Video Seeder

Video Seeder
Video Seeder Box Shot

I noticed there’s a new software just launching for video sharing called Video Seeder and I wanted to say a few words about it.

Here’s the gimmick: it’s a desktop software that installs and runs on YOUR computer, so Youtube thinks you’re uploading videos manually from YOUR computer.

Video Seeder Box Shot

They say this provide some kind of protection from getting banned, or extra ranking juice because it’s from your computer and not the cloud.

To be honest, I think that’s debatable – Youtube doesn’t ban you because you upload from the cloud, OR because you used their API – they ban you because you have crap content or violate their TOS in some way.

I personally have run automated, API-based video uploads at the rate of one per hour, for days on end – I did that a couple of years ago and I’m still ranking for my term on both Google and Youtube. And I have NEVER had an account banned for doing such a thing.

According to my research, they actually like having people use their API and you can rank just as HOT with a cloud-based API as you can by uploading with your own computer.

But certainly there are some advantages to having a desktop software to upload and distribute your videos – mainly because it does emulate a human on a residential ip address. So you could run in on a VPN without using your own bandwidth.

I’ve been working on video sharing systems since my plugin VVC Syndicator, which I released in 2013. I tried doing this with a plugin a couple of times and it didn’t work out… Google changed things so that the API requires a specific website to call back to and a plugin became difficult without forcing people to get involved creating their own apps on Google.

Having an emulator-type software sidesteps that whole issue because it just automates the use of a browser on your computer to upload videos, then gets the links back and shares and embeds them over your other accounts. So I obviously like what this software does though I haven’t tested it.

And if you want to get technical, Video Seeder is against Youtube’s TOS because you’re not supposed to scrape with automated browsers. But the point is, Youtube will never know because the software is put together in such a way that it really seems human.

Personally, since 2014 I have been building up my own, very cool web based software that does pretty much all the same stuff that the seeder does (except it uses “kosher” APIs)… it’s called TheWorkz with its component software TapVIDz. You may already have it.

TapVIDz itself is pretty expensive but you get the entire component set and agency usage – fully cloud-based so you don’t have to tie up your computer and you can set all kinds of stuff up for multiple clients – campaigns that run hands free using our TapVIDz ReLOADz system.

In conjunction with my other tools SociWorkz and BlogWorkz, TapVIDz gives you the ability to save all your video channels (direct uploads to Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Flickr), auto-embedding and sharing to blogs (WordPress & Tumblr) and broadcasting on social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest)

It’s all integrated into my “foundation system” so you only have to save your accounts once and then all the component software uses the same database to do operations.

It’s just a matter of saving your accounts and apps, then cobble together strategies for your videos, blogs and social sharing. It’s pretty cool.

Of course, all my USM members* get all my software tools at agency level and full support from me whenever required, in fact I often set up parts of the system for my members so they can get started quickly.

But to be fair… my TapVIDz system may be overkill for someone who just has maybe one or two Youtube accounts and doesn’t mind using their own computer for video bandwidth. Video Seeder MAY be just perfect for you.

Cyril Gupta is the vendor and I’ve heard good things about him.

Talk soon,


*PS: just a reminder – for 24 hours only on “Black Friday” I’m going to be running a phenomenal sale on the “lifetime” version of my USM Membership – it’s gonna include ALL the tools I’ve described above, plus a LOT more… for a one time payment that’ll be so low, it’ll be “an offer you can’t refuse” 🙂 mark the date November 29th 2019

Still Available: LeadFlow360 for powerful local marketing
Still Available: MugJam Facial Recognition Videos
Build A FREEDOM Business Without Ads, Funnels or Websites

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Hey this is a really crazy new piece of video software that lets you put your face (or anyone else’s for that matter) on a video with your own voice over or a computer generated voice track that you type in. So you can have your own face and voice on a video without ever stepping in front of a camera. It’s pretty cool!

Here’s an example of a Mugjam video that I made just for you to check it out:

If you want to learn more about Mugjam please navigate here

Expired Domain Finder Gets Links from Youtube

Here’s a great piece of software you may be interested in for building your business with traffic:

It’s called Equinox and what it does is some heavy lifting to find domains that you can grab that already have traffic from Youtube.

