Learn to Use Google Properties for INSANE Rankings! (100% White Hat)

Let’s face it – if you can make Google happy – then your business is happy! Because if Google likes what you’re doing online then the only thing Google is going to do is to boost up your websites and properties to the top of page one. A lot of people have tried to make

Build Monetized Curated Video Blogs in a Few Clicks SociVideoXpress

Now, you can build monetized curated video blogs in just a few clicks with this new tool SociVideoXpress. Han Fan is known as a successful internet marketer who in the past has focused on affiliate marketing. Han has recently been stepping up his software game and launching software products in the internet marketing genre. Today

BuilderAll Best Marketing Suite Interview with Erick Salgado

As an internet marketer, we’re told we need many things. Like… we need to build an email list – which means landing pages and autoresponders. we need a blog for publishing content and SEO. We need Push Notifications so we can get around the limitations of the browser and email. We need photos and graphics

Affiliate Marketing Tool Gets More Sales – Super Affiliate Han Fan

Are you looking for an affiliate marketing tool that can help you get more sales? I may just have the solution in this post. Today I had the pleasure of talking with Han Fan. Han is an old friend of mine and an experienced internet marketer. Han has just released a new cloud-based software that

Monetize Facebook Easily with LetClicks!

Now you can easily monetize Facebook with a new powerful platform that makes any shared image into a marketing powerhouse. LetClicks is a great new piece of cloud-based software that allows you to turn any image into a viral attention center. I had a chance to talk to the product creators Kimberly and Danny DeVries

Artificial Intelligence Software for Websites (AIWIS)

Artificial intelligence software is everywhere you look these days. It’s on your phone. It’s on retargeting ads for social networks and Google. It’s even in supermarkets. Literally everywhere you go these days, you’ll find artificial intelligence. As of this writing, you can get artificial intelligence software that runs on your website. It talks to visitors

Mobile App Opportunity Interview with Dr. Ope Banwo

Today I learned about a mobile app opportunity. I had the good fortune to interview Dr. Ope Banyo, a semi-retired US-based attorney who has done business internationally but now runs a thriving software enterprise and is having “too much fun” doing it! Ope is the mind behind MobiMatic, a ground-breaking new platform for creating mobile