Inside Look for My Subscribers – New Web D Tools

I’ve been tinkering in the laboratory for the last year putting together this amazing system for creating and distributing videos – I call it TapVIDz. Right now the only people who are using it are my early adopter full agency license holders and my monthly subscribers. I want to pull back the curtain on this marvelous software, and let you see some of what it does.

I use this tool daily to promote my products, get my music out there and get other messages out to my followers – like asking them to subscribe to a Facebook group, opt in to an email form or visit a particular piece of content.

You may have been programmed to think that you need the latest, most dazzling tool to create your videos – but the fact is, if you can attract people’s attention with your message and get it across, then that’s all you really need. And I DO need that, on a daily basis, with simple videos.

But you also probably have a lot of “super-dazzling” videos that that you’ve made with other software, you uploaded them and now they’re collecting dust on your hard-drive.

Well guess what – you can upload them again through this system, remix and re-post them as many times as you want.

This powerful system exponentiates the possibilities of my video marketing, and totally cuts down on the time needed to do it. I don’t need a VA! haha – not saying a VA isn’t great, but this system is my VA… haha

Just check out the video. You’ll see what I mean! OH… one more thing: if you want to get access to this system, AND get weekly live calls with me — I have a great deal going right now which wil give you a chance to get grandfathered in to my membership at 2013 prices.

If you’re serious about signing up, please contact me here or message me on Facebook at (mention “USM offer”) and I’ll take care of you. I’d love to see you in our group 🙂

Talk soon,

Web Dimensions, Inc.