Artificial Intelligence Software for Websites (AIWIS)

Artificial intelligence software is everywhere you look these days. It’s on your phone. It’s on retargeting ads for social networks and Google. It’s even in supermarkets. Literally everywhere you go these days, you’ll find artificial intelligence. As of this writing, you can get artificial intelligence software that runs on your website. It talks to visitors

Mobile App Opportunity Interview with Dr. Ope Banwo

Today I learned about a mobile app opportunity. I had the good fortune to interview Dr. Ope Banyo, a semi-retired US-based attorney who has done business internationally but now runs a thriving software enterprise and is having “too much fun” doing it! Ope is the mind behind MobiMatic, a ground-breaking new platform for creating mobile

Moto theme

Moto Theme for WordPress with Vivek Gour & Himanshu Mehta

If you’ve never heard of Moto Theme then you’ve missed a great theme for WordPress that has a ton of amazing functions. Today I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Vivek Gour and Himanshi Mehta of Pexel NX. These guys are the minds behind this new and exciting theme package. Vivek runs the