What the Heck IS ChatGPT, Anyway?

“thanks Hugh but what the heck IS ChatGPT anyway?”

It makes sense that you’d want to know something about it before investing any time, energy or capital. Please read on for my personal take.

I know you’ve been hearing “A.I. This”, “A.I. That” all around the internet. I’m sure you know, A.I. = Artificial Intelligence.

But what really is artificial intelligence? In my mind it means a highly advanced computer program that understands things (you) on a deeper level so that it does more and more of your work for you. And does it better and better just by you talking to it.

And so you can do a lot just by asking a computer to do stuff for you without any programming whatsoever – just ask for it! (type it in or use voice recognition if you use it).

ChatGPT is the highest, most advanced form of Artificial Intelligence that has ever been offered to the mass public before now.

I’m sure you heard about those Google programmers that quit because they got scared that their AI had become “sentient” and was taking over the world?

Well, it very well may be true and ChatGPT seems to be a portal or a console – a CLI (command line interface) to this intelligence, whatever it is! Well… maybe not. But it seems like it…

You can literally have conversations that go on for days or months with this thing remembering everything you’ve told it. You can ask for it to be your advertising executive or your therapist (lol) and everything in between, and get services from it just by asking.

(I’m not even going to mention that there are ways to create income using ChatGPT… oops I just did… 🙂 )

And there is no limitation – at least for now. They’ve put this out there completely free of charge so you can just have at it.

Tbh I think you need to sign up for an account on openai.com (I have done that so long ago I don’t even remember lol…)
but that’s about it. There may be some payment required after a fr.ee tier but it’s very inexpensive like fractions of a penny after that.

This is the background behind ChatGPT.

Look – I’m not saying you’re not smart enough to figure this out for yourself. Certainly you are. But Alessandro has done his usual bang-up job of putting together the most powerful information in one place – and that’s his new course called ChatGPT Empire which is available at a very inexpen.sive pr.ice if you act now during the launch.

And as always I’ve set up a great bonus for you once you’re in. So go here now to see what ChatGPT Empire is all about, and hopefully – pick up your copy. It’s so inexpensive it’s really a no-brainer.


Much love and happy new year 2023 from Hugh and everyone here at Web Dimensions, Inc.

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