’m English, I grew up there) yet we have recently moved back to the UK so my wife could be near her family. We’re in the sticks. Miles away from anywhere fun, the most fun thing that happens is a bus goes through it 3 times a day. I could do with my luck changing,

    I also could do with some help and I have time on my hands! Whatever happens, thanks for the heads up with your pdf. Much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Matt 🙂

  69. My next action today is to stop dreaming, produce my detailed task list – and take action one step at a time. Sounds like a great plan to me.

    Thanks Hugh

  70. Hi Hugh, Thank you for the extremely useful report. I have been a “shiny object” buyer for a while now, and I’m trying to quit! LOL I love WSO’s. In fact, that is how I met you. Thanks for the free report!

  71. Hi Hugh

    Firstly well done on the report. As to why I should be one of your students.. … well I learn quickly and I generally put everything into all that I do so that’s covered.
    Secondly I am a sound engineer so I work with musicians every day. Meaning we will have to talk an i it than just internet goings on.

    I do lack some tech skills on the net, but I capture things with practice.

    I think it’s easier when there is someone to guide one through it all.

    So I hope you consider me.


  72. Hi Hugh,

    Thank you for the informative read. It’s comforting to see that you’ve broken away from the same unproductive habits that I live with. I appreciate all the insight and direction that this PDF has given me and look forward to becoming more productive as a result of your advice. Quite frankly, I expected there to be a sales pitch (funnel and all) for a course or membership at the end. You certainly distanced yourself from the “gurus” out there and do practice what you preach.

    I would love my future success to be a testimony to your experience, integrity, knowledge and charity. I’m guilty of “shiny object syndrome” amongst other reasons for my lack of success. You covered most of them in this piece and I’m happy that you became a success by overcoming them. Winning an education and hand-holding from you would give me direction that is surely lacking at the moment as I have not been able to focus well and complete any goals. In addition to many niches, I’ve exposed myself to too many products, programs, methods, systems, and WSO’s which have kept me distracted and unfocused. A good plan and road-map is what I need. Your candor and integrity has gained my trust so I would be able to focus and prioritize following it.

    Thank you much,

  73. Like you Hugh, I’m working on building several Cash Motels online.

    The only thing missing now is the traffic, which I’m in the process of obtaining.

    I believe in offering only something of the highest value for the greatest return on investment for the purchaser.

    Then, and only then, do I feel like I’ve earned whatever income my offers generate.

    Music is also a passion of mine, along with cartooning, while research, writing and publishing are what I’ve done online regularly since 1994, and offline since 1978 (I know the meaning of the phrase “starving artist” firsthand and personally over the years).

    I’ve got a terrific product in the works that can change lives for the better that I will have ready to launch very soon, along with more than a dozen books nearly ready to publish on Amazon’s Kindle and CreateSpace platforms (with four books already published on CreateSpace).

    What I need most is promotion and traffic generation, which recent life emergencies, robbing us of time and funds, have kept me from affording so far.

    I think my new self-improvement product could greatly benefit Internet marketers, among others, and would like to join forces with other entrepreneurs to make this happen, in a profitable joint venture for everyone concerned.

    So if you think this is a good fit for your offer, Hugh, I’d like to share additional details outlining what I have to bring to the table for such a venture as you have proposed.

    Hank Scott, the non-Nobel prize guy.

  74. Hi Hugh

    Thank you for a really great report. This was a real eye opener and you said it straight from the heart which one appreciates even more. I would like to be one of the people to stand a chance to qualify for the FREE coaching.

    I am committed, hard working, and I really love what I do. I am currently working between 12 – 16 hours everyday as well as Saturday’s and Sundays, to try and make a success. I don’t have a work, lost my job due to affirmative action and I am over 53 years of age. The sad thing is I can’t get a job no matter what because of the laws in our country, not that I worry too much because my dream is to have my own successful internet business. We are really struggling financially due to various reasons of which one is that I am struggling so much online. I also invested all our savings with a very bad person and we lost everything in the process and we were cleaned out in the process.

    My daughter helps us where she can these days which is difficult for her but she hopes and prays that her dad will get a break on the internet soon 🙂

    I also had the shiny object syndrome (but can’t afford it these days).My main reason for wanting to purchase every product that sounds good was to try and make money quickly. I agree 100% with you it is all about content if you’re planning to make it long-term on the internet but we also know it can take months and due to my financial pressure/constraints I hope each time this is the real deal that will help me get back on my feet.

    My biggest worry at the moment is the rent. We are so far in arrears the owners might lose their house now because we can’t pay the rent and the bank is planning to place the house on auction. I give you my word that if you become my mentor and give me a chance with the free training I WILL succeed 100% guaranteed. I will do everything exactly as you say and I will make you a deal to pay you the full course amount in any case. I will also promise to pay your kindness forward to at least 3 other people if you help me become successful.

  75. In a word: “AWESOME”. Thank u for having the brass balls to point out all the dirty little secrets, and give us a reality check.

    Why I should be one of the “3”..(warning: sob story to follow). I am 56 yrs old. Not exactly a newbie, but haven’t made 1 dime online.

    Do I have hundreds of shiny objects? Yes!
    Did I have a heart attack 5 yrs ago? Yes.
    Did my wife just divorce me after 34 yrs? Yes
    .Did she get everything? Yes.
    Would I follow, to the letter, everything you would teach me? HELL YES!.
    Would I be your perfect poster child for ..if he can do it anyone can? Emphatic:YES! Thanks

  76. I sign into the opt-in list, PAY, then I am offered a more expensive version without knowing if the initial version works. When you decline that you are offered you a smaller, less expensive version. Finally you clicked “No thank you please take me to my download” You think that is an example of a working funnel. Working how? Tells most people all your interested in is selling without having to show results. In sales and marketing thats referred to as flogging. Later you say-”Probably the first few times you went through one of those things, you felt like “what the heck is going on here?” and in fact, that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. It’s because these funnels are designed to work on preconditioned human responses. That’s what makes them so great! (Especially great if you are the owner of the funnel and the money is going into your account!)”. The results long term would be better if one, you opt-in two, get results using the WSO and three, craving more, click the upgrade button.
    Every WSO tells you;
    So that means I need to show you something else — I want you to know that it’s really not that difficult to execute these computer age tasks, even if you don’t know how to do a lot of things on the computer. If you know how to click and read text on your screen, and type a little bit and send and receive e-mail, then you pretty much have everything it takes to physically make tons of money online”. HOW MANY SHOW YOU HOW TO

  77. Hi Hugh…nice piece of reality check writing…love some of the analogies,especially the ‘Lippy pig’.
    Thanks for the offer but I already have the pet gorilla in the room…would like to set light to his grizzly fur and lock him in the cellar,so don’t want another poking me in the ribs every time I try to ignore him (and his slap bass)!