Here’s how you use it:

  • Step 1: Search by Keywords for videos with broken links
  • Step 2: Choose the videos with the most views and broken link domain available
  • Step 3: click the GoDaddy-NameCheap link and buy the expired domain
  • Step 4: Simply make use of the traffic any way you see fit


The software also comes with great training on how to monetize traffic. I highly recommend their training.

There is an upgrade you can also get that lets the software do the same process on Wikipedia for big traffic

Check it all out here!

I will say the sales page looks a little hypey. But this is almost better than any expired domain finder software because it’s based on getting traffic from Youtube that you can exploit from the links pointing to the domains

I have a great bonus for you as well (inner circle brain dump and a software product you can have complete PLR to) available as a link on delivery

Also as I said that do great training that will benefit you for years check it out

Talk soon,


Web Dimensions, Inc.

A Simple Solution to a New Threat

A Simple Solution to a New Threat
accessibility widget

Remember when everyone was talking about how you could get sued for using images that you don’t own on your website? I’m here to tell you about the new threat – “non-accessibility”. (there are no affiliate links in this email by the way)

accessibility widget

But first let me remind you what’s happened already – a lot of people would just scrape images from other people’s sites and put them on their own – and even some plugins were coded to use images straight from RSS Feeds… they look great and compliment your content, but as you probably already knew a long time ago… it was all a really bad idea. Here’s why:

Some lawyers figured out that they could capitalize on the practice by just reading who loaded those images and then they would send letters demanding large payments in exchange for cancelling a lawsuit. In fact I’ve been through one of those very uncomfortable situations with one of my clients… at the end of the day we were able to get by without paying but during that time I was able to see how these companies actually hook up some back end scripting technology so they know exactly who was using images and it even includes an automated system that sends threatening letters to the identified sites who are using Getty images and the like, demanding payment. It’s a real racket and this is still going on.

But the word “on the street” is that there is another, new racket that’s just starting up – people are getting sued for “non-accessibility” on their websites. This is just getting ramped up but I’m sure they’ll soon be using website spiders to identify offenders and at this point it’s probably about 95% of the internet who DON’T have accessible-friendly website code.

It would be great if could sidestep this problem completely and stay out of the way of these lawyers and their goals of taking your money. And clearly, of course it’s a wonderful idea to provide easy access to those who want it and may have a handicap or more of a challenge in obtaining access than those who don’t. So it’s a win-win for everyone.

So if you want to sidestep this problem, provide accessibility to those who need or want it, and completely and stay out of the way of these lawyers — there is a plugin you can install that provides a widget for “accessibility” that completely precludes any grounds for any lawsuit. You can pick it up here on the UserWay website. This is completely free and it is not an affiliate link so please make use of this if this concerns you at all. I already have it on this website in case you want to see how it looks – it’s the icon in the upper right hand corner.

Why Build an Email List on LinkedIn?

Why Build an Email List on LinkedIn?
The Best Course on LinkedIn Monetization
Yeah! Cool, so the question is: Why should you develop an email list on LinkedIn? And how can LinkedIn actually fit into this? So it’s very simple, you can go on LinkedIn and you can use the publishing platform and develop posts, text posts, image posts, video posts and you will get some followers.

Some of individuals who check out or view your material, they may like your stuff and send you a message like: “I want you to work with me!”, or “I want to offer you cash”, but in reality that’s not occurring all day long every day.

So you need to ensure that you have a more dependable method of getting in contact with them. The problem of LinkedIn is, that you have the algorithm. And the algorithm will always require you to produce brand-new content all the time.

If you stop briefly for a while, you may get down ranked, and then you need to build up momentum again. So you require at least five to six touch points for any customer interactions, before many people feel confident sufficient to become a paying client of yours. In order to develop those touch points you need to make certain that you are seen a minimum of five to six times.

