Artificial Intelligence Software for Websites (AIWIS)

Artificial intelligence software is everywhere you look these days. It’s on your phone. It’s on retargeting ads for social networks and Google. It’s even in supermarkets. Literally everywhere you go these days, you’ll find artificial intelligence.

As of this writing, you can get artificial intelligence software that runs on your website. It talks to visitors and converts them to customers!


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Every week there are new products launching on marketing and software forums. Some of these products just stand apart from the others. Such a one is AIWIS, the new Artificial Intelligence Website Interactive System. Aiwis allows you to easily construct a logic-based droid to meet and greet your website visitors. It even remembers your customers' names and locations each time they return to your website!

AIWIS artificial intelligence software for websites

You can set up chat exchanges with customized user input driving the behavior of the mascot. It can help bring a decent return on investment by befriending your visitors. This in turn helps convert them into potential customers.

I was able to get an interview the person who created the AIWIS idea. The man who made it a reality is Mr. Craig Crawford. Here's the interview in its entirety - enjoy, and pick up your copy of AIWIS through the link below.

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