    Got the website,got the fanpage,got ICCPro (great piece of kit) just need a VA to get me some time!

  78. That was an awesome report. You have me fully inspired and I’m ready to commit to making my plan and taking the “bull by the horns”. I’ve been pursuing the dream of making an internet fortune for more years than I want to admit to. Your story of buying WSO’ and trying to figure them out in an effort to help your bottom line is very familiar. I didn’t buy many of them, although I did buy a few and I did get free trials, or inexpensive free versions. Over the years I studied and figured out different systems – different software – different traffic sources – and I’m afraid I have to admit that today, I’m STILL waiting for that illusive dream.

    I’M READY TO MOVE ON! I’m ready to forgo being the animal jumping through the hoop. I want to be the trainer! I want to learn how to be on the other side and be the creator. I’m READY! Will you be my guide?

    Thanks again for the great thought-provoking report.

    June Hardy

  79. Wow this is great. thanks very much Hugh.Knowledge is power.I have bought many WSO and I am still have not started yet.I hope you pick me

  80. Hmmmm. The problem with being mentored is that I would have to put myself out there and stop hiding behind those shiny objects. Then who would I blame?

  81. Hi Hugh,

    I am sharing your story with Cornelius MD and it is certainly fascinating who anyone can transform something they love into a profitable online business. In the case of Cornelius MD music like yourself and in my case sports.

    I have been a volleyball coach for over 30+ years but have always wanted to have a successful online business that caters to the needs of girls who were often overlooked for products and services. In 1995 I came up with the concept of My tag line at the time was To Play or Not To Play…Is That A Question? Well it is no longer a question it is a given as you watch the recently broadcasted Olympic games in London. However, I still find it is difficult to find forums and authorities on college recruiting, products, services and athletic opportunities for girls in sports. The SheLovesSports brand as I envisioned it has evolved from a Kiosk at a mall (retail) to membership site and now it seems that blogs that can be monetized and create value may be the way to go.

    As a Coach, mothers of a Professional Volleyball player, founder of a nonprofit (The Academic and Athletic Alliance) I need a mentor to help be transform my dream into reality. After reading your report, I realized that the cornerstone to success is ‘You” and having a plan that allows you to utilize what you are good outsource the labor-intensive tasks that sap you of your creativity and energy. Women’s sports includes products so I have a concept for SheLovesSportswear, SheLovesSports Jewelry. Not to leave our the boys and men I also have the domain for and Many youth sports organizations are looking to raise money to support their kids as they pursue their dreams to play college sports or just remain active. I like your idea that once you “get it” you can take those same skills and concepts to repeat your success on any topic.

    My hope soon is to retire soon as a coach. It is my heartfelt desire it to continue to level the playing field….this time I want to move the game from the gym to my laptop. It time to call a “timeout” and listen to the Coach.

  82. Hello Hugh,

    Your report was like a wake-up call to me. I’m addicted to WSO’s and I’m doing everything you said not to do.

    I’m a pensioner and nearly up to my limit for buying WSO’s. I would like to make a bit of money to supplement
    my pension but I seem to be spending all my time trying so many different things. I keep promising myself
    No More WSO’s and then out comes one that is better than all the others!!!

    I would love to be one of the lucky 3 so that I could wipe the smile of my husband’s face every time I tell
    him I WILL make money one day – and he just laughs.

    Your report was so full of good information. I will keep re-reading it until hopefully I will make a success of myself.


  83. Right, I have read the report before commenting and all I can say is wow! I was hooked! Thank you…

    Oh! And I enjoyed your style of writing, I got it! As for the ‘truth’ nuggets?! It’s there we just had to rub our eyes to see! I meant SEE!

    A lot of it I have come to realise due the course of my IM career, some funnily enough just recently. Ha! Ha! Confirmed now!

    But you have helped me see some truths in a whole different perspective thank you.

    For instance, let’s talk about emails bombarding my inbox: I got annoyed and felt that my/our intelligence was being insulted and even vouched publicly about not going down that same route EVER! (How arrogant of me!) It got so far as me even playing the ‘predicting game’ of when so-and-so would email for something soooo cool before month-end’s money collection!

    Shift your thinking you fool!

    Since you have ‘opened my eyes’ this way, I am joining!

    But of course with my own sincere personality 😉 NOT predictable, NOT buy now, but more ‘have tried it and this is what I like’… Only good guys do it and I will take that on board. I want to be part of that good guy band, thank you very much.

    I am in full view of the concept ahead and realise I have to work on my ‘why, what, how, who and when’ strategy to the ‘T’ before charging off.

    Research, planning and funnelling!

    I know I can do it! Darn! the strongest hurdle is me rattling to get ‘the’ product!! Which I do have, you see… Like you meantioned, something you enjoy and others do too! I’m artistic, born with it and have had my fair share of fame in the art world, and that has filtered through online and I have tools to work with, yada, yada… So what is really stopping me from REALLY using these? There is a need out there!! Whoooo!! You have got me all hyped up!

    Planning how to present my product, with MY personallity!! What goes where!

    Then subtle funneling… Cross sell, up sell, down sell!!! Marketer’s mind sell!! Hmmm! This will take a bit of ‘rattle-my-brain’ thinking.

    So let me get to work and speak to you soon soon 😉 Thanx a whole bunch again!!

  84. Thank you, Hugh, for the insight and wealth of experience you share often ! I am looking for a serious mentor who’s “Been There Done That,” and who is a model of success in business, Life, and marketing. I’ve read a lot of reports, taken “guru” webinars, and gotten a few great ideas, but synergy and cohesive BUSINESS has to be build with more than ideas and hype… it needs a foundation, a design structure, and careful execution… a lot like a piece of music or a symphony. A great melody in the head of a “guru” composer will go nowhere until the PROCESS of writing it down, refining the piece, then finding musicians, recording, editing, and then finding an outlet/ producer.

