From a “Ghost Town” to “Traffic City”

Here’s a website I’ve had for some time, like a couple of years… I’d wondered why in the heck I wasn’t getting any traffic at all to this site. Then I did what I call a “keyword overhaul” – that is I set up the titles with keyword phrases I knew people were searching for – and then I set up a campaign with my new (secret) system that automatically markets to my keyword list and puts videos out for me. A couple of dashes of my “secret sauce” and the traffic started pouring in… I almost couldn’t believe it.

I immediately started getting opt-ins right away – in a way I was kind of flabbergasted since the website had seemed so dead for the last two years. What I did to make that change was surprisingly easy, anyone can do it.

Here’s a second website where I pulled off the same magic using the same technique —

from zero traffic to vibrant website

It seems to work on whatever I want to bring traffic to. I will be happy to share the technique with you, I just don’t want to do it publicly.

So I’ve decided to tell all on a live webinar – I realise it’s a holiday week and all, I didn’t want to take your “Black Friday” and ask you to sit at your computer so I’m going to hold this webinar on Saturday at 1pm – I hope you can make it.

Click here to register

If you can’t make it, I will try to do a second presentation or set up an auto-replay for you. But I hope you can be there live.