The Ultimate Staff of VAs with AI!

Hey, Hughster here

If you’re like me, you’ve tried a lot of virtual assistants in the past, or maybe you’re dealing with some now.

There are some gems — and wonderful human beings that work as VAs. There are also some duds, timesucks and money-wasters.

AI Staffs Review and Best Bonus

But even with the very best VA, certain difficulties can arise that can slow you down and cost you m0ney and time.

Things like timezone differences, or unexpected holidays that pop up.

And that’s on top of the time and effort that has to be spent to express the task to the VA, so that you can get exactly what you need out of them.

And you need your work done in a sensible timeline, that you control.

Sometimes that can be a challenge when working with a VA — of course, unless your VA is absolutely top notch, and dedicated only to your business… but it’s hard to find someone like that, believe me.

So now you know why I’m excited to learn about Abhi’s new software — AI Staffs 🙂

AI Staffs gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Virtual Assistant”:

With AI Staffs, your VAs are not remote – they’re virtual, in the sense of being AI entities programmed to help you in every facet of your business!

AI Staffs gives you a software environment where you have multiple employees – actually over 70 of them — each one with their own area of expertise.

So with AI Staffs, after you are in the software, you start out by browsing your employees by skill, and then select the person with the skillset you need.

Then you can provide your project details to them, and actually discuss any additional requirements.

When ready, you send them off to work and – quite quickly – your task’s work is delivered by your virtual employee.

Then you can critique or enhance your instructions to get a different result, or accept the work and download or implement directly from the chat.

The cool thing is that because of how AI works now, when you give it instructions, it will remember everything you’ve told it for any particular project. So over time your employees will become fully trained in their tasks.

And then you can also start a new workspace with an employee with a new project with wholly new parameters and start fresh.

Maybe you’re starting to get the idea of why I’m excited about this?

There are so many skills that you have at your fingertips – for example, you could:

⭐ Automate your sales and marketing tasks
⭐ Create digital courses, products, and marketing plans
⭐ Get expert insights on legal, accounting, and finance matters
⭐ Boost your social media presence and engagement
⭐ Utilize youAI to personalize and optimize your customer interactions

And honestly that’s just a little bit of what you can do with AI Staffs.

You can learn more about this ground-breaking system here on their website.

I’m also setting up a delicious smorgasboard of b0nuses which you can view here on my bonus page, one of my bonuses is going to be a brand new training on how to create VIDEOS with AI! Yours with my compliments along with a huge list of other bonuses I’m still working on. So don’t wait 🙂

Talk soon,

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