    So far, I haven’t found the right mentor, but I do believe in you, and I look forward to working WITH you, or better, being mentored BY you, because you have the right WORK ethic, and your musicial production business provides a great model to follow and to emulate. Thanks for the opportunity to express myself. I just retired, and really desire to make serious income via internet marketing. A former I.T. datacenter manager, I know technology, and KNOW that this is MY business platform. We have the Medium, I just need a Model and a Mentor and an accountability partner.

    Thanks Hugh !
    Ernie Bate 10/13/2012 – My Lucky Day !!!

  85. Hello Hugh,

    Thank you for your wisdom filled report. Great information that will help many of us realize some of the mistakes we make and some of the roadblocks we put in our own paths.

    Hugh, I bought ICC Pro and knew immediately it would be a tool I would use. I then noticed something different about you from other marketers when I received emails from you. I could tell immediately that you were more interested in a relationship with your audience than throwing out affiliate links in your emails. The contrast in this important area between you and other marketers is massive and impressive.

    When I has a technical glitch with an update to ICC Pro and entered a support request, you gave me immediate and ongoing attention until the problem was figured out and resolved. This was when you had the possibility of a hurricane coming your way and were busy with battening down the hatches! I will never forget that personal attention and your sincere desire to help.

    When you asked for our input on what was holding us back so that you could put something together that would benefit us, your integrity and spirit of helpfulness rose even more.

    I say these things because they are true, and also to point out to those reading this that a mentoring program from you will be extremely valuable. I, for one would turn down mentoring with countless well known “gurus” (many who are looking for the next big upsell) for a chance to be mentored by you.

    My brief story…….Always an entrepreneur and never wanting a regular “job”. Struggling working musician in my early years. Bass! I then turned to real estate investing and my own small trucking business….”one truck trucking line”. Long, long story short, due to circumstances of both my own bad decisions and some circumstances beyond my control, I lost everything. Not complaining! This is America, and we just get up and start again!

    So, I want to become successful working from home using the internet. I saw myself in your report in areas I need to focus on.

    I will continue until I succeed. I would like the mentoring program. However, I understand there are many of us who desire the spots, so I will applaud those that do receive the gift of mentoring you are giving.

    And I will continue to always look forward to your emails and the release of VIC!

    Thanks again, Hugh, for your heart, humility, and helpfulness.

    John Wray

  86. Thank you very much for this report Hugh very inspirational, some rants(yep a former wsoholic), no fluff and to the point. Also really looking forward to your new VICP software it´s gonna be awesome and my head is spinning with ideas how I can use this software to its fullest potential!


  87. “Hmmmm. The problem with being mentored is that I would have to put myself out there and stop hiding behind those shiny objects. Then who would I blame? – Rick.

    Thanks for posting this Rick. I’ve found it really helpful.

  88. Thanks for the excellent report.
    I love the simple four-step success plan.

    “… read the report to see what was quoted! …”

    Jack R

  89. Hi Hugh,
    Thank you for investing your time creating the PayDay Gateway report for us… it reminded me of many things I already knew, taught me some new things and was just what I needed to read today. I attended an internet marketing conference when I first got started with IM, so I can relate to your wife’s enthusiasm to get started with her business! It was an energizing and amazing experience! I wish her the best in her new endeavors and I do not doubt that I will be reading a report from her down the road! I’m not sure I’d be a good pick for the mentoring–unfortunately I’ve been easily distracted by the shiny objects and have the hard drive to prove it! I’m also working full-time at the moment so wouldn’t have much extra time available–I’m just adding a comment here so I can hopefully benefit from the videos you will be releasing down the road–sounds like I should concentrate on building myself a nice sales funnel in the meantime! 🙂 Thank you for saying it like it is and sharing some of your strategies: using outsourcers, finding a mentor, providing value first and definitely using social media for traffic instead of putting all of our eggs in the Google basket! It was a fast & entertaining 64-page read!

  90. Hugh, I finally had the time today to go through your Payday Gateway report. You have clearly produced an impressive document.

    Fortunately, I have already steeled myself to ignoring the offers from marketers seeking buyers for their latest plug-ins, tutorials, and other related products; but others need to develop that strength.

    It is helpful and necessary for them to see that laid out.

    Unfortunately, counseling that I need a plan for success – and maybe even a plan of execution for that plan – is of no help to me.

    And just as a number of others have said, I too am not interested in declaring myself more deserving than others for special attention.

    I had my 63rd birthday two days ago (October 11).

    Probably the only thing that can match my cynicism about the promises of Internet Marketing is my lack of imagination.

    Unlike your lovely wife, I no longer feel excitement and soaring hope. There has been too much deception and defeat in my experience. It has left me feeling negative.

    When I did have the income, I spent too much money fruitlessly on various IM products; and now I can no longer afford it, having retired to a small Pension.

    I have my half-dozen or so blogs that I have been working on for the past three or so years, and I have just recently renewed their Domain names for another couple of years – I cannot afford paying for any more than that at one time.

    Whether I will even bother in two years’ time to do another renewal of all of them is something I will have to confront at that point – if I’m still alive and well, and involved in this.

    I think some people reach a point where perhaps they can not be helped. Disbelief has become too consuming.

    Anyway, I am rushing my comment because I have to turn my attention here at home to some other matters, including a session of stretches of a quadriceps tendon that was surgically reattached to my kneecap almost two years ago – I managed to have it tear away during a fall, while leaping up a short set of stairs.

    I only felt up to paying for about four or five sessions of physiotherapy. Perhaps that was a mistake – my own efforts at it have hardly been luminously successful, for I am still unable to touch my heel to my butt.

    However, at the end of a stretching session, I am getting darned close. I nurture the hope that I will finally make that contact by the end of the year – a sort of goal I set for myself this past Spring.

    We all certainly do have our own collection of unique hurdles, barriers, and obstacles in life, don’t we?

  91. Hi Hugh.

    That is a very interesting and precise document you have laid out for us all. I must say I have been looking at ways to make a buck online for at least 8 or so years now. The problem is being able to set the ground rules for myself and find that niche that I can truly get excited about. It seems that I can do a better job of building a site for friends than I can for myself lol. The site associated with this comment is an example of that. Just wanted to let you know how that 800 lb gorilla has grown into a 2000lb gorilla and has me in a huge bear hug. Thanks for the great content and I wish all your subscribers success in the future challenges that confront them.

    Cheers. Ron (Down Under)

  92. “”Please don’t publish this comment as it is embarrassing for me to allow others to see.””