You can’t always rely on the LinkedIn algorithm! Likewise people do not show up on LinkedIn every day. A few of us only log in to LinkedIn once a month to examine the messages they got from recruiters. You need a more trustworthy method for people to develop those touch points. And among the very best methods you can follow is to develop an email list.

Check out the Best Course to Monetize LinkedIn here – Linkedtify

The way I advise to create an email list is to use LinkedIn short articles to establish your authority. Discuss something you are the specialist in and then you provide individuals like a simple win, a reason that they must offer you their email address. It’s often called a lead magnet or and opt-in bribe.

An extremely simple way how you can develop a lead magnet is by turning an articles you currently have, or some parts of your post, and after that turning them into a cheat sheet or that you can become a PDF and make it a requirement that individuals need to enter their email address download this content. Which’s a very basic method how you can develop an email list Once we have the email list this is yours for life! It does not matter if LinkedIn would be shutting down tomorrow– I hope not!– but you can take this email list and to any other platform. Possibly there is a new Facebook coming up in 2 years time, who understands?! The email is yours and you can continue to email them all the time and keep the relationship alive.

E-mails have a much higher probability to be checked out than any other material you could ever take into the algorithm. Simply take a look at Facebook, Facebook Pages were very hot a couple of years ago. Then they were cutting down, chopping whatever down to practically absolutely nothing.

And now it’s pay to play and you have to basically increase each and every single post if you want to appear in anyone’s newsfeed. I do not understand if that’s not occurring on LinkedIn or any other platform, so ensure that you have an email list where you can dependably get in touch with people on a day-to-day basis. That’s it! Take a look at this post I composed. It’s a whole tutorial on how to establish an email list, how you can recycle your material on your blog, on your LinkedIn account, on your Medium account. How you can setup an entire funnel: Getting everyone to read this, producing a lead magnet, how to set up a funnel so they can opt-in, how to automate your lead magnet delivery system. Have a look at the link and let me know in the remarks: What do you believe? Are you developing an email list or how do you build your company? Thumbs up and follow me for more amazing LinkedIn content and marketing strategy material Peace out!

EyeSlick Review & Bonus Offer – Watch EyeSlick Review & Get 100+ HQ Bonuses

EyeSlick Review & Bonus Offer – Watch EyeSlick Review & Get 100+ HQ Bonuses

Eyeslick – the new Ecommerce platform for publishing and monetization!


Let’s talk about EyeSlick.

Just a few seconds to check my huge list of high quality bonuses included in this offer.

Let’s be honest here: Social platforms are the most favorite places, where people go to socialise and find products to buy.

EyeSlick is a brand new generation of live streaming and social platform.

You can create your own channel, and sell products, while live on video, sell the videos, upload pre-made videos, sell products and sell your time for individual or groups.

You can also earn money from donations.

It works in 3 simple steps:


Step1: Create a channel.

Log into the dashboard, create and customize your channel to start sharing your videos with the audience.

Step2: List Product.

You can go live or add pre-recorded videos.

Viewers can send you cash rewards, share your video on social media, and subscribe.

You can accept calls, and set your price.

You can make a paid session live, or go live free.

You can add overlay buttons, to sell full video access, sell products directly, add external link, sell exclusive rights.

You can also schedule your sessions, and your viewers can enable notifications.

Step3: Get paid.

You can sell any kind of product, and get paid on time via Paypal , and other popular payment methods.

You can view your earnings, from your profile settings.


The New Video App Suite by Paul Ponna – Complete Review Plus Amazing Bonus

The New Video App Suite by Paul Ponna – Complete Review Plus Amazing Bonus

Paul Ponna Video App Suite – Review with our special Bonus

You’ve likely heard video marketing strategies create the best customer and client engagement online.

This isn’t news.

But being a business that is able to use these strategies is not so easy for most.

That’s why Paul Ponna’s Video App Suite may prove to be what many need to get into video marketing strategies in an affordable way.

I’ll show you why in a moment.

First, let’s see why this is so important.

Problems Creating Video Marketing Strategies.

Typically I find that most local businesses hesitate to start leveraging video marketing trends of 2019 for several reasons.

1.The perceived cost.

2.Lack of knowledge of video production.

