They made my wife start working from home this week for the first time ever!

My wife has worked at that office for 18 years and they never let her telecommute before. Now they’re forcing EVERYONE to telecommute!

Hugh from Web Dimensions, Inc.

Me personally, I have telecommuted for years, including for some big companies. I sometimes had to beg or pull some power play to get my telecommuting status with whatever company I was contracted to, cause believe me they like to have their eyes all over you if they’re paying you something.

Now that we’ve entered this new age, it’s literally a telecommuter’s dream-come-true 😉

I think we’re entering a whole new world of online madness and now is the time to learn all the tools… because in a hot minute we’re going to have everyone and their cousin working online due to this “panic-demic”.

I’m doing my best to keep you updated on all the different avenues – but let’s face it, you’re probably already pretty much a pro compared to the stampede of newbies we’re going to be getting in the coming days!

Let’s talk about webinars for a minute. People have crushed it on webinars and auto-webby’s since I dunno, about ten years. But lately you might say people are jaded and bored with them – “not another webinar”

But believe me that is not going to be the case with all the newbs… I say it’s time to get cracking cause there are going to be a lot of new eyes on the interwebs looking for ways to make money.

So webinars — when it comes to webinars, if you want to teach something, it’s great. If you want to make money, it’s even better –

but you need to have a system, not just go on broadcast and run your mouth.

My friend Vijay who did the autoresponder product last week has just launched this Webinar Conversion Masterclass today. I know his style is actually no-frills, down-to-earth and gives you what he promises.

There’s definitely not a lot of bells and whistles but this kind of product is all content and no fluff to distract you from the actual value.

In fact he flat out states there is no upsell to this offer and the course is again very affordable at only 27 smackers. He said he planned to upsell you an webinar creator plugin but instead he will just give that plugin to you as a bonus for getting the course. So you will get that plugin too.

I actually haven’t had a chance to go through this system yet but here is the breakdown of content:

  • Video #1: Introduction to Webinars and Recommended Tools
  • Video #2: What’s a Webinar Without The Right Audience?
  • Video #3: Our Blueprint for a Sales Webinar
  • Video #4: Finding Your Angle
  • Video #5: Who’s the Host?
  • Video #6: The Meat
  • Video #7: The Pitch
  • Video #8: Justifying The Price
  • Video #9: The Close

It’s pretty standard but if you’ve never put together a webinar before, this can really help you understand how the flow should be for maximum profits so you can plan and execute webinars flawlessly and profitably — live or auto-webinars.

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