    Thank you, John for allowing yourself to be embarrassed in public, and thanks too Hugh for letting it be an un-moderated comment. Join the club! I considered today how embarrassing it was to me for others to see my spontaneous comments here too. For example, that I have answered more than once to this place makes me wonder if people may think I am ego-centric/too intrusive? Well, if they do, so be it. If I need to write more than once, so be it? They can just ignore me or reflect on what I have to say. Or be vocal in their opinion…That is their choice.
    I can’t recall Hugh ever saying we only needed to make one post to this thread, and if he did, and I missed it; I would ask him how come we are supposed to develop skills of the social interaction media when we just write out comments in space and never respond to one another?

    I reckon that if we are to be a cohesive and effective group, we need to say how things really are. Someone with the right smarts at the right time will help us sort it out?

  93. Hugh! What can I say?, This Free report is amazing, You are amazing, and from now on,No more Shiny objects for me, Not unless they are your WSo’s, which are quality and NO! B/S.
    I am done chasing my own tail, IT’S TIME, To stop, as you said, looking for the next push button CRAP! and start thinking sales funnels and build a real future, Thanks very much Hugh for all your massively hard work that you have put in just to help us out, Not many people care about others ,so you are very special to us in showing that you care about your list, Thank you, Kind regards, Gary.

  94. Hugh I thoroughly enjoyed your enlightening report. It is a bold manifesto which proclaims a message that most of us have been searching for. You are certainly adept at the art of providing value and service to your subscribers. You leave no room for doubt in the mind of the cynical about your ability to help those who have targeted focus and take action to achieve their dreams online. I applaud you and I would like to ask for the opportunity to help you to further your mission of focusing on the needs of others, and providing resolutions to others problems. I know that yours is the path to true and long term success. Success that stems from empathy and compassion for all of us.

    Love and Be Loved

    Your Devotee

    Robert Stone

  95. Hugh I thoroughly enjoyed your enlightening report. It is a bold manifesto which proclaims a message that most of us have been searching for. You are certainly adept at the art of providing value and service to your subscribers. You leave no room for doubt in the mind of the cynical about your ability to help those who have targeted focus and take action to achieve their dreams online. I applaud you and I would like to ask for the opportunity to help you to further your mission of focusing on the needs of others, and providing resolutions to others problems. I know that yours is the path to true and long term success. Success that stems from empathy and compassion for all of us.

    Love and Be Loved

    Your Devotee

    Robert Stone

  96. Hugh,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us… I’ll try not to take up too much of your time telling you mine.

    I am a 56 year old, thirty year veteran Paramedic and Fire Lieutenant. That’s about four times the life expectancy of a Parameidc but I love what I do. Helping others is definitely a rewarding experience!

    It came with a cost however as I lost a marriage and family in 2008 and a lumbar disc in 2010. I am eligible to retire but can’t afford to because of my financial situation after the divorce. You see I refinanced in the summer of 2008 to pay off all the debts and split the equity (Remember what the Real Estate market did in 2008?) I still do not have any equity as I am making interest only payments on the mortgage until I finish paying off the lawyers and her COBRA. At least I can hold my head up knowing I didn’t cheat her out of anything.

    As it turned out God blessed me by reaquainting me with a neighbor of ten years in 2010. Suffering from a traumatic brain injury and PTSD (along with a somewhat irresponsible spouse) she informed me he had abandoned her for someone on the other side of the state. She was left to fend for herself and her twin teenage sons on whatever he put in the bank account and this poor gal couldn’t even alphabetize!

    She has not been able to return to her career choice as an intensive Massage Therapist because of the brain injury. So I became her advocate at first helping her with her legal, financial, and health appointments. Then I became her power of attorney, best friend, and hopefully (on October 19th, when we celebrate her 50th birthday) her fiance 🙂 After 23 years of marriage for me and 26 years for her haunting each of us, commiting to someone for “the rest of our lives” has been something neither of was looking to do when we met again but I feel the time is right.

    Since the late 80s I feel like I have pioneered the concept of the “Virtual Assistant” because I had a training business but no place of my own to conduct my training. I would either train on location at my clients’ sites or outsource a facility and train there. It helps to have a governmentally mandated product/service such as First-Aid training.

    I was also a self proclaimed “Resource Junkie”. I would pick up training equipment and supplies anywhere I could find them for a good price. Thrift stores, yard sales, eBay and Craigslist are just a few of my favorite trasure chests. I accumulated computers, software, and video projectors because I have always enjoyed teaching through multimedia. It hasn’t been difficult for me but I am no expert. I would say I am proficient with what I have.

    Training was going to be my “Early Retirement” program but it didn’t turn out that way. And although I can still do a lot of teaching, I am older, I am hurting and I want to do less hard skills training and provide lessons I have learned in Emotional Intelligence, problem solving, Sprituality, and living peacefully. After caring for more than 30,000 people during my career I have figured a few things out. I even wrote an ebook on managing your temperament called “From D.E.S.P.A.I.R. To P.R.A.I.S.E.D.” and anyone can download it here:

    Recently I have been purchasing more resources geared toward the Internet as I am convinced it is an environment that could be ideal for what I’m trying to accomplish. That is to help more people more efficiently and receive a reasonable return on the time and effort. I have also purchased many WSOs and software that I consider resources. That is I didn’t concentrate on “get rich quick schemes” (at least not entirely ;} ) but I would try to prioritize function over fashion.

    I have been able to try various strategies because I have a good day job but nothing has gained much traction. I have a few “Made for you” websites and domains and lots of PLR products. I even had someone write an ebook to my specifications titled “How To Turn Trash, Trends, And Trivia Into Treasure” so you see I already have a product waiting for a funnel LOL!

    Many of my early resources have either become obsolete or deteriiorated to the point that they will never fulfill the potential I had envisioned for them. I don’t want that to happen to my Internet resources so I have been taking irons our of the fire this summer. I gave away most of my old computer equipment and software… dating back to Apple IIs and HyperStudio. More than a dozen computers and literally hundreds of computer programs. I kept the version of PowerPoint before Microsoft bought the program however. I think it’s time for me to use the “F” word here… FOCUS.