3.Video marketing is time-consuming.

4.A big risk of time and money if it doesn’t work.

5. Many think video is a passing trend (HubSpot 2018 survey shows 54% want more video).

6. Some owners rationalize their potential buyers won’t take video seriously (a 2018 Wowzl survey shows 72% of people would rather view video).

Any of this familiar to you?

Maybe you have a different reason and, of course, that’s ok, too.

Regardless of the reason, all 6 have some validity.

Overall, none of them should be a show-stopping reason for a marketing method that, according to Animoto, 88% of video marketers are satisfied with their ROI.

I can’t find any other form of marketing with this high of success on return.

Fresh Video Ideas 2019 Require Many Video Styles.

To create videos in two thousand nineteen and beyond seems to require many video syles.

This is true which is one of the setbacks for many local and small business owners.

Here are some of the requirements.

Creating eye-catching video introductions (video intros) and successful closing video calls to action (video outros).

These are two related but vital skills and video segments that most have no way to do or create.

Using video to captivate on social pages like Facebook.

Facebook now allows video covers on business pages.

But the format is special, and most don’t have a way to make this format.

While these cover videos can be very engaging.

Making them and updating them is a technical, time-consuming, and expensive problem for most.

Adding logos and images to moving scenes truly captures attention.

But have you ever tried to do it?

It’s an important aspect of video both on social media and on your business website.

It’s also not easy or it’s expensive for most.

One of the simplest styles of video are videos from slides.

While it appears simple at first, to make them truly interesting is more complicated than most imagine.

This style is great but can be very time-consuming.

Story videos have become the rage of social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s face it, they do capture your eye and attention.

But do you know how to make one?

What video editor can actually make those style videos without buying expensive apps or software?

Whiteboard videos have been popular for more than 5 years now.

These videos are the ones with a hand drawing the scenes live on video.

While the cost is lower than 5 years ago, do you have the ability to use this style?

Square videos have become the format getting the most reaction in video marketing ads.

While your smartphone likely can take a square video, do you know how to edit one for ad purposes?

How about re-purposing existing videos with lower-thirds, text effects, or custom animations.

Many of your “boring” videos can come alive with these basic additions.

All you need is an editor that can do it.

Do you have one?

That’s a lot of ground to cover for your video editing.

Most have no way to accomplish this.

Even video marketing agencies have a challenge keeping up with all these styles and formats.

The Solution for the Local and Small Business Owner.

From a business owner perspective, this is the first truly affordable solution to all 8 of the challenges above.

It’s called the Video App Suite and was created by Paul Ponna and his professional video app team.

If you’re seeing this on July 23, 2019, or later, then it is now available at unbelievably low cost.

See it in action at

Mobile First Indexing – have you heard about it?

Mobile First Indexing – have you heard about it?

It’s a term Google used to describe its latest MAJOR change in how they index websites. Google now puts much more emphasis on how a website performs on Mobile devices. The metric they are most focused on is page load time.

Have you heard about “Mobile-First” indexing?

Click Here to learn more about it and find out how you can get FREE ACCESS to a new tool to help you get in front of this new trend!

Look at this comment directly from Google’s Webmaster blog:

“…we recently announced that beginning in July 2018, content that is slow-loading may perform less well for both desktop and mobile searchers.”

Google Webmaster Blog

A few weeks ago, Google also made this announcement:

Starting July 1, 2019, Mobile-First Indexing will be used to index “all new, previously unknown to Google Search, websites.”


This means that site load speed (especially on mobile) will start to move ahead of page content when Google evaluates your site in their ranking algorithm.

For example: if there are two identical websites, the fastest loading website across all devices (especially Mobile) will rank above the other.

With all the traffic moving over to phones and mobile devices, it makes perfect sense that Google would cater to that audience when evaluate search results for their algorithm.

Google wants you to be pleased with the search results their algorithm provides you with, and they know how annoying it is to have to wait for a page to load. I can say that more often than not I will hit that “back” button if I have to wait more than say ten seconds for a page a found on Google!

