Expired Domain Finder Gets Links from Youtube

Here’s a great piece of software you may be interested in for building your business with traffic:

It’s called Equinox and what it does is some heavy lifting to find domains that you can grab that already have traffic from Youtube.

Here’s how you use it:

  • Step 1: Search by Keywords for videos with broken links
  • Step 2: Choose the videos with the most views and broken link domain available
  • Step 3: click the GoDaddy-NameCheap link and buy the expired domain
  • Step 4: Simply make use of the traffic any way you see fit


The software also comes with great training on how to monetize traffic. I highly recommend their training.

There is an upgrade you can also get that lets the software do the same process on Wikipedia for big traffic

Check it all out here!

I will say the sales page looks a little hypey. But this is almost better than any expired domain finder software because it’s based on getting traffic from Youtube that you can exploit from the links pointing to the domains

I have a great bonus for you as well (inner circle brain dump and a software product you can have complete PLR to) available as a link on delivery

Also as I said that do great training that will benefit you for years check it out

Talk soon,


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