    What you have to offer here Hugh is truly a gift. It goes beyond that, it is heroism ( I don’t believe there are any heroes or heroines) heroism is… the right person, doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason! You are helping others who don’t know what to do so they can have a better life. Thousands of people have called 911 and even though they had never met me before they were gald I was there because they believed in my credentials. I believe in your credentials Hugh. And I hope you will help me transition into helping people lead happier healthier lives from the Internet.

    It’s been said “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.”

    I am ready

  97. ‘When I did have the income, I spent too much money fruitlessly on various IM products; and now I can no longer afford it, having retired to a small Pension.’

    You and me too, and probably hundreds more. So, What do we do now?

  98. Hi Hugh
    Terrific report….Stop the shiny object syndrome is great advice and one that i have been struggling with.
    Looking forward to your videos and of course your new software….sounds perfect

  99. Hi Hugh,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the report. Everthing in it is what I have come to realise in the past couple of months. That instead of constantly getting blinded by the latest shiny object (and running up debt, buying them), have a solid plan. I did set out a plan for my first website a couple of months ago, got a domain name and hosting, added wordpress and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. It seems things keep coming up, so that I am unable to progress further (or I keep using them as excuses because I fear failure when I put all the steps into place, more likely).
    Anyway thanks again for the report, and I guess now I have my first backlink to my website which I need to build, lol

    Cheers, Suzy

  100. Hi Hugh,

    That was a great report, I read it from end to end in one sitting which is a challenge for me 🙂 I do suffer from the next shiny toy syndrome, and have bought way too many WSO’s, many that I have never even looked at.

    I have been doing this internet marketing thing for more time that I would like to admit. Just when I think I’m close to making some significant money, something changes, usually Google related. I have created my own software product, not a large market product, but a product that fits a small niche well. I made enough sales each month to support my IM addiction until recently.

    Even though my product is targeted to a certain niche, Google thinks differently and dropped my site to the 80s or so, drying up what little income I was making. It’s really frustrating when you are offering a product you know people are searching for, but Google doesn’t like your site for some unknown reason. I have two sites promoting it, each with unique content written by me, and no goofy backlink schemes were used. Yet my potential customers don’t know my product exists.

    I know I need to be doing more social marketing, but not being in the young social age group, it’s been difficult to really make any progress in that arena.

    I have considered quitting a number of times, but I love the IM world and am determined to make it.

    Reading some of these comments I see there are a lot of people who could use your help. I can’t say that I deserve it more than anyone, because I don’t, but I sure would appreciate your help.


  101. me be 1 of 3 contd: But seriously folks..I was in sales/mktg for 30+ yrs. Can write good articles and copy (maybe) IMHO…lol
    have the whole funnel in my head…just need the little technical mentoring and I’d be a happy camper.Imagine spending days trying to get a full auto responder sequence going????
    I have a site up and keep tweaking it (of course) in a niche where I can actually help peeps.

    This could even help me get off the “shiny O” hopefully. Thanks for your attention.

  102. Wow, Hugh, you have really put it all into perspective!

    I have spent more money and time than anyone should over the last few years, learning more things than I ever intended to from those who happily took my money. I will not say that is their fault, ultimately, I must take the responsibility.

    I wish I had been able to start with a guide that has the insight and the organized, linear approach to the chaos that most of us find ourselves in, day after day, with conflicting information being sent to us daily.

    I am not certain that I deserve to be chosen over any one else who writes a comment here, but what I would bring to the table is the same desire and dedicated effort that allowed me to become a chiropractor and an acupuncturist.

    Thanks for a well thought out and well written Payday Gateway Report!

  103. I don’t usually pay attention to left handed bass players. But you have got my attention.
    I have a product idea that involves future niches that I need help with. So I would love to be one of the lucky 3 people.
    Just this weekend My wife and I are attending a UK conference with some top British Gurus. I can’t wait to be there.
    All he best and thanks for a brilliant, motivating report

  104. I would first of all like to thank you, for your honesty and passion for your service to your customers. It is very refreshing to know, that you know that you know; that you know your business! It would solve a lot of anguish and mental as well emotional turmoil in getting the best foot forward concerning; “Making Money Online”! I as everyone really would like to be in position to make money enough anyway, to live the dream or be in the moment that they envisioned. I could tell you a number of things that would be similar or just as exciting or intriguing to be trained under your tutelage; here is the reason is to be in position to be trainable, and to pass on what would be shown and given to me to others would be the ultimate compliment to you and ICC PRO. I love your direction……..

  105. Hugh, they said it couldn’t be done. Getting something for nothing that is. Boy have you proven them wrong. I got so much from your report that it will be sinking in for a few days. So firstly, thanks for taking the time and putting it together for the rest of us. And for the encouragement that it really can be done. I have too many WSO’s to mention and got many for the same reasons you mention. Now it’s time to ask you for that mentoring/coaching you so artfully reminded me that I need. My friends have told me for some time that I am truly one of the good guys, always trying to over deliver when helping people. And that I never got the rewards I deserved. Maybe that’s true. It never stopped me from helping others though. Now I realize I not only need the right plan, but a plan to execute the right plan. If I make it to a high level in IM with your coaching and get those rewards for being one of the good guys that made it big, I can tell others that you helped make it so (there I go again, giving back already) and that there are many “good guys” in IM if one only knows where to look. I think I’ve found one here!

  106. I loved your report Hugh. No B*ll$h1t, telling it like it is and showing how it needs to be done. I’ve enjoyed being on your email list since the day I bought ICC Pro. Your posts, support and emails are always enjoyable and you really care about your customers. You really keep it real and I love your advice about this. I want to be like Spock and do the mind melding. Your offer to 3 lucky customers is fantastic and I would seriously be honoured if I was one of the lucky 3, however whoever gets it, what you learn by teaching these 3 people I know you will share with your community because that’s the sort of guy you are. Enjoying all that you do, looking forward to learning even more.

  107. I liked the sensible and realistic approach in the PDF. It fits in well with your presentation, sales, training and followup with ICCPro. So thanks for the time and effort in putting it all together.

    Sometimes in business it is just one or two keys which are critical to success and that is where I am at. I am VERY keen to succeed and although I have a lot of background and knowledge, that in itself I have found is just not enough. So although I have build a number of WordPress sites and have a reasonable IT background, it has not led to generating much in the way of income. I feel I am not far off so I am at the stage where I really do need to sit at the feet of someone who has been far more successful than I have. Someone who can provide direct feedback even if it hurts a bit! Hopefully that someone is you.

