Dominating a Local Niche

Case Study #2 – Local Business

In yesterday’s post I showed how I was able to jump-start several of my websites from zero to full blown traffic by implementing a special technique which I’m going to share with you on a webinar, the registration link is below (read on)

I’d like to share another case study with you today – I know a guy here in Miami who does appliance repair – actually we needed a washing machine repaired and he was sent by an agency.

He did a great job and we got to talking, he’s just starting out his own company and needed business from the internet and after some negotiation, I agreed to do set up a website and do his SEO in exchange for him helping me with repairs that we need around the house.

(BTW, this came in really handy after that last hurricane lol) at any rate —

I’ve been running his online properties for a few months now and we’re getting some really good rankings. Here’s a list of all the words we’re on page one of Google for, along with their ranking position as of today November 24th:

We’re not in the maps listing yet but I’m working on that, I just installed the schema tags today. But we’re getting great organic rankings as well for a large percentage of the smaller cities and towns around Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

His business has blown up, I’m waiting for him to deliver his testimonial but he’s been so busy with the calls he’s getting now he hasn’t had a chance. Until then I can impress you with the rankings. Here are a couple of examples:

I’m going to explain to you on tomorrow’s webinar exactly what we’ve been doing to get these great rankings.

These are just a few of the amazing rankings we’ve been getting and as I mentioned before, I’ve decided to tell all on a live webinar – I’m going to hold this webinar on Saturday at 1pm EST – I hope you can make it.

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If you can’t make it, I will try to do a second presentation or set up an auto-replay for you. But I hope you can be there live.