Affiliate Marketing Tool Gets More Sales – Super Affiliate Han Fan

Are you looking for an affiliate marketing tool that can help you get more sales? I may just have the solution in this post.

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Han Fan. Han is an old friend of mine and an experienced internet marketer. Han has just released a new cloud-based software that delivers vital data about your affiliate promotions. This tool is called called Zoo Warrior and helps you pinpoint the best products to sell, the best time of day to mail your products. Additionally, you can easily see who’s refunding the most and which of your customers are buying the most. Pretty important data, if you rely on affiliate promotions! And it’s not the kind of data you can easily get from the affiliate platform. So Zoo Warrior is a great way to get valuable data.

See who all your top buyers are! See who all your top refunders are! See the best time of the day to send your mails to your list! All the information is broken down for you inside of ZooWarrior. Plus – Zoo Warrior has a way to automate the collection of all your affiliate buyers’ email addresses, adding them to your ESP of choice, automatically when the customer makes their purchase.

This system really helps you to streamline your affiliate promotions so you know exactly the best steps to take when designing and executing an affiliate promotion. The result: a bigger bottom line! If you’re doing anything with JVZoo promotions, ZooWarrior is definitely for you. ZooWarrior on sale now!

Discount Coupon Code: hughzoo (developer edition only)

affiliate marketing tool Zoo Warrior by Han Fan

MY BONUS: Buy ZooWarrior through me, and you’ll receive access to a comprehensive video course that trains you how to launch your own products on JVZoo from A to Z (it’s a great course and it’s worth at least $97!)

Thanks for viewing, talk soon. -Hugh