    By the way, recently I was recently slapped by Google in regards to a domain name I dropped about four years ago. I don’t know what it has been used for since, but whatever it was Google didn’t like it. Although I have managed to get a new account up and going it reinforces the need to not depend on Google. Ouch.

  108. Great Document Hugh! No BS, down to earth & straight to the point. A dispatch written from the front-line by a true warrior!

    Hi, my name is Mike and here’s my story …

    I suffered a breakdown at work in 2010. Long hours; endless meetings; increasing responsibilities; deadlines; a mountain of urgent emails, voice mails & job uncertainty all came together in my head like one giant train crash on the morning of August 2nd 2010.

    I’ve been off work ever since and although still apparently employed, I am no longer paid by my multi-national technology services employer. Recovery is slow and I realize that I am a different person from the senior IT systems solutions architect that once thrived on the challenges of working on multi-million dollar accounts.

    So far, 2012 has been a year of reflection for me. I see that maybe what happened in 2010 was some kind of a warning. Maybe the price of getting to the top of the corporate ladder isn’t worth the cost. Maybe the ultimate price will be far more severe than what I experienced over 2 years ago and am still recovering from.

    Although highly technical, I have been ‘hands-off’ for a number of years, which means that I only built my first website a few months ago and also discovered WordPress.

    I know that Internet Marketing is where my future lies, but until about April of this year, I knew nothing about it. I explored through Google and came across the Warrior Forum, which is where I also discovered WSO’s. The first few I bought were mainly IM training related, although I admit that some were of the “push-button instant riches variety”! As my knowledge increased, I became more interested in the WordPress plug-in WSO’s, which I became more than a little addicted to – I do have a few gathering cyber-dust on my hard disk!

    SEO was and really still is another area I know little about, although I understand that Google’s recent tweaking of their algorithms with the Penguin & Panda implementations have rendered a lot of the old SEO practices redundant. In a way, I feel this helps me back into the ball-game, so to speak, as to a certain extent everyone else is also back on the learning curve. Relevance and quality of content is now paramount. Providing a constant stream of quality & relevant content led me to the discovery of the concept of curating the content of others.

    Your WSO launch of ICCPro was timely and I quickly became a customer. I have used it a few times, but my main problems are focus and direction. Some of which, I know, is due to the breakdown I am still recovering from, but I will also admit to being a little afraid of embarking on a new career path, especially one that involves a knowledge of sales & marketing.

    Although I currently (still) have a fancy title of Senior Client Solutions Architect, I originally qualified as an electronics engineer and the mindset of an engineer is quite different to that of someone in sales & marketing. I know it will require a fundamental change in my thinking, but I also know that this is where my future lies and I am determined to learn and make the necessary changes to ensure my success in IM.

    Kindest Regards,


  109. Hello Hugh,
    First, I want to thank you for what is a most heartfelt, honest report, rare to find online these days. It is clear from the time you took to do this that you truly care about the success of others…and want to help.

    For the last hour I have been reading all the comments. I am not even sure what to say anymore. There are so many of us in need of help online. If it were me in your shoes, I’d be positively overwhelmed by how many are struggling and need guidance to achieve online success. My first response is that there is something really wrong here. How can it be with all the gurus and their teachings, all the courses and ways to make money online, that so many are still struggling? I can answer to some degree from my own experience of 3 years online, knowing the hurdles of starting out with unbelievable information overload, followed by ceaseless bombardment of emails, followed by months of trial and error to see what works, what fits and what you can trust, followed by a desperate need to focus that feels impossible with the continuous options and changes happening faster than I can grasp the one before it, followed by piles of printed courses and files taking up space on my hard drive, followed by a draining bank account with all the money going out and the money coming in remaining more elusive every day, and ultimately followed by frustration, exhaustion, overload and questioning one’s own sanity. I think a lot of people, sadly, can relate to this.

    I applaud all those who are still standing and determined to succeed in this madness. But there is something wrong with this picture, that so many dive in and drown. I think you nailed it with the absolute need for a “plan” and “focus”, but obviously few online masters are understanding the need to get people on their feet with strong basics before they bombard them with the the next great loophole, plugin or magic software. And those of us being bombarded have to learn to resist temptation and stick to the plan, which is easy to do if you have a solid plan and impossible if you don’t.

    For myself, I am an artist, a painter. I created my first website back in 1997……and had the good fortune of that site sitting on page one of Google for 15 years, bringing me a steady income from my own products. It was a dream come true. My other art site……never did as well, and continues to be a hard site to rank. I rebuilt both sites in wordpress a few years ago, and decided to build more blogs in niches in which I had an interest to supplement my income due to the weakening art market since 2008. Many of those blogs hit the first page of Google quickly, and started generating me income. BUT all that changed with the Panda and Penguin updates, and the latest EMD update took my floorcloth site and all my blogs with an EMD and my income with it, and it just vanished with them….just like that. It is beyond devastating. There are just no words for all the hard work I have done, and to see it all disappear. It has left me in a serious situation.

    But I look for the lesson here…I was doing some things wrong, and I didn’t know it. I was teaching myself everything online, pumped up I had learned how to build beautiful blogs, use the right plugins, pinging, social bookmarking, curating content, monetizing with Amazon, Adsense, CPA and other affiliates, making videos, writing articles,FB fan pages and social media, the whole shebang. I wasn’t paying enough attention to backlinks, and I was over optimizing keywords…so I got hit hard with Panda and Penguin and then crushed with EMD. I was lucky to have a big online SEO man explain all this to me, but the recovery is bleak and going to not only take time, but a “plan” and “focus”…and truthfully a mentor cause no one is really offering this help. I have to get my floorcloth site back cause it’s who I am and what I do and it’s how I live. I have to finally find a way to get my studiobliss site ranked cause it’s also who I am and what I do and it’s been lost out there in the ocean web for far too long. I cannot survive without these sites ranking. I am down to the bone. And all my blogs, well, if I could learn how to get my 2 art sites back and thriving, I can slowly bring them back or rebuild them…the right way.

    I was so close…I was doing OK until all these Google updates crushed me in the areas I wasn’t giving enough attention to nor doing correctly…and honestly, I was just overwhelmed with what I was doing, caught in the trap of the next best way to drive traffic, new plugins, new videos, curation, social media and the rest that I was overlooking some very important basics. It’s crazy out there the bombardment of all this new stuff…and those of us just trying to build a solid foundation don’t even need all this. I have UNSUBSCRIBED to everyone at this point. I refuse to feed off desperation. I just want a simple solid plan that works, that I can focus on and follow and execute every day with a real understanding of what I am doing and why…and know the results will be inevitable instead of more and more wasted time going nowhere fast. Who can afford that in these tough times? I have just lost my online income…I am single…I don’t have help…I am it…I have to find a way to recover or I go down with the ship.