It’s So we have to face it that it’s going to be pretty inevitable that Google will take traffic away from our own sites if they are slower than the competition or don’t load well on Mobile.

Mobile-Friendly and Mobile-Responsive themes and websites are all well and good, but actually there’s another kind of website that Google is going to rank higher for mobile traffic.

I’ve recently heard of a new technology that is going to help build these new kind of mobile-centric websites from my existing websites and I’m very much looking forward to that.

Tomorrow (June 8th) not only will see this new way of site building, but

there will also be limited time FREE ACCESS

to the site builder that does in fact, build some of the FASTEST websites on the Internet!

I just wanted you to have a heads up on what is about to come because it’s so important to everyone who owns a website!

Click Here for More Information!

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow more information on this major change and watch my email for FREE access to the first of its kind mobile first site builder!

My best,


Web Dimensions, Inc.

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Best Funnel Builder Shopping Cart With the Most Options

Best Funnel Builder Shopping Cart With the Most Options

If you’re doing any kind of marketing online where you need to sell something, then you’re probably going to be looking for the best shopping cart software or funnel building platform.

Of course you’ve heard of ClickFunnels and all the others. I’m here to tell you that I’ve found the best platform hands down for selling your stuff – and it’s called Thrivecart.

If you do decide this is something for you, please note that I am offering a comprehensive, 36-part video and audio training series on the Thrivecart platform as my thanks (see below for the full video title list). This complete series offers a full basic training on the platform plus an advanced modules for things like setting up some awesome monetization features like print on demand products and so forth. But I’m getting ahead of myself 🙂

– Hugh

What’s so Great About ThriveCart?

Thrivecart is amazing in the way that it allows you to create as many products as you want – each one with multiple pricing options as well as a lot of other integrations that you can use – or not if you don’t use them.

To get the promotional view of all Thrivecart’s features, click here.

Personally I use Thrivecart to sell my own products in both the software and internet marketing niche and also several music niches via Thrivecart’s integration with my Paypal and my merchant account that I have with

ThriveCart is Best for Your Customers, Too!

Thrivecart has one of the best customer-centric platforms. What I mean by that is that your customer receives a professional looking invoice with links to their “customer hub”. Inside the customer hub the user can access products, change payment options and even manage their subscriptions in case you sell a monthly or yearly product.

“Dunning” Features

On top of that – if your customer fails a payment, you can have Thrivecart send them a “dunning” email asking them “what’s up with the non-payment?” and giving them instructions to take care of the matter in a very professional way. There is also a way to freeze a user’s subscription and then resume later.

Member Sites

Thrivecart has a wonderful integration with member site APIs – you can set it up so that all new customers to the appropriate member site via API integration and emails them their login credentials, then forwards them to the member area after purchase if you like. Or any other thank you page, for that matter.

Email Integration

Thrivecart is fantastic with ESP’s, CRMs or email marketing companies. Using their integrations I’ve set up Thrivecart to automatically add my new customers to my email lists using the web hooks. Then I implement email automations for hands free followups to my customers. In fact I even have php scripts generating and emailing licenses to customers triggered by the Thrivecart purchase process. You’ll probably just integrate with an email service.

Thrivecart integrates with a lot of email providers – I used Infusionsoft for years before switching to my current provider, and Thrivecart works hand in hand with Infusionsoft – adding your customers to the contact list, registering the product and the purchase in your e-commerce section and triggering appropriate email campaigns.

I recently switched away from Infusionsoft to another email service which wasn’t directly integrated with Thrivecart by formal API. But just by copying and pasting the html form from my email provider into Thrivecart, my customers are added to my email account on purchases without fail. “Like Butter” as Mike Myers would say!

These are just the ways that I use Thrivecart – I’m sure you’ll have your own needs and your own implementation.

ThriveCart Vs. Other Platforms

Just so you know – I tried almost all the others – ClickFunnels, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Paydotcom, Nanacast and many more. And to be honest, new cart solutions keep popping up every other month or so. But at some point you have to just pick one and implement it and start making money.

One Time Payment – For Now! Act Quickly!

