♫ The Twelve Days of GDPR ♫ (emergency!)

Dear Reader,

This is kind of an emergency message – things are changing on the Internet and I'm sure we're all going to be affected one way or another by the changes.

There's a new law taking effect at the end of this month and I'm convinced it's going to change EVERYTHING. I know my business is going to be changing a huge way – there's going to be a lot less of throwing things against the wall to see what sticks, and a lot more of me putting my self out there and sharing with my peeps and helping everyone navigate

an image of GDPR Email

So I'm really looking to tighten up my tribe, and I want to make sure that you're still going to be a part of that, if you want to remain in my circle – and I sure hope you do! So, for the next ten to twelve days I may make a nuisance of myself until you stop me – I'm going to be emailing/posting every day until I get a YAY or NAY from you personally in one way or another 🙂

then I'll stop and hopefully you'll be partaking of the GIGANTIC BONUS SMORGASBOARD I'm setting out for you on the other side.

And if it's a nay, I'll totally understand… And we'll part friends, hopefully each of us having been enriched in some way for having known the other.

And if it's a yay, then I can tell you this: YOU'RE GOING TO BE ENJOYING the most bountiful spread of bonuses that I've ever put together waiting for you on the other side 🙂 The value of this gigantic mountain of goodies that I've assembled for faithful confirmed subscribers it is beyond anything that I've never released before, it includes software training courses, video, images and media PLR, personal training I've done and exclusive access to new software that I've recently created.

I'll be telling you more about the bonuses in future emails, as well as how to reconfirm as my subscriber, so please watch for the next emails coming from me for exact instructions.

Thanks a lot for reading this 🙂 look for my next e-mail,


Web Dimensions, Inc.