    I am sure you are right that Traffic + Converting Sales Pages = $$$. But from my experience getting traffic has been a big hurdle…I obviously don’t know what I am doing. And I have mostly focused on getting traffic to my blogs, and not really utilizing converting sales pages cause I usually have a variety of products on my blogs for sale, which is different than driving traffic to just one offer. I also have issues with sales/landing pages…I don’t like to be pushy and clearly coming off as trying to sell something. I always just figured if I could get tons of traffic to any site, sales would happen. But since I have some blogs getting 200+ visitors a day, and sales aren’t happening, it’s not working. Maybe that’s because 200+ is peanuts and I need thousands a day, or maybe it’s because the blogs aren’t set up correctly to sell. What to do? I don’t know and I wish I did so i could stop wasting more precious time doing the wrong things hoping it works.

    You asked for me to explain why you should pick me, why I am the right one. That’s hard to do when so many are in need of help. I wish everyone here could get the help they need. I don’t know how to make myself special enough to get such elite help when we all need it. Do you know what the end of the Mayan calendar really means? It means we are now moving into the world of the “we” and no longer the “me”. I am sending you prayers that you will find a “we” solution here so “we” can all be empowered and find success online. But if you stick to your guns here, and I need answer this, I can only say remember where you were and what you felt when you were a struggling and starving musician…I know you did in your report…and that’s me now. A true mentor would change my life…as it would most everyone. So at this point I can only say that you should pick me and that I am the right one because I am ready for a serious dog fight with Google to get my sites back against all odds(your challenge!), how dare they steal my income…and I will do whatever it takes!!!!!!!!! And then I will pay it forward big time to all the other struggling and starving artists.
    That’s as good as it gets, and it sets the stage for the new world that is coming where we truly help one another. Yes, I need to put food on the table, but so do a lot of people.

  110. Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for the great report, the truth hurts sometimes as i am guilty on most points you make. I have been buying programs and software from a variety of sources over the last two years getting ready to launch my self on to the wonder full INTERNET then bang Google make most of what i have purchased none and void in one foul swoop!!!! and many thousands of pounds down the drain in the process.
    So i am now rebuilding my arsenal with what works now. I have been in business for most of my life and have had more success than failure that has allowed me to live life to the full and travel the world. My success is down to my determination to succeed in whatever i do.
    I do have a few hurdles to get over with my new Internet career as i am now a full time dad with two of the most amazingly beautiful children a boy and girl now four and five and both my parents are quite ill with the big C, but as the song goes THAT’S LIFE!!!

    Time is my worst enemy at the moment but once i get both the parents on the mend I shall begin!!

    Best regards…..Ian, by the way looking forward to the webinar….see ya there.

  111. Me 1 of 3: final chapter. So after everything else, I come to the realization that I just need some “coaching” to get me past the rough patches. Finding a mentor with a coaching program (8 wks), seemed like a great plan (at the time, anyway). Signed up…paid my $497 and waited for the “awesome content” to be drip fed on a wkly basis. You know vat???? I’m still waiting! Other than growing my own in a test tube, are there any reputable mentors left out there?? I pray there are.

  112. Hi Hugh,
    Your Payday Gateway report was truly amazing. It’s also amazing and refreshing to see someone pull back the curtain and give us information to really help us. Most IM marketers just don’t do that, in fact most would have charged for it. I very much appreciate your candor and what you have shared with us and I thank you.

    One of the things that hit home with me was your suggestion to make a plan and of course, to take action. We are so bombarded with information online and most of it may be useful but after awhile you become totally overwhelmed. I think it’s called paralysis by analysis. Also I love the Idea of building a funnel. I know it’s very important and it’s one of my largest challenges. But I am committed and will not give up.

    Now, why do I need to be chosen as one of the 3 people that will get your coaching? I am in the the process of transitioning into a full time internet marketing business because of a health issue that has slowed me down in my present offline business What’s interesting is I have had pretty decent success with my off line business website that has produced a lot of business for me over last 9 years. It is a static website but I optimized it for local keywords and I’ve been on the top of the first page until panda came along. I am not completely sure why but I was nowhere to be found after that. After updating content, keywords and trying to get more backlinks I have moved up only occasionally to the bottom of the 1st page. I also recently started a blog that was to complement my offline biz and it could also possibly be a stand alone site. (the beginning of my transition) The new site doesn’t have enough content and at this point and doesn’t rank well. Not knowing much about how to work with WordPress is surely limiting it’s success. So, If I am going to wind down a bit on my present business, which takes too much of my physical energy to keep it going at the pace that I have been going, I better know what I’m doing in a new business and start making some kind of profit. I love working online and I am very excited to have success and will continue no matter what. But, to expedite the learning curve, I really need and would appreciate your help. Whatever your choice, Again I thank you for your report and I look forward to remaining on your list and using your ICC pro software.

  113. Hugh!
    I am late but hope that doesn’t stop you from picking me! I love your report….it’s the start of a kick in the butt I needed. I need more though and that’s where your offer comes in. I am stuck. Woman on a mission to fulfill my dream to provide more for my family, do something creative that speaks to my entrepreneurial drive, help businesses because we can all use a helping hand and take one out of the bucket. But, I am stuck. Living with a hard drive full of shiny objects that I haven’t begun to understand; I am much too isolated and need someone to talk with and get the show on the road.
    All the best to you and thanks again for putting your valuable time into the Payday Gateway Report. Great stuff!

  114. Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for taking the time to write “The Payday Gateway”, it is much appreciated! Only a man called Hugh could have written a 64 page report and expected his followers to read it from start to finish, me included.
    So in answer to the 64 Page Question that comes from a previously starving musician to a currently starving internet marketing student the answer is simple: Like trading in Forex, it takes some time to learn all the tools that are at one’s disposal such as Elliott Waves, Fibonacci, Japanese Candle Sticks, and all the indicators like moving averages, trend channels, oscillators, Williams % Range, momentum, RSI, etc. The same is true for Internet Marketing and not only is time changing and moving at light-speed but the tools are constantly changing and being updated.
    That is why it is so important to have a mentor, who has been their, done that, and has already succeeded and is up to date with the current trends!