I say that Thrivecart is the best one to choose, if you act now – because they have a “lifetime” or one-payment deal that gets you all the bells and whistles and you never have to pay for it again and it’s way less than a grand.

If you pick up Thrivecart through my link I am going to provide you two sets of basic and advanced training videos (over 30 training videos) for Thrivecart and provide you my own support just to let you know how much I stand by Thrivecart.

Please click here if you would like to take advantage of my offer for Thrivecart so you can get my basic and advanced Thrivecart bonus video training and also my special support.

It’s a one payment offer for lifetime access. Act now before they switch to a stupid monthly payment* like some of the other providers!

No Fees – No Spamming Your Customers

And in addition to never having to pay for your software again you’ll also find that there are no fees associated with Thrivecart so once you get your account, all the money coming in is YOURS. Plus – Thrivecart does NOT mail your leads like some of the platforms I mentioned above.

Generally, if you’re not paying some ridiculous fee like $97 a month or more, the platform is going to be competing with you, mailing the same leads that you bring in with their “Product of the day”. Not so with Thrivecart – you have complete income and complete control over what happens to your customers after you on board them. It’s all private business and that’s a requirement for how I do business.

Get This Amazing Bonus with ThriveCart

So if you’re on the fence about Thrivecart – don’t be! It is a great investment, you will not be sorry. Grab the chance to get Thrivecart for this one time offer. And get it through me so you can get your hands on the training I’m offering as a bonus! Here’s a peek at the close to 40 videos that you get in my two-part video bonus course:

Thrivecart Basic Training

  1. Overview
  2. Pricing Breakdown
  3. Vendor Platform and Profile
  4. Affiliate Platform and Prrofile
  5. Thrivecart Affiliate Program
  6. Access to the Affiliate Program
  7. Account Wide Settings
  8. Blacklisting customers
  9. Compliance Settings
  10. Integrations – Payment Gateways
  11. Integrations – Autoresponders
  12. Integrations – Memberships
  13. Integrations – Fulfillment
  14. Integrations – Zapier
  15. Creating Products Comprehensive
  16. Customer Experience
  17. Customer Research
  18. Setting Products Up for Affiliates

Thrivecart Advanced Training

  1. overview
  2. Upsells
  3. Sales Funnels
  4. Downsells
  5. Coupons
  6. Split Tests
  7. Subscriptions
  8. Affiliates
  9. Partners
  10. Print On Demand Integration
  11. POD –
  12. POD – Printful
  13. POD –
  14. 4 Live Examples

That’s a partial listing of the content of the two complete video courses I’m going to be sending you about Thrivecart if you join under me.

So go ahead – take the plunge – get Thrivecart today and my bonuses! You’ll be very happy you did! I stand by it 100%

*As of Tuesday May 28th 2019 they are still hovering at a one-time payment but I received notice today that payment options will be changing at the end of this month with some price rise, so now’s the time to get in on the ground floor.


Hugh [CEO Web Dimensions, Inc.]

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Here’s How to Silo Your Website By Hand (Without Software

Siloing means structuring your website’s menus and links. Being well-organized helps you get indexed by search engines. Here’s how to do it yourself!

Want to receive this report in a PDF? Click Here

1) What is a silo?

A “silo” refers to a way of structuring your website with pages, posts, categories and menus so that the site reflects a well-organized information store.

how to silo your website by hand

2) What are the benefits of siloing?

A well siloed website can be found and indexed more easily by Google and the other search engines. This results in better rankings and more traffic from those search engines.

3) How to Silo Your Website for Better Rankings and More Traffic

a) Get Keywords or a List of Topics

Probably the first and best thing you should do to silo out your traffic, is to identify the best keywords under which to bring the traffic and organize your website.

The best way you can do that, if you don’t have a list of keywords already, is go to the Google Keyword Planner or some other suggest tool to get keyword ideas.

Depending on your strategy, find a good list of keywords. You may be looking for keywords that the Keyword Planner says have a higher search volume.

Or perhaps your criteria would involve higher CPC value if you’re looking to make an Adsense site (that way you’ll make more money with higher paying clicks.)

