♫ On the First Day of GDPR…. (here’s what to do!) ♫

Hopefully you saw my email from friday so you have some idea why I’m emailing you again today – in fact it’s a bit of an emergency, there’s some urgency to this.

If you read Friday’s post, and it’s a “Yay” (awesome how many people responded with that!) — then please go to this page and follow the instructions.

If you missed Friday’s post – please read on and apologies for the length.

The First Day of GDPR

I don’t know if you’ve gotten any notifications from other marketers you may be subscribed to, but you’re probably aware that there is a huge change coming down in today’s Internet space which may very well render a lot of businesses either very ineffective, or liable for huge international fines unless they change certain practices and implement certain safeguards.

If you know me at all then you know that I really don’t BS around about this kind of thing. And the other thing you probably know about me is that I try and play within the rules and I’m also in it for the long haul.

And after reviewing this thing called the GDPR and wrapping my brain around it as much as possible, I’ve come to the conclusion that the end of the day it’s probably going to be more of a good thing than a bad thing, although it’s definitely going to change the way things are done in terms of Internet and Email Marketing.

It’s definitely going to make me change my whole approach and make much more personal and tailored to help my specific tribe because at the end of the day you are the most important thing in my business.

So of course I want to be able to send you an email when I want to. You probably already realize that I am not the kind of marketer that goes overboard with promotional emails – that’s going to get better about me too

This new scenario is going to mean that I’m putting myself out there more and more, and those who are interested in what I have to offer will want to stay connected, and those who aren’t, well, all the best.

And while these new rules supposedly will only be enforced through the EU, it’s also said that affected EU citizens could actually be located anywhere in the world.

So that phrase more or less invalidates any argument saying one should block the EU and only market to people in the United States, since anyone could be an EU resident in the United States and the marketer could still incur fines.

And at the end of the day I don’t want to shut anybody out-so what that means is that I need to basically reengineer a way for you to legally be a part of my distribution network – and what that really means is that I have to ask you to RE opt in or if you really prefer, opt out now.

Or else ultimately I will be deleting you from my subscriber database.

As I mentioned in yesterdays Email, if you do take a positive step that I’m asking you to do, I am giving you access to the most lavish spread of bonuses that I have ever put together for any purpose or any promo that I’ve done in the past. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The value of this gigantic mountain of goodies that I’ve assembled for faithful confirmed subscribers it is beyond anything that I’ve never released before, it includes software training courses, video, images and media PLR, personal training I’ve done and the chance to win exclusive access to new software that I’ve recently created.

Your bonuses will be immediately available to you upon successful CONFIRMATION of your re-subscription. (please note- CONFIRMATION)

So what you’re going to have to do is fill out a brand new opt-in form with your name and correct e-mail address, tick a check box that says you give me permission to e-mail you and submit.

It would be great if that was all you had to do, but I have to ask you to do one more step-

After you submit the new opt in form, I’m going to send you a confirmation e-mail and I’m going to ask you to click a link in the Email which provides me the final confirmation that you fully opted in and granted to me permission to e-mail you.

Please note that doing the opt-in without clicking the link in the confirmation email is just the same thing as not doing anything at all — so please be sure to follow all steps and locate that confirmation e-mail after you opt in (it could be in your spam folder if not in your inbox) and click the link to confirm your subscription. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

I know it sounds like a lot of steps but really it’s not that hard and unfortunately it’s just what we have to do now in order to stay in touch.

As I mentioned before, I am offering you an ethical bribe in the form of probably the largest, most insane spread of bonuses and freebies that I’ve ever set out in my entire online career just to entice you and prove to you the value of staying with me (in case you need more proof at this point which I’m more than happy to provide).

I’m talking over 15 GB of (new) royalty-free images, over 20 GB of new video, hundreds of MBs of audio, and tons of info products with funnels and resale rights with PLR just for you.

And that’s not all – I’ve been rushing to get this done but I plan to keep adding more and more to the bonuses just to keep people motivated to opt in and you get the benefit, just keep stopping back to the bonus page as I add more stuff.

And as I also mentioned before, if it just doesn’t interest you to stay connected with me, then that’s fine, I completely understand, and hopefully we part as friends. If you want to unsubscribe right now, please feel free, but be sure that’s what you really want to do.

Otherwise, to re-confirm your connection with Web Dimenions, Inc. and myself (Hugh), please click here and follow the instructions to confirm and receive your bonuses.

I sure hope that you’re ready to follow the steps I’ve outlined so you can confirm your important spot among my valued subscribers and claim those awesome bonuses!

Hope to talk to you soon,

Web Dimensions, Inc.

PS. One other thing – for my friends and loyal subscribers I’ve also devised an offer that quite frankly I’m probably out of my mind to make you but I’m going to be lowering prices back to 2012 levels just for a short time to show you how much I appreciate you being a part of my group of subscribers. So if you’re the kind of person who loves to buy low and get great value then I’ve got something great for you… stay tuned (and be sure to opt in)!