How Does Everybody Keep Putting Out New Video Software?

Hi again! If you’ve been reading my recent posts and especially yesterday’s post you’ll recall that I mentioned, there are a lot of people in the IM space pumping out one video tool after another – and I promised to explain how and why that’s possible. The fact is, most if not all are taking advantage of some great open source tools that are available to everyone for free if you know what you’re looking for.

There’s some great open source software for video manipulation that anyone can download and use — I use it for my tools, and a lot of other people have discovered it too. It’s called FFMpeg and it’s great for cobbling together video creation scripts. And that’s what most of these video tools are at the end of the day, scripts and templates on top of FFMpeg (except for the ones that use Adobe After Effects to create logos and such). I do believe my Vidworkz was one of if not the first to utilize FFMpeg for a cloud-based video creator tool.

If you’re looking for a great video editor software that’s almost as good as something like Adobe Premiere or Camtasia, you should try Open Shot. Probably the hardest part about it is the installation, but once you get it installed you can do all kinds of advanced video editing. Check out Open Shot here. 100% free, no cost, high-end video editor tool.

Open Shot – Free and Open Source Video Editor

I’ve worked really hard to keep Vidworkz running and learning new things about how to make it better… I have just finished creating a brand new tool after four years of analysis – TapVIDz CREATE video manipulator tool. It’s quite awesome and is integrated with my distribution network system — no one knows about this yet. Except you now. And Vidworkz is still running, I will be completely rebuilding it soon with everything I’ve learned but I’m also really excited about my new tool TapVIDz CREATE.













The kind of systems I’ve been creating especially in the last two years, are more than just one-trick ponies. I’ve created a comprehensive, integrated, video-blogging-social network-syndication-video-embed system — that, once set up – you can create a video with a few clicks (or use one you made from another software) and instantly remix & share it across multiple social networks AND embed and syndicate those shares including blog embeds across multiple networks. It’s pretty amazing.

It’s not tightly integrated with my original Adobe Air software, but you can certainly use those to access the system. So we’re talking about first, second and third-tier integrations. There are a lot of moving parts and it’s not particularly an easy IM product type of sell. And what I’ve described about my system is only the first level of functionality – probably you’d need a two-hour webinar to go through everything that’s in it. I’ve started publishing some videos to demo parts of the system, here’s one…

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How do you feel about all those product launch emails that inundate your inbox? Tomorrow I’ll be writing about how I really feel about the Product Launch cycle, and if and how it fits in to my business model. Stay tuned 😉

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