Ranking Factory Revolution is Better than Ever! (video interview)

Last year, I had the good fortune of meeting some guys that are really deep into using google properties to get traffic and rankings.  You might have seen the interviews that I did last year with these guys for the Ranking Factory —  in the interim, big changes have occurred in their organization, and it has resulted in a complete rewrite of their software from the ground up—and I have to say, the new software is about 10 times better than the old software.

If you are a customer of mine and you picked up Ranking Factory last year, then you would have been contacted by the guys with an awesome offer to upgrade to Ranking Factory Revolution for $1.00.  Every one that took that offer ended up with an amazing deal.

Now if you haven’t picked up Ranking Factory Revolution already, you definitely need to watch this video and see the power of this system.  There’s really nothing else like it available and let me tell you, it really works.

The reason is working so well is because the Ranking Factory Revolution guys and their team have figured out some extremely clever ways of connecting the free google properties together resulting in a very powerful rankings for any website to which this technique is applied.  Just watch the video of my interview and you’ll start to understand just why this technique is so powerful.

Now if you’re interested in getting involved with the Ranking Factory Revolution, simply click the button below or go to aaa-1.com/rankingfactory .

I have two coupons you can use as well-

  • HH300 for $300 of the combo purchase
  • HH200 for $200 off the one-pay
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Also Patrick has assured me that anyone who gets Ranking Factory Revolution through my link will also receive one extra license (it’s like getting an extra copy of the software)

I’m definitely using Ranking Factory Revolution myself and it works like gangbusters.  There really isn’t a better system for getting traffic and rankings to your web properties.

Thanks for reading this and talk soon!