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is why I’ve concentrated of late on studying video editing, to the extent that I can get onto the first page of Google fairly easily! (See 24 Hour Fast Cash) by Seamus Shell for example. I feel that I am ready for take-off, and all I need is a good mentor to help me grow exponentially!
    Therefore any mentor called (Sue) or Hugh that takes me under their wing, especially one who likes Johnny Cash like me, will be creating a burning ring of fire that no competitor will be able to penetrate:^) If my mentors name is Hugh he will be as lucky to have found me as I am to have found him!
    There are $$ signs in the air!
    Best Regards
    $eamus $hell

  115. Thank you Hugh for such a great report.

    It sure strikes a chord in all our hearts about the IM journey via the WSO forum and to where we are right now.

    I sure would be like to be one of the 3 – a simple reason: I am also a musician and hope I can contribute to your success also.

    My friends will love this upcoming viral image software launch. This will be my second time promoting your products.


  116. Hello Hugh,
    Thank you for the Payday Gateway PDF report very straight forward info …..I like your style ……I look forward to your emails because they are informative and you’re not always trying to sell.
    I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around, the way you have given 200% to your customers, I would dare say that it would be very hard for anyone not to succeed with you as their mentor.
    With the knowledge you have and the gift to be able to present that knowledge the way you do. I know I would succeed with you as my mentor.
    I am ready for success!

  117. Hey Hugh,

    Just read your free PDF report…

    You blown my head, so much stuff over there that I have no
    room in my brain to file it properly!

    Your own story, Your wife reaction, Creating and launching
    your own WSO, Outsourcing, Social Media, Web3.0, Leverage,
    Planning, JV’s, Solos, Mentoring, catch the wave of
    success, Sales Funnels… AWESOME

    Give me a break man!!!

    I’ll have nightmares tonight thinking in your

    Anyway, I must put myself together again to think
    how can I get to be one of the lucky 3…


  118. Because I have no other options but to make this work. I’ve started learning about IM late in my life but it doesn’t mean I’m at a disadvantage because this is my new passion and I want to make it a reality as an income producing proposition, showing the world that everything is possible after 50

  119. Why should I be one of the three?

    Because I need it. I trust you, I bought your first product and will buy your upcoming one too. I don’t want to get into sucking up mode but in my opinion you have proved an internet marketer can have integrity and honesty AND be successful, which believe me sometimes seems to be a rare thing in our business.

    So why I need this? I think I’m a clever guy, I think I am creative and inspired, I just need direction and more importantly a firm belief that my efforts will yield something. Often I will dabble in something or experiment a little and then give up, unsure if I should invest further time or money because I find it hard to convince myself that my efforts will yield any kind of meaningful results so I usually take the easy and rather lazy way out. I graduated with a degree in English literature and History, I then became an editor for a few years, got bored with the rather ritual tedious nature of the job and quit and have been “researching” the internet marketing business for the last 6 months, doing a lot of reading and testing and dablling in various areas but commiting to few. I have certainly invested a little bit of money and lots of time and I have made very little money in return. However I don’t mind that at all, I have thoroughly enjoyed examing all the different strands of this business and the freedom and potential it offers is intoxicating but you know what I’d like to start making money soon and if I don’t I may have to return to the grind of the daily 9-5 pretty soon. Some part of me knows this IM stuff was made for me, but another part of me is just scatter-brained and unsure of what to commit to, of how to implement my many ideas – that’s hopefully where you come in.

    I am not naive, the special language of the WSO merchants both amuses and disappoints me at times. Everything is “awesome”, everybody is “rocking” this or “crushing”, everybody used to be poor and is now magically rich, everybody is pictured with a beautiful girl or beautiful car or beautiful house with a swimming-pool. Everybody is offering you an amazing deal because everybody has a product that is valued at $197 but made available to you for $17. And the sad truth is people buy these products and buy these charades – I don’t know if I a more disappointed with the lack of imagination on the part of the seller or the buyer. I tell myself sometimes that if I ever release a WSO I am going to do the opposite of the norm to test the reaction, talk down my product in exaggerated terms, show pictures of myself driving a beaten up old Skoda car or some one-room apartment, tell them the product isn’t worth a dime but you suckers will buy anything so I’m making it available on here for 10 bucks. I just wish sometimes that everything wasn’t so predictable in terms of how products were pitched. However I do admire many of the innovative softwares that are developed every day even if many of them ultimately fall foul of some change in the policy of the site/social media they intend to exploit.

    Ok so returning to the point, why do I want to be one of the theee. Because I genuinely believe I have something to offer but I am not quite sure yet what that is or how to bring it out of myself. I know that having someone like you as a mentor would make me COMMIT to the process and perhaps make it a lifetime commitment for me and I need something big like this to believe in it again. It’s easy to become cynical about IM especially for us WSO addicts and serial dabblers in this and that. I don’t know if I’ll be chosen, I’ve made an honest pitch and it’s something I have respected about the way you go about your business so I hope you feel the same about this. One thing I think your excellent report did fail to highlight in sufficient detail perhaps is the lack of belief among those who don’t take action, the feeling that they don’t have something of quality to offer. This is why they are forever demanding a kind of handheld step by step process from those who sell to them. It’s almost like a parent – child relationship and you know what, it’s time I grew up but I’ll admit that it needs something like your mentorship for me to take that giant leap. I know I can do it, I know I have something to offer and I suppose I would regret if I just left all this behind me in a few months when all my money has run out to return to the rat race but I can’t quite make that leap myself. I guess I’m just saying I’m the type of guy who needs someone else to believe in him sometimes – I don’t get that a lot, I think others just assume I have things under control. I guess I’m just saying that I need some help here from someone who has been there and done that. My life is ok but I could so much more, I need to catch a break, a break that will make me believe again. I’m a cyncial guy, I make excuses a lot, quit things, move on etc. I need to commit to something, I want to make something work, to work hard at something, to give it everything – if you got my back on this, hell it could change my life and it’ll be all the motivation I need to make something stick at last, to finally come good!

  120. Hi Hugh,

    I’ve only read the first few pages of your report and I can already tell that this is one of the few I will read to the end – it’s what I needed to hear. Thanks for all your hard work and for the high caliber of training and information you provide.