One of My Biggest Fowl-ups in the IM Biz

Hi again, if you read yesterday’s post, then you read the story of how I got into the internet marketing business, how my products rose to prominence pretty quickly, and how much of a complete NOOB I was when I started 😉 And I promised to tell you about one of my biggest early screwups when I charged into promoting a software product that, well, didn’t work…

As I mentioned I’d made quite a bit of commissions from sales of this piece of “SEO Royalty” up front,  because, as a bonus, I’d offered to do a complete video training course on how to use the product. Believe me, that really helped me get sales because in general, people dig my style of presentation/teaching.


But the training course was a bust, because when I tried to demonstrate the software in a screen capture video with Camtasia, it was so painfully obvious that the software did not work… I couldn’t even make excuses for it. It was bad, really bad. But all I could do was take a deep breath and move on. I believe I did create a whole new course on a different topic and provided that as a bonus instead of what I’d originally promised about the software, and I offered that with my apologies and a suggestion to perhaps get a refund. This was five years ago so I consider it my kindergarten phase as an internet marketing. I’m at least in college now haha… maybe grad school…

As a result of that bad experience, I practically NEVER promise to do training on anyone else’s product, unless I’m actually using it and not promoting it. Although I do produce demo videos to show what the software does I never want to put myself in the position of being responsible for someone else’s product training.

I guess, due to my own self-diligence, I’ve never put out a product that bombed in terms of whether or not it actually works. I wouldn’t even consider putting out something that doesn’t work, just to make money…

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You may have seen me launch other products on my own since those early “Viral Curator” launches — I’ve done some by myself which have done not half badly at all. And I partnered with some other “launch kings” a few years ago, which to be honest, didn’t really work out much in my favor. There were a lot of sales but very small percentage of money going into my accounts and my product highly discounted just to get sales. But I ended up with the tax liability — long since resolved now, but I learned that particular model doesn’t work out well for me.

Then there’s the fact that I am quite strict about not allowing people to print headlines on my sales pages that are patently false. I guess that tends to make me a bit unpopular with partners, for some reason.

Lately I’ve had some offers to partner, but they want to give me like 10% of my own product — so forget it. I’d rather chart my own course, sail my own ship, and gather my own crew. Who’s with me!

Not that there aren’t some good products and vendors out there – I could give you a list of people I respect in this marketplace if you asked me. And there’s some great software too — particularly the video makers are great values for the price.

Tomorrow I’ll post about how all these people are putting out new video software day in and day out! There’s a very simple answer, I’ll reveal it in tomorrow’s post!

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