Monetize Facebook Easily with LetClicks!

Now you can easily monetize Facebook with a new powerful platform that makes any shared image into a marketing powerhouse. LetClicks is a great new piece of cloud-based software that allows you to turn any image into a viral attention center. I had a chance to talk to the product creators Kimberly and Danny DeVries and we went over all the fascinating properties of this potent new marketing tool

LetClicks utilizes a new parameter recently added by Facebook to image posts which allows a developer to associate a link directly with an image posted on Facebook so that you don't have to actually type the link in the text. This means viewers on Facebook can click the image to go directly to the link you want them to go to. Additionally, you can pixel your viewers whenever they click on the image, with your retargeting code from any platform. LetClicks also comes with some really nice tools for manipulating your images to really tempt users to click on them such as 'faux' play buttons and even animated giphy type images.

monetize facebook with LetClicks

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