Or, you may want to find longer tail keywords that are “off the beaten path” so to speak, to find a deeper niche. You can do that easily by typing the beginning of a phrase into the Google search box and seeing what suggestions come up.

All the major search engines have “suggestion” capability, so you can query Google, Yahoo and Bing the same way to get suggestions and ideas for longer tail keywords.

The only problem with getting keyword suggesions is that they do not come with search data already attached, you’d have to look them up elsewhere to find out what the global monthly search volume is, the CPC and so forth.

You might not even be concerned with that extra data, depending upon your goals with your keywords.

For an example website silo, I have chosen the topic “German Shepherd”. Here is my list of keywords that I will be siloing with:

These keywords all came from the Keyword Planner and they all have a good search volume attached, so I picked these from among the other ones offered in the planner.

b) Organize your Keywords and Topics

Now that you have your new list of keywords or topics, we can organize them into blocks that the search engines will be able to understand.

You want your information and topics to be arranged and organized nicely in order for the search engines to be able to know what your website is about and how it can find the information that you are exposing to the world.

The best way to do this is by “silo”-ing your website using these techniques.

So, you should start by ordering your list in the appropriate manner so that the information is organized properly, with some keywords serving as head topics and others as sub topics to those main topics.

After some work, I’ve ended up with this siloed structure:

As you can see, I’ve capitalized all the terms to make them look nice, and I’ve changed the order to make some as sub-topics underneath others which are set as main topics. The hyphen (-) before the term indicates it is a sub-topic of the preceding main topic.

I will also now add one utility section to this silo to make it a complete website –

This now shows a pretty good comprehensive website structure, presented as an information store with all information nested nicely underneath topics and subtopics.

Now, we need to implement this structure onto a real blog.

c) Transfer this structure to your website

In this example, we will assume you are using WordPress to build your website. If you are not using WordPress to build your website, we highly recommend that you do so. WordPress has proven to be the most effective platform for building traffic-getting websites, for many reasons, not the least of which is that you can easily build an effective, siloed blog from scratch, and that’s what we’re showing you how to do today.

Now, you are going to want to decide of all those topics, which ones warrant a single page to be built, and which topics may have multiple posts aggregated underneath. For example, “German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Michigan” may be a single page in which a particular business’ information is presented.

Whereas “German Shepherd Facts” sounds more like a topic that you might add something new to every day — for that kind of keyword, you want to make a category out of it so you can put multiple stories under that content.

I’ll decide like this:

Home – (aggregated – show post snippets)

“Page” means that you will create one page for that topic and put all the information on that page.

“Aggregated” means that you will create a Category for that topic, and then have the ability to create multiple pieces of content (Posts) that will be filed under that Category, and will show up as ‘aggregated’ posts under that page with the titles and snippets from the latest content displayed in a listing. On aggregated pages the user can click on the title of any post to go directly to that individual post content.

Setting up your website this way not only makes it easier for visitors to browse and find the things they want — it also makes it easier for Google and the other search engines to catalogue and spider your website. In fact, organizing your website in this way more or less reflects the information stores contained within those search engines so you’ll find your information fitting like a glove with the way the search engines store their own information.

d) Set Up Your Blog’s Permalinks Correctly

In order for siloing to work effectively, you must set up your permalinks to reflect “post name”. To do this, log in to the WP-Admin section of your blog and go to Settings->Permalinks and select “post name” from the options and then click “Save Settings”.

how to silo your website by hand

This has the effect of changing your blog’s urls from something like

and makes it look more like

This is a very important, required step.

e) Create the Pages

Now, you need to go through the list and choose just the ones you’ve marked as “Page”, and create those pages individually. Here’s how:

Log in to the WP-Admin section of your blog and go to Pages->Add New and when the ‘new page’ form opens, put in the keyword itself as the title, and add your content to the page and save it.

how to silo your website by hand

Repeat this step as many times as necessary until you have create a page for every keyword you’ve marked as “Page”. Again, make sure you use the keyword itself as the title of the page, and put some relevant content into the page before saving.

(Relevant content consists of some text about the keyword, including the keyword itself at least once. Also provide interesting information and perhaps an image and/or a Youtube video. Choose image or video that relates specifically to the keyword for this section. Also, don’t forget to put the keyword in a phrase into the “Alt” value in your image files if you use an image on the page.)

f) Create the Categories

Now please go through your keyword list and pick just the ones marked as “Category” or “aggregated”.

For each one of those, you will now create a Category on WordPress. To do this, navigate to Posts->Categories in the Wp-Admin section of your blog.

Copy and paste or type your keyword into the “Name” field under “Add New Category. If you like, you can enter a nice description of the category – this can help with your rankings if you provide relevant information about the keyword when saving it as a category. Don’t worry about the “Slug” value because it will be generated automatically. Depending on the structure you are trying to create, you may want to select a previously created category as a “parent” for yournew category (main topics can be parents of subtopics.) After typing or pasting in the keyword, you can just hit enter to save or click the “Add New Category” button at the bottom to save the category.

how to silo your website by hand

Do this for every keyword in your list that’s earmarked as an aggregated category.

g) Create the Menu

In order for your visitors (as well as the search engines) to find their way around your site, you should implement a navigation menu. The navigation menu serves two purposes – first, it provides a uniform set of site interlinks so people can click around and get to the things they want. Secondly, the site menu sits at the top of the site and communicates to Google and the other search engines the exact structure you want it to see – with top links to sub-topics, and especially for aggregated topics this provides a very convenient top-down spidering structure for Google and the others. This top-down information organization results in much better ability for those search engines to index and arrange your website’s information in a way that suits their database-like way of thinking.

To create the navigation menu, go inside your WP-Admin section to Appearance-Menus. You may already have a menu object waiting to receive the bits that become the entries in the menu. But if not, please click “create a new menu” to do just that – you have to have a menu to start out with in order to add entries to. If you don’t have one, just create one. After the menu is created, you populate it with items on your blog that you’ve created previously.

To populate your menu with items, you find the items on the left hand side, select them and click “Add to Menu”. After that appear on the right hand side, you drag and drop them all into the order you want, and it should reflect exactly the keyword list you’ve created above.

You’ll notice that there are several different kinds of objects you can choose to add to your menu – of course the static pages are called “Pages” and the categories are called, well, “Categories” 🙂 Pick the appropriate object based on the item in your list, whether you’ve created it previously as a page or as a category and add it to the menu as just that.

When you are finished, you should have your menu looking something like this:

how to silo your website by hand

Be sure to click “Save Menu” and then – you’re almost done.

The last step is to make sure that your new menu shows up in the right place on your blog. To do this, on the menu admin page, look for “Menu Settings – Theme Locations”. Under “Theme Locations” make sure “Primary Navigation” has its checkbox checked, and then click “Save Menu”.

how to silo your website by hand

Now you can be sure the menu will show up in the right place across your entire website.

h) Tie Up Loose Ends

There are a couple of other things you’d better make sure you do as well, to be fully siloed and ready to be indexed by Google.

Don’t forget to go inside your WP-Admin section to Settings-General and set the main title, which should be closely related to, if not exactly your main keyword. Set the tagline to be a short, descriptive phrase about the keyword but not necessarily containing the keyword.

We recommend using a good SEO plugin such as All-in-One SEO or something similar to make sure the titles of all your posts get a unique title and so forth. Fill those plugins’ settings out completely.

We also recommend Google XML Sitemaps plugin to make sure you get spidered properly.

That’s not the end of it either 🙂 but it’s probably enough for this report, so we’ll leave it at that for now.

how to silo your website by hand


That’s it – you’re done! Of course, you are going to need to create some post content under those categories – because that’s how you get your website to look really good with content appearing under each aggregated section. Otherwise your blog will just show a lot of “Nothing Found” messages. But once you’ve filled out some content (posts) under each category your blog will be looking super good.

And it will be ready to get indexed and found (and server in the serps!)

I hope this report has been of some value to you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] with any questions or comments.

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how to silo your website by hand
how to silo your website by hand