Mobile First Indexing – have you heard about it?

It’s a term Google used to describe its latest MAJOR change in how they index websites. Google now puts much more emphasis on how a website performs on Mobile devices. The metric they are most focused on is page load time.

Have you heard about “Mobile-First” indexing?

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Look at this comment directly from Google’s Webmaster blog:

“…we recently announced that beginning in July 2018, content that is slow-loading may perform less well for both desktop and mobile searchers.”

Google Webmaster Blog

A few weeks ago, Google also made this announcement:

Starting July 1, 2019, Mobile-First Indexing will be used to index “all new, previously unknown to Google Search, websites.”


This means that site load speed (especially on mobile) will start to move ahead of page content when Google evaluates your site in their ranking algorithm.

For example: if there are two identical websites, the fastest loading website across all devices (especially Mobile) will rank above the other.

With all the traffic moving over to phones and mobile devices, it makes perfect sense that Google would cater to that audience when evaluate search results for their algorithm.

Google wants you to be pleased with the search results their algorithm provides you with, and they know how annoying it is to have to wait for a page to load. I can say that more often than not I will hit that “back” button if I have to wait more than say ten seconds for a page a found on Google!

It’s So we have to face it that it’s going to be pretty inevitable that Google will take traffic away from our own sites if they are slower than the competition or don’t load well on Mobile.

Mobile-Friendly and Mobile-Responsive themes and websites are all well and good, but actually there’s another kind of website that Google is going to rank higher for mobile traffic.

I’ve recently heard of a new technology that is going to help build these new kind of mobile-centric websites from my existing websites and I’m very much looking forward to that.

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