Web D Huey: the Marketing Misfit ;)

Hi and welcome back to my blog! In my last post, I talked about how the new internet marketing paradigm affects me and my business, and I promised you that I would try to explain just why I’m so much of a “marketing misfit” 🙂 or just why I don’t exactly fit in with the usual marketing crowd —

You know, the ones that are continually pumping out promo after promo after promo and soaking up as much moolah as they can, and bragging about how rich they are. Well, I think you’re starting to get the picture…

The main reason that my products — or really, my entire business model — might not mesh with the mainstream IM product marketplace. is because when I come up with a new idea for a software, it’s based on a foundational concept that helps you – as opposed to a tool that’s been thrown together just to sell to you.

There’s a lot more depth to the systems I build, than something which could be whipped up with the sole purpose of having a front-end product then an upsell and then another upsell and so on and so on until you’ve used your credit card or Paypal account 2 or 3 times in order to get what they originally offered you.

While I do consider the marketing aspect for releasing software — I’ve studied it a lot, mind you — my initial ideas are usually just a little more complex to be able to boil them down to a “push the button once and money falls out” paradigm.

Generally my software tools require just a little more common sense to use, but they provide way more power than these cookie-cutter launch products.

While I understand the economic bump one can get from releasing a one-trick pony with an over-hyped funnel for maximum money extaction, I’m not sure if that’s really in my blood.

Pretty much every product I’ve produced in the last three years has been a cloud-based software like TapVIDz, Vidworkz or Webinar Alpha which actually helps me to do my own marketing.

My latest system, TapVIDz, is based on a centralized marketing platform that connects all my accounts together for quick and easy marketing automation — I call it “the Workz”.

It’s the kind of system that works for me all the time because once you set up a marketing profile, it’s so easy to pipe out money making content via either your videos or your blogs and even social media, indexers, syndication tools and all of it.

Honestly I think it’s like an online marketer’s dream — I built it for myself after years of analyzing what I needed for online marketing.

In previous posts I showed you how I was getting page one rankings using the system. Here’s a video that demonstrates how the video content could get syndicated for you – and while I’m not tryin’ ta brag, just so you know — I’m still using it and closing sales with it. Here’s proof —

In another post I showed you how I was able to get my content to practically dominate the first page of Google (for someone else’s product even) using my system – here’s a quick screenshot:

Just so I can put my money where my mouth is, here is another quick screen shot of a commission that came in passively (while I was sleeping actually) — from the traffic I got from that exact traffic:


The point I’m trying to make here is that I build my own systems for myself, which totally work and keep working for me again and again — making me income while I’m sleeping — and I keep the systems working, fine tuned and I’m always adding new features that help me get better rankings and traffic.

So what I’ve done in order to help as many people as I can, and move them all forward with me, using my techniques and tools – is to create a very low-cost, full-featured membership where you get all the tools, training and support to do the same things I’m doing online and even other things, really whatever you want to learn in marketing — I help you do it.

Through our exclusive Facebook group, and fully-stocked member site, you have literally years of experience and recorded training at your fingertips – training in theory AND practice.

Training that keeps up with all the changes in the internet world — and those are coming hard and fast so you really need to keep up.

I provide weekly live webinars for my members where I may just simply explain things, including my software like TapVIDz, or Twitworkz, or ICC Express or any of the tens of other proprietary software tools that you receive in the membership.

I’ll demonstrate exactly how to use the tools, how they work and how to get the best results.

I might also go over new developments in the internet marketing world and provide my insights and I share my innermost marketing secrets – I’ve been sharing some of them here, but my members get all the inside scoop on the marketing world.

On the live calls, I also really enjoy bringing my members onto the call to talk with me, for live one on one support coaching — it’s very helpful — not only for the person I’m talking to, but also for everyone else listening on the live call.

So with what’s turned out to be really a positive community base in my USM University membership — I’ve found it to be a much better business model both for myself and my members —

both because it’s so inexpensive, AND because the strategies we’re learning in the membership get results – and can be automated to great extent with the software you also receive. It’s a real win-win.

Peter Williams“If you want to make money online then the best and most comprehensive tools that you will be able to find anywhere is the Web Dimensions arsenal of apps from the Master Mind of Hugh and Web Dimensions. He provides the Swiss army knife of essential programs to vitalize your blogs and videos, and take your social media to the next level!”

Peter WilliamsGCube Media


Additionally a lot of my customers have developed business models where they resell a lot of the services they’re able to provide with our USM tools — like running a Twitter management service with Twitworkz — or a video marketing agency with TapVIDz. Here’s proof —

It’s really quite easy to get your clients followed and ranked and if you purchase the agency membership then you can run as many clients as you want. Some of my customers are running their own Twitter agency using Twitworkz (a Web Dimensions software tool that you receive in the membership):

These are some customers of mine running their own Twitter marketing business from Twitworkz ! Business in a box!

I am running a special for this time of the year on my personal membership, where I have rolled back the price of membership to where it was in 2013 – you see, I’ve been raising the price every six months since then because of the crazy value I’ve added month after month.

The retail price currently stands at $97 a month (you can search it on jv zoo) but as a way of showing you my sincere wish to help you and be a part of your support system, I have created a special exclusive membership offer where you can get in for less than half of my “sticker price” (silly low price just for a limited time window).

I’m holding this open for a limited time as I said so jump on it now! (Quit anytime you want). The price will not be held this low.

Personally, I much prefer to have involved members paying a low price they can afford, who stick with me for a long time and get all my new software anytime I put it out.

And they benefit by receiving all the upgrades to existing software and the live calls each week in which I provide action plans for your marketing overview.

Rick Burdo“I have been a member of Hugh’s Membership for some time now. The benefits received out-value the price tenfold. Here’s what’s great about it: 1 –  I’m grandfathered into all of the existing software. 2 – I have access to any new released software. 3 – All this for one low monthly membership fee. This is a no brainer – I highly recommend this to anyone!”

Rick BurdoBurdo Marketing



I think my customers also appreciate it a lot more than the frenzied, overly-hyped marketing propaganda of your standard IM launch.

Let me put it this way: my software works, my strategies are awesome, I support everything I put out or teach, I provide awesome lightning fast support not just on my tools but on any topic you require support with.

So the community, membership, continual support, sharing & caring is the business model I chose.

Ya know what’s funny? When I first created my membership back in 2012, neither one of the partners I worked with wanted me to do it – that’s because they knew THEY weren’t going to make money on it.

The only ones it would benefit would be me, and my customers – not the JV managers going forwards – so they were AGAINST me doing it. But I knew I had to create that membership to bring myself closers to my customers, and them to me.

Since then, my awesome USM University Membership has become the most important part of my business! I want you to be a part of it.

Click here to join today for a completely discounted price. Get grandfathered in now. Don’t miss this opportunity.

In my next post – I wasn’t going to share this but I’ve decided – I’m going to tell you about one of the most messed up product launch situations I’ve ever gotten into – something I’ve kept entirely to myself — that is, until I break the story for you next time (it wasn’t my product but probably someone you’ve heard of). When you read about it, your jaw is going to drop and you’re going to think twice about any product you buy on a launch from now on! Stay tuned 🙂

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