WP Profiler Solves the Top 5 Website Optimization Problems


If you’re like me, you have one or more WordPress websites… also if you’re like me, you LOVE plugins… 

I think that’s one of the great things about WordPress is that you can add so much functionality in by installing plugins. 

Unfortunately, that’s also one of the main drawbacks to WordPress – because the more plugins you have, the more includes, embeds, javascripts, and css files you have on your site – 

which results in very poor, slow performance in many cases.

And that might not be such a big problem, except that Google measures every website for speed issues, and if you’ve got speed issues – your rankings on Google are affected.

In fact I think that’s one of the main things that Google takes into consideration when deciding whether or not to put a website at the top of the search results.

Because for Google, the thing that really want to stay away from, is what they determine to be an unpleasant experience for the end user.

And I guess if the website is slow or hangs when loading, it’s definitely considered a very bad experience.

So the best thing you can do for your Google rankings is to make sure your website is literally “up to speed” 😉

My friend Matt has just released a new plugin which will fully optimize your WordPress website for speed, so that it is at its most responsive and super quick to load.

Why not click on over and have a look, and see if it’s something you can use! You’ll see all my awesome bonuses on this page as well.

Slowness – Site Speed Issues

If your website has slow-loading pages, it will literally KILL conversions.

It also increases your bounce rate, so it costs you more in ad spend if you’re buying ads for traffic.

And if you’re using ads on your slooowwww site for anything, well… you can forget about conversions.

(read on for the solution!)

According to Kissmetrics, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you lose at least 50% of your traffic, and if it takes longer (like some of these websites take up to 20 seconds to load!) you’re going to lose fully 95% of your traffic. That’s pretty bad.

That’s a huge issue especially since more than half of mobile users have pretty slow connections themselves.

So that means that now, more than ever, you have to step it up when it comes to site speed because people are very impatient 😉

And a lot of the tools that are promising you results as far as optimizing your website speed are only focusing on one or another aspect, like one does caching and the other does images and so forth. So it’s hard to get everything covered for site speed.

In a perfect world, a good optimization tool should deal with all of the following issues:

Problem #1 – Hosting with poor global connectivity slows down your site
Problem #2 – Server with poor config & inadequate hosting plans cause issues
Problem #3 – Plugins & Themes can cause load speed issues
Problem #4 – Un-Optimized Graphics will kill load speed & eat bandwidth
Problem #5 – Bloated Databases will thrash your server’s processor

They’ve just launched a brand new WordPress plugin that addresses ALL of the issues above, and more: click here to see a demo of WP Profiler

I’d have to say this is the only tool on the market that helps you do all of this, I’m adding this to my list of a must-haves for people running WordPress websites.

The product is currently on a launch offer special, I’ve got a beautiful smorgasboard of great bonuses-on-delivery lined up for you on my bonus page on the link above, click on over and have a look.

And get that website optimized and speedy – finally!

Diagnose the Issues

if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you’re losing 50% or more of your traffic! 

You can diagnose and fix the Top 5 Speed Killers with new plugin, WP Profiler. 

Speed Factor #1 – Hosting: Poor Global Connectivity Slows Down Your Site – UNIQUE FEATURE – Our product diagnoses hosting connectivity issues in real time 

Speed Factor #2 – Server: Poor Configuration & Inadequate Hosting Plans Cause Issues – UNIQUE FEATURE – Our product diagnoses server configuration issues in real time 

Speed Factor #3 – Themes & Plugins: Can Cause Load Speed Issues – UNIQUE FEATURE – Our product tests theme load speed in real time 

Speed Factor #4 – Un-Optimized GFX: kill load speed & eat bandwidth – SOLUTION – Flawlessly auto optimises site graphics without the cost Speed Factor #5 – Bloated Databases: Thrash Your Server’s Processor – SOLUTION – Does advanced junk cleanup 

Click on over and have a look and definitely don’t miss this if it’s something you can use – the launch will be over soon, so time is of the essence.

You’ll see all my awesome bonuses on that link above as well.

Talk soon,

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