Mobile App Opportunity Interview with Dr. Ope Banwo

Today I learned about a mobile app opportunity. I had the good fortune to interview Dr. Ope Banyo, a semi-retired US-based attorney who has done business internationally but now runs a thriving software enterprise and is having “too much fun” doing it! Ope is the mind behind MobiMatic, a ground-breaking new platform for creating mobile apps. This cloud-based, drag-and-drop software makes it easy for anyone to put together a good looking functional mobile app with just a few clicks or a few taps. Ope and I discussed the software and his journey that brought him to MobiMatic. I’m sure you will enjoy the interview, and you’ll also enjoy using MobiMatic (link below the video)

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This interview is about an hour in length but it really goes by quickly because the subject matter is so interesting, and inspiring, especially if you're an online marketer or someone who is looking to drive more traffic and more revenue to their business. Even if you just make these apps for your own business, you're way ahead. But if you look at the overwhelming number of real success stories that are coming behind this software, it's truly inspirational. Just sit back and have a view and a listen to Dr. Ope while he reveals the power